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Cross-postingJanuary 13, 2007

Normally, I wouldn't do this, cross-pollinate the Yarn and Run of the A-Go-Go, but I have a bra confession, and it's over there.

I am better, thank you. Midnight shifts are OVER. I shall be more human again. I got some sleep. I have learned that there is possibly nothing prettier than a very black, very short dog running through tall shiny green grass on a hill overlooking the San Francisco Bay. That will improve any mood, no? As will a run around Lake Merritt, which I am headed for right now.

(Gratuitous red shot here. It's more cinnamon than red. I like it -- I forgot to keep the box, though!)



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I have turned around a shirt, while on my body, in a parking lot in broad daylight. Because I obviously can't tell back from front, either.

Now I need to research and see if they make these bras in smaller sizes. I'm sure bouncing problems for us A-B cuppers are nowhere near what you more well endowed women have to deal with. But they still exist. Truthfully, I wish there were just a way to temporarily remove one's breasts during times when it's inconvenient to have them. That would make almost all physical activity (uh, except for the obvious...) much more pleasant.

Oh, Rachael. Oh, dear. I'm laughing my head off, but I'm also saying, out loud, that only a good person (who enjoys a good chuckle) would admit this on the internet. And you, all DD of you, are a good person.

I share no sympathy with you, since I need a specialty bra, too ... it's a "36 Nearly A."

I mean, really ... just think about what that means. Hell, I probably SHOULD wear your bra backwards, since it's clear that my 36" is all on the back half of me!!!

XOXOXO to you!!!

Welcome back to the day!

This is why it is mandatory that we remain friends. That is the ultimate, "Jodi moment," if I ever heard one.
It endeares you to me forever...well, that was already true, but...you know.

I SO LOVE THIS STORY! I almost laughed out loud in the middle of my serious, quiet, lonngggg, assignment today. (See blog..) I want to share this with everyone in attendance here. =)

I love ya! Xoxo -Jodi

Like the new hair color. Much more flattering than the blonde was.

Okay, darlin'. Just read about your boobs. This is right up there with the blue-hand-and-leg disease.

Either of which I could have done just as easily.

(redheads unite. it looks great)

Oh honey. I can't even begin to think of what to say to this one. Maybe when I've stopped giggling.

As soon as I read "sixteen hooks? up the back?" I knew this was going to be a hilarious moment. :) I also wear an Enell bra for exercise, it's the bomb!

Big ups on your new hair color, so very pretty and complimentary to your lovely complexion! Lucky Lala!

Great story. I am somewhere in the D-DD range as well and I don't run for that reason. I've tried the triple sports bra, it's still a very uncomfortable activity. If I ever get the motivation to move my walking up to running I'll have to check out that bra!

I looove the redhead - but them I am partial as I have an orange-headed kid of my own....

You and me and our boob problems!

I LOVE the red/cinnamon hair color!

Having failed to save the box, you may have saved me from a dyeing experiment that would NOT come out the same...

you are hilarious + adorable.

Love the red hair. Love it. And the bra story? Ha!

(Did I ever tell you how I tend to confound the dept. store ladies who measure me for bras? And how they always call for backup and smoosh my boobies around like I wasn't attached to them?)

hmmm....that's the funniest thing i've heard all week.


love the red hair though.

The bra story is so funny! I needed a good laugh. I like the hair color!

Looooovvveee the red... very flattering.

The hair is gorgeous - shiny and yummy and lovely. As for clothing back to front, well when the daughter was about 6 or so we used to have morning arguments with little miss tomboy about wearing a clean sweatshirt for school - but she insisted that you could get a front days wear, a back days wear (facing front) and then two more days inside out. She's 11 now and would no longer wear back to front, inside out or with even a speck of grot, sigh. Me, I'm generally happy if it does up, stays buttoned and the crotch of my tights doesn't sink floorwards by mid morning.

Your hair is so pretty!

Jesus, $59? Ouch.

And can I say? I love you with blonde hair, and I'd love you with purple, pink, or no hair at all, but you as a redhead? Perfection.

hello! i know you don't know me, but your blog is on the sidebar of a friend of mine, and i've been reading for quite awhile, not knowing you :)

i was inspired to visit venice, city of your heart, on our europe trip this spring (we're making a special southern jaunt from the germany/austria/prague that we're visiting just to visit venice for three days) and wondered if you wouldn't mind telling me where you stay when you're there? i have a feeling you stay somewhere small and fabulous and interesting :)

thanks so much :)

a reader in colorado

Geez, I think I hurt myself laughing!

I avoided the "How to use a sports bra with DD boobs" question by going into ice hockey. Very little up & down, all forward/back. And you never really get too hot, either!

I can't tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you shared that story. You didn't have a pair of airboobies pointing out your back, did you?

Me, I lost an underwire toward the end of the work day last week. It snapped in the middle. All of a sudden- sproing!- the right one dropped a bit and spread out into it's natural shape rather than the fun and perky underwire-lifted shape. I've had the underwire sneak out and stab me before, but I'd never had one snap in half.

loooooooooove the red. Look at how it flatters your fabulous skin. Lovelovelovelove it! and the bra story - hilarious!

Yer foxy!

you look so great with the red. i absolutely LOVE it.

How big is the back of the bra if you mix it up?

Thanks for letting me laugh at your little oopsie (I have many of my own, but don't share so openly).

Love the red.

Red hair, double d's and a great sense of humour. I may be straight, but even I know, you are hot!

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