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January 6, 2007

I'm going to dye my hair red in a few minutes. No more blonde. On to something new.

Tonight: The Devil Makes Three in San Francisco. They're one of my favorite bands -- kind of rockabilly pirate music. I see they're on iTunes -- try The Plank on for size, and you'll be hooked.

I'm deliciously sleepy right now. Full belly, because I choose to the run the right way -- I came home from my run and iMEEJiately made a grilled cheese sammich because my GOD, I burned all those calories! Mustn't waste away!

It's my weekend. I have no brain cells. I'm inordinately tickled by the response the Runagogo thing has received. I totally just meant it, in the beginning, to be a few knitting runners keeping tabs on each other. Now it's spiralled into a HUGE group of people, moving in whatever way they like (we even have a swimmer!), and encouraging each other. People are good.

And so are you. Have a lie-in this weekend if you can, huh? We've got our godson tomorrow, and I can't to squeeze him ALL day. I'm going to see if he wants to ride Clara. 


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The people demand redhead photos! :)
Happy lie-in weekend!

Hannah and I cordially welcome you to the world of the redheads! ;)

Red heads are hot and sassy!!!

Have a great time tonight. Show us the hair!

I'm looking forward to seeing some redheaded photos!

I'd like photos of the Clara ride, please. Thank you.

If you ever see a small frazzled woman chasing a preschooler around Lake Merritt (or carrying him - he might get "tired" after a mile or two), you'll know it's me. Especially if she's trailing yarn too.

Ooooh, me likey the redheads!!! ;) Show a pic soon, yes?

And you should really be proud of yourself for starting something so wonderful.

I like the red...looking forward to "after" pictures. :-)

You look smashing no matter what hair color. I must say, though, a while ago you posted an older photo when you had short red hair and I squeeled at how cute you were! Thanks for all the fun and inspiration.

PLEASE show redhead pic soon so I can see it before we leave on our trip -- otherwise I have to wait weeks and weeks to see it...

I do so looove being a redhead (although current my hair is its NATURAL COLOR for the first time since I was 19--what's up with THAT?). What kind of haircolour are you using?

hurrah for red hair! i do envy this ability to dye your hair at will... mine requires bleaching first and it turns to straw. i did it once a long time ago... bleached to white-blonde, then had blue/purple for awhile... then it's been pretty much black with a period of red and multicolored highlights when i worked at a hair salon and everything was free.
the run + sandwich sounds great... yesterday i had a looong speedwalk that ended by finding a new barbeque van 10 blocks from my house. hello, pork + baked beans. i earned it :)

Devil Makes Three are one of my favorites too!

Honey, redheads do it better. ;)
Can't wait to see it!

sigh. You are leaving our world of Blondeness?
Are you knitting Clara her own little saddle?

Heh. Here I was coming to make a witty "redheads" comment. Alas, everybody else beat me to it.
Welcome back, redhead. We like you on our team. =)
Can't wait to see it!

Enjoy! I may not get out of bed AT ALL next weekend, if I make it that far.

Yeah! More redheads! Now we need details (and photos) strawberry, copper, auburn. Oh do tell...

I'm the swimmer - and the 3 miles I swum last week is all the milage I managed. I got a stupid cold on Friday. I'll hit the streets (or dreadmill) this week, I promise!

I know I am not the only one who keeps checking back to see this red hair!

Yay! I was always fonder of the red hair on you - it looks fabulous with your skin, plus I'm jealous you can actually wear orange, and the red hair looked great with your orange sweater. We want pics! :-)

Woo, at least you missed my party for a good reason! I'm having a little drinky/dinnery thing in the city tomorrow night if you guys are free and not too exhausted. Lemme know and I will send over the details.

LMAO - I did the same thing on Saturday. Went out, biked 6+ miles, and then thought "Well, hell, I just burned major calories! I can eat good food now!" Good=bad, but good tasting, of course. :)

Go for the red!! And please let us know which hair dye you use. And just a note on being a redhead that I am sure you know, it is the hardest color to keep. But it is so worth it ;)

Cool, man, you'll have to let us know how it looks!

I was loving the blonde so much I was considering it myself! No way though, I have way too much hair do something drastic like that, I'm just dreaming. Seriously, I loved it on you.

I considered giving runagogo another swimmer, but I'm expecting to do more like 25 miles by April 1. Half a mile a time in the pool is a good workout for me. And it's a 25 meter pool so it's really 800m, not 1/2 mile a time. Maybe 1K per workout if I really get going.

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