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LunchJanuary 19, 2007

Mmm. Just finished my lunch, which was an unexpected blue cheese burger. I’m at work (during the DAY!), and while I brought food to eat as I do every day, at 9am six or seven men showed up and started ripping apart the kitchen. Truly. Ripping APART. Walls, cabinets, sink, they moved the fridge into the hall and the microwave is blocking the supervisor’s office (he hasn’t seen that yet, that should be something to watch).

Not sure yet what they’re doing in there yet. We have four cabinets, one for each of our four shifts, filled with dry goods that are now on the floor in the kitchen. And they said they’ll be done by Tuesday. Today is Friday, isn’t it? This, in a 24 hour center, where we can’t leave the room during our 12 hour shifts. We kinda need a working microwave. I went in to look for salt and just gave up.

But the upside was that the cafeteria on the property was open (DAYSHIFT! I’m telling you, it’s good stuff), and we sent a technician to get us each a blue cheese burger. Which, when it came, was a bun, a burger, with some blue cheese on it. That’s it, no dressings, no lettuce/pickles/onions, even on the side. I just mushed it together, and I have to say, it was damn good.

Have you seen the Mr. Bento? I want one, soooo badly. I have $25 gift certificate to Amazon that I haven’t used yet, but I should use it for an electric tea kettle; ours finally gave up the ghost. But that Mr. Bento. Now, that’s a sexy lunchbox. (Search for Mr. Bento p0rn on flickr for some real fun, but not when you’re hungry.)


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I would hope that some one knew about this. Can you plug in the microwave somewhere?

Mmmm. Blue cheese.
Mmmm. Sexy Mr. Bento.
You give me cause to drool.

just another bent on bento.
(roars of canned laughter..)


My friend just sent me this link, and I thought of you and Mr. Bento.

You should send the nice technician out for gelatto. Have him get me a double scoop, please.


Okay that address above is cumbersome. Try this.


Sorry to be so comment-ful today. ;)

Clearly you need to get a Mr. Bento and knit him a more fashionable outfit.

I have a ms. bento - only two compartments. She is both orange and unused. Want her? You could knit her a little bag.......

check out this one too -

Oooo, good price on Mr Bento, there!
Blue cheese burgers are my *favorite*. In fact, I am now tempted to call the husband (who is en route home)and ask him to stop at the store....

I got this Bento Box for Christmas and it is fabulous. Fantasmigoric, really. You should get one- you can even fit a soda can in it, or an apple, or a little container of soup!

I gave a Mr. Bento to my boyfriend for Christmas. I was kind of disappointed - the pic on Amazon makes it look nicer than it is. The box is all in Japanese and cheap looking so I'm sure he didn't appreciate it as much as I'd hoped - looking at it no way you would think it cost $40, maybe $15. He hasn't used it yet so I can't say whether it works well. The Bento Boxes linked to above look 10 times better - Mr. Bento is dull grey plastic - those are so colorful and I like the stainless steel. Wish I'd known.

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