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Baby Pictures!January 8, 2007

Hooray the sitting on of children! Especially cute godbabies. (Some limited knit-content to follow, but don't get your hopes up too high -- only a small baby-sweater-sighting.)


Dylan reached for Miss Idaho, over and over, and Miss Idaho kept pulling up one eyebrow and leaning backwards, pretending like nothing was happening. This was INSTEAD of just jumping off the couch and Lala's lap, which, of course, she wouldn't do.


DYLAN RIDING CLARA! I love this picture. And how patient lovely Clara is.


Seriously, when you ask your fairy godmothers to watch your son, don't blame them if they think baby-in-sink is a good photo-op. It is.


And he only learned to turn the faucet on in the very last four seconds of this sequence.


If that ain't red, I'll eat my hat. Or yours.


We went to Pt. Isabel to look at the Bay and at all the dogs. Dylan played it cool in his new Christmas sweater from Auntie Rachael and his hat which matches Auntie Lala.


Look at them, would you? I totally, like, needed to use the phone the night before, but Lala was on, like, a two-hour phone call with Dylan, figuring out what they were going to wear. I know, right? Right?


Wave 'em in the air like you just don't care.

I just got back from a run and I had a training class ALL day, and have another one tomorrow, so that is all. Ex and oh.


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Lovely photos, looks like a great day. I have something weekend-ish tomorrow, but no cute babies to share it with.

Nice sweater and OH SO CUTE baby!!! :) Such a proud fairy godmother you must be!

ooh what lovely red hair on the fairy godmother.

i love the red.

Aaaaaaw, so much with the cuteness!!

Copper Penny? Love it!

Those just put a big ole smile on my face. And I LOVE the hair!!! I have to say I like it better than the blonde!! You're gorgeous baybee!

The baby in the sink is too funny.

Love the baby in the sink pictures. It's perfect photo op!

Hate to be a bummer, but the peditric nurse weighs in: baby in sink is bad idea. Scalding ( from hot water tap)can happen in the time it takes to take the photo. Also took care of a kid who fell out of sink, head first, and had major head injury. Mom was taking a photo. Other than being your neighborhood bummer, cute baby and such gracious dogs!

Eek! I was going to chime in about how cute and what a sweet sweater but now Laura's put the scare into me and I'm thinking I won't let Thumper near a sink until he's 14.

It took me a few minutes to get used to the blonde, but the red is love at first site!

The baby is gorgeous. As are you. Clara looks a little ... well, almost completely without gruntle, if you'll excuse me mentioning it.

I read your last sentence as "I just got back from a nun" and I was trying to figure that out and then re-read it. I'm thinking going to work this tired is going to be amusing, if nothing else.

Okay that baby looks like an English detective (the intense, reserved kind) in the photo on the beach. My neice (and goddaughter) has been calling me her fairy godmother since her first glimpse of cinderella I guess (she's 28 now) and when I came out to her when she was 15 at first she said "If you're gay I'll be a purple assed baboon" then shortly thereafter (after she decided I wasn't pulling her leg) she said to me "well, now I know why I call you my fairy godmother"

love love love the hair

You look gorgeous with red hair. And girl, you sure do know how to accessorize -- you can't go wrong with a cute baby!

Great post - great pictures - great hair!

Baby in the sink is very cute - and Clara is so sweet! My border collie would have split the second we came near her with a little one.

Love the red hair.
And the matching hats. Why oh why can't MY life be this cute?

Love the hair!
And well, Dylan with his godfolks is just a wonderful sight to see. It's nice for kids to have great relationships with people other than their parents. You guys will be the ones he runs to when mom and/or dad are being 'mean' or when he's got a problem he just can't talk to them about.

Of course baby-in-sink is a photo op. Esp. with such a beautiful sink (I swear since we bought a house I look at bathrooms entirely differently).

And I love the red. Blonde was pretty, but red is you.

ooh, I love the red! I'm about to go get my red touched up next week.

And my favorite picture is Lala and Dylan. They are hip.

love these pictures... that kid is so damn cute!! great sweater from auntie rach, too.
and the red hair! gorgeous.

Chiming in to say I, too, like the red. And babies are meant to be pictured in sinks. I've got a great one of Kid#1 brandishing toothbrushes, all bright eyes and chubby cheeks. (and scalding is less of an issue if, as in our house, it takes two minutes of running the water for it to get warm)

You look 40s-Hollywood-siren gorgeous with red hair. Never ever change!
Cute baby. Baby-in-sink is an AWESOME photo op.

Love the red hair! What a fun day with babies and dogs and family!

the red? gorgissssss! the kid? gorgissssss1 the pix? gorgissssss!

What a cute godson!! I love that his hat matches Lala's - tooooo cute! Oh, and you make quite a hot redhead!! That color looks great on you [but they all do!].

Oh for crying out loud! You 2 are just the kewtest aunties, ever! And the 3 of you could stop traffic, nevermind what would happen if the dogs were with you. Looks like you all had a wonderful day. And your hair looks awesome!

LOVE the new hair color!! I have a similar baby-in-the-sink photo of my younger one when he was about 6 monhts old, taken just before his bath, so he's naked... thinking future date-blackmail pictures here!

Really love the new hair color, you look awesome!

You were born to be a redhead. I'm just sayin'.

Years ago I asked my best friend if he would be fairy godfather to any children I might have... and here I thought I was being original. And, speaking as a natural redhead, I gotta say you look awesome!

Thank you for wonderful pictures! What a happy baby!

Adorable baby, adorable doggies, adorable sweater, adorable wife! And the hair? Va-va-voom!

The pic of Lala and Dylan in their matching chapeaus is priceless!

Hhhhmmmm, me thinks you need a lil' one of yer own.

If not, I'll make you Godparents of the Monkey's and you can have them for a day.

Lord knows I need the break ;P

Loooooooooove the red!

p.s. got a sweet message from Bethany, thanks.

Love the hair! And also Clara's expression, which I would translate as: "..."

The red is GORGEOUS, dahling! All the best people are redheads ;)

Oh you look so fabulous with the red hair and the kid and the doggies and lala...gah!
What Is that NORO you are wearing?
REtro prep?
ex and oh...heh.

Oh, great aunties/baby pics! They made me smile.

And the red hair? Beautiful!

The red is FABulous. Brings out your eyes. Love it! Reminds me that I need to go make mine red again.

I would love to offer a class at knit-one-one on knitting a peaked cap. Anyone out there know of a good pattern that we might adapt? Don't Dylan and Lala look so stylish in their versions!

God, that baby is cute! Seriously. Just for a tiny sec he made me want to have another one.

Your hair looks boss.

What an absolute cutie pie! He must be fun to knit for:)


He's a beautiful boy and cute as a button. My husband coined the term "cutiful" for our boys and I hear-by bequeath it to you for Dylan.

Okay, your hair looks fantastic! You look GREAT as a redhead. Will you come over and do MY hair? Just kidding, but a girl can dream... Suzanne in Ohio

WOW. Red hair suits you insanely well. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

welcome back to the Red club!

smooch - see you when i get back from San Diego? xo!

Dylan is so precious and his sweater is great! Lala and Dylan look very cool in their matching outfits. Love the hat!

Your hair looks so good, too. That color is fabulous!

Yes!! LOVE love love the red hair! You are a goddess with that red hair girl (I'm sure Lala tells you that all the time, but add my voice to the chorus). And damn if that photo of the two of them in their matching hats isn't the cutest thing ever.

LOVE the red! Much more you, in my humble and totally biased and uninformed opinion. :)

The detective baby-in-in-a-hat photo is terrific. (I have several baby in sink photos of my own... so was a tad blase about that.) I had a red haired baby of my own, and post-chemo baldness have dyed what is reappearing red. We can rule the world. (and soon, I hope)
Congrats and best wishes.

Rach!!! You're fucking awesome!! I hope you don't mind the explicit language, but it's to accentuate the point you know. I think I saw Nancy at the gym yesterday, but I was in no mood for conversation. Great to see that you're still blogging away! Give miss Lala a hug for me. Happy N.Y.!!!!

The hair is perfect and the baby is adorable. Isn't it funny how knitters recognize the yarn instantly?

Hi ;)
heh... what brainsick newz!
what do U consider about it?

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