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Breaking News!January 2, 2007

 Introducing the new site for our fun new plan:


How AWESOME is that? The lovely and talented ScoutJ set it up for me with a snap of her fingers, and now YOU can go sign YOURSELVES up over there. I'm removing that silly little sidebar thing, and now we have a blog to share!

All of us! Blogging together! Seriously, I'm too excited. That means all y'all without blogs? Come over and register. Those of you who do have blogs, you already know how fun it is.

Run/walk/treadmill/swim/crawl your way to 100 miles more than you would have if you hadn't signed up, and come over, register, and blog your hello. See you there.



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Hee! I'm glad to have helped. Now let's move our asses!

That is why Scout Rocks!!

Oh, why the hell not...

Now see, initially I eschewed this idea b/c I don't run, but now that I see it can be all sorts of movement, I'm totally with it. Even if I don't reach the 100 miles, the movement along will certainly help, can't hurt, right?!

I've already done four miles, which is four more than I would have done. Are you going to do prizes? If so, I'm happy to donate one. If not, not a problem.

I'm in! I think I'm about the eleventeenth Rachel (or Rachael) to sign up.

OK, you win.....100 miles by April Fools Day. Turn this potato into a fry.......I will give it my best shot......promise....no kiddin'....
promise.....3rd time is a charm.... I will do this....

What a GREAT idea...I'm in! We will all motivate each other!

I got scared that I waited too long when I saw that comments were closed on the original post but this will make your life infinately easier -- thanks for a great goal

Awesome! Scout rocks!

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