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They Thought We Wouldn't NoticeJanuary 23, 2007

I just spent all my blogging time writing over here, but that doesn't mean I don't love you any less.

In fact, it will show you how special you are to me when I admit to you that Cadbury Creme Eggs are back (Dear Reader Cheryl alerted me that they're in the Big Longs in Oakland, on the endcap; bless her heart, she told me last year, too) and that I have consumed almost three boxes so far.


But this: they are SMALLER THIS YEAR. The cheek! The sheer nerve, thinking we won't notice.

That only means I can eat more. Yep. And that's something I won't mention over that other site. Only to you, my ducks.


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Ahhh. But there are those of us who stalk you in BOTH places. What are you going to do about US?

Creme Eggs are my favorite. Favorite favorite. I did not know they were smaller. I haven't seen any yet. That makes me very sad.

Right there with ya. I have to go to the grocery store on my way home tonight, and was feeling chocolate-y. Now, I am feeling decidedly egg-ish. (thanks!) I do love those things. And it's funny, they're either love 'em or hate 'em. Doesn't seem to be much middle ground.

And I'm sure they're charging more for the priviledge of eating a smaller egg. Are they perhaps "easier to hold"? Oo! I know! "Now! Cuter Eggs!"

You said it...
The cheek!
Cadbury bastards...
What, the bunny can't pop out thw big ones, anymore? He gettin' too old? Eggs withering up? (Poor taste, but, heh.)

(I decided long ago that the Cadbury bunny is a boy. I realize this complicates things. We are, however, discussing a rabbit who lays eggs. Fairly complicated to begin with...)

Happy *reduced* egg munching.


I won't tell over there.

Don't you dare! I'm going to rip those things out of your mouth! lol

Cadbury Eggs are the best! I haven't seem them at the store yet but I'll have to hunt them down tomorrow. Maybe they are the new "diet size" now. At least that is what I will tell myself as I'm eating them.

so what has become of the sock and the ball of poopy yarn???
and please, eat 3 cadbury eggs for me! :o)
i'll never tell...
(sppooooky voice)

They were smaller than before last year, too! Grrrrr.


Where are my car keys?

We get LESS of your blogging time and what we DO get is about dog poo and SMALLER Cadbury eggs?

I don't know about this.


I don't normally comment, but I do read! And I thought of you when I went out to get lunch and saw Cadbury eggs. :)

Did you know the Oakland Longs is the biggest in the continental US? What I've been told, anyway. I always try to visit when I'm in town. And Article Pract.

I have one Cadbury egg left in the freezer from last year. Since they are now smaller maybe I should keep mine as a collectors item? ;-)

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