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East Bay Home Repair ReviewsFebruary 15, 2007


This will be a little space for the residents of Oakland, Berkeley, and the East Bay to come and leave comments, recommending people and businesses who do home repair. It will not be moderated or sorted, so please keep the format established here.

To post a review/recommendation:
*Click on Comments.
*In the comment box, please type what type of repair-person you're recommending (plumber, handyman, contractor, painter, etc.).
*Then go down a line and write your review. Include a phone number for the service, and first and last names for the workers, if you have them, and any impressions of the work they did. 

I'd like these mostly to be positive reviews, a place for people to promote the good service they've had. However, if you'd had bad service from any of the people listed here, please let us know. Negative reviews of a company that is not recommended here should go to the Better Business Bureau instead.

Now click comments, and let's get started (I'll post the first two). Good luck with the work you're having done!


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Abraham Tingey, of Mr. Rooter, in Berkeley, is the best! He was on time, and explained my whole problem to me, one step at a time. He made me feel like he had all day just to help me get better water pressure.

He was smart, informative, and very polite. He put on disposable booties every time he entered the house, and he treated my place gently. He even taught me how to fix my garbage disposal at no extra charge. I will continue to use his services, and I can't express how happy I was with him and the time he took.

Phone: 510-843-6378


David Ruiz is a great handyman -- at one point, when I was getting ready to move out of my condo and rent it, I decided to fix all the things that hadn't worked when I lived there. He and a couple of the guys that work for him were able to open stuck windows, repaint the sills, fix the iron door so that the deadbolt locked, rehang the front door that was crooked, make a stuck cabinet stay closed, and make my dishwasher work, all in about an hour and a half. I was astonished at how nice the place was, and how long I'd put up with the little bothersome things. He was courteous, on time, affordable, and seems to know how to do everything.

Phone: 510-499-3196


Terry Southworth, Island Painting. He is amazingly patient and helpful about finding the perfect color, and meticulous about his work. His bid came in at 1/2 of Best Value's, and about the same as Varsity Painting... BOY, am I glad I chose Terry. Have recommended him to several friends, all of whom were crazy about him.

Phone: 510-814-9350

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