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FinishitisFebruary 20, 2007

Sunday I was in a finishing frenzy, and kept digging things out to finish. Good at starting, good at doing, not so good at finishing. Hello, three unfinished but almost done novels, how are ya?

Let's not talk about that, shall we?

So, knitting:

You've seen this before. Specifically, you've seen this back in 2004. Two thousand FOUR. Isn't it 2007 now? I forget, but I think that's right. She's never, ever, ever been worn, except to take the finished picture (specs there) because I never put in the zipper.

Please. A zipper? I don't even mind putting in zippers. I hate sewing, and it's not that fun, but it's satisfying to do by hand, because it ends up looking so neat. I decided I wanted to wear it Sunday, so I grabbed it and put in the zipper (which had been neatly folded inside the sweater for the past almost-three years. It's not like I didn't even HAVE a zipper, I did). And voila, Bob's yer uncle:


The bottom ended up wanting to be scalloped because of the way the pockets pull, so instead of fighting that, I put the zipper in to accentuate it.

Love the pockets:


From the back:


I also had to finish the scarf that is so gorgeous I will wear it in summer. And I don't even usually wear scarves, but I made it with Kyoto, which is the most stunning yarn in the universe, seriously. It absolutely glows, and it's the softest stuff, and you must get some. I had some random balls lying around. I've never made anything with it, but when I go to ArtFibers, I usually end up walking out with one precious ball. Just because. And I'm glad I do that, because I got this:


I tried so hard to get a shot where you can see the yarn's glow, and this is as close as I got:


I used Stephanie's one-row scarf pattern, and I threw in stripes where I felt moved to do so. I swear, it was practically religious, and I usually hate knitting scarves. Highly recommended.


As if that weren't enough fun, I finished up a baby sweater that had been done (as has the baby, as of last week) and only needed buttons and a bit of lace. I'd learned about the Ribbonerie last week (how did I not know?) and stumbled into the store, amazed. (I also stumbled out, as I happened upon their 10th anniversary sale, and as soon as I entered this amazing ribbon-wonderland, they pressed a glass of champagne into my willing little hands. Now, sitting in the sunlight, sorting through antique buttons and scraps of lace with champagne to hand? What could be better?)

I left the store with two old mother-of-pearl buttons and a half-yard of ribbon that was quite literally worth more than the sweater, but don't they look nice together?


Specs: 5 hour baby sweater pattern, free (bootie pattern there, too)
Yarn: (Wait for it) Caron Simply Soft, color wine, NO DYE LOT. Gotta love machine washable.

Click HERE for a detail of the embroidered white-on-white ribbon.

All right. I'm tired of typing, and I haven't even shown you the new sweater, the one you've never seen a scrap of! That'll come tomorrow because right now I have to go for a run. Or a Cadbury Creme Egg. Whichever comes first. The eternal question, isn't it?


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Me too! on the finishing bit this last week. Aaah...

Now, ask how many things I've started this weekend, with nary a flinch of remorse.

Lovely things you've finished up!

That scarf is fabulous!!
Artfibers yarns, how I love thee...

Cute sweater, and lovely scarf! The little baby set is so sweet, too.

Great FOs what a feeling of accomplishment (especially after leaving it so long). I too am a non-sewer and worry how long my not quite finished Kyoto pieces will sit unseamed...
I love the detail in the shoulders of the sweater, it dresses up the sweater so much.

Kyoto really is the most amazing yarn. It is really hard to describe the glow to someone who has not seen it in person. My husband was in SF a couple of years ago and I sent him into Artfibers and made him drag home a bunch of Kyoto (and some Samba) in his suitcase. It made a great "So Called Scarf" though, so it was worth it. :)

Ah, the eternal "run vs. creme egg" struggle -- good luck.

"Finishitis" isn't a word you hear often. Or ever? Hooray for you! (I just may have knit a baby item out of Red Heart Soft over the weekend -- acrylic has its advantages)

Please pass the finishing mojo down the line...I'm going to need it if I want to finish my sweater before I leave for vacation on friday!

Sweet baby set. I love wool-ease for baby stuff I am gifting...I don't want them to have to stress about washing instructions, but it has a nicer texture than many acrylics.

Hot damn woman. Yer on fire with the FO's! I love everything.

Wow, a finishing fandango! Stunning sweater, scarf & baby set. I got to get me some of that Kyoto.

Wow, you must have just finished a coffee or two to get all that done! They all look great and thanks for the link to Ribbonerie! Why didn't I know either???

Rachael, I cannot even describe how good you look with auburn hair and a blue jacket on! Fantastic. Never dye your hair blonde again- you were born to be a redhead.

Yay for finishing! And yay for Creme eggs!

Good for you! I am in desperate need of an uncontrollable urge to tackle my unfinished projects.

Wow, everything is great! And you look fabulous!

Hot damn woman! I love all of those FOs! That bomber jacket is gorgeous. I just adore it. I like the scarf too. That pattern is so simple and cute. Great job on everything.

Fabulous sweater! Looks great on you too!!!

I like the idea of striping the Harlot's scarf. And that baby sweater and booties? Makes me wish sissy was having a girl...

Good job on finishing up...

Good for you! It must be a relief to have those things finished. (Your hair looks great, too.)

Run Rachael run!

Run Rachael run!

you're so frikkin' CUTE. I'm thrilled to see someone having knit a "Denim People" item in wool, because I LOVE those designs, and I have the book, but I've always been scared about the "10% shrinkage figured into the gauge" thing. You said you knit it to gauge? Meaning you just did the extra 10% length thing and it came out great?

Then again, I COULD always knit the pieces in Denim as intended....

Hi! I stumbled across your blog this afternoon (while avoiding work) and thought it was rather cool and very interesting. love your scarf, and i loved your 100 things about me list.

Hope you don't mind, i've put a link to your site on mine (just starting a blog, very ruff..lol) And i'm hoping you don't mind if i 'borrow' your 100 things list idea - i think its such a cool idea.

I just realized that, while yes we miss the knitting content (though we lurve Clara and the minipups and your stories and enthusiasm), what we really miss is seeing the Rachael Pose! Glad to see you've still got it, babe, both front and back this time! Rock on.

Oh you're the cutest, EVAH. As is your knitting.


Cute, cute baby sweater and booties! You are turning into a finishing machine! I hope you had a good run (and enjoyed the egg as well).

Wahl, day-um girl, lookee you go! Great stuff, beautiful work, look out novels!

I have some Artfibers burning a hole in my stash, waiting for me to be a good enough designer to make the right thing!

And ah, Creme Egg season... I saw them at the store tonight and thought of you!

Wow, you've been busy! I love Kyoto, the knig of yarns.

knig? king.

i'm freaked out a bit, because we have some sort of parallel life.
zippers: put 2 in last month, both sweaters about 2 years old! one totally done except for zipper, one almost done except for zipper. why? why? i don't really mind putting them in either.
and yesterday afternoon, sitting on the couch, me thinking "should i have this cadbury egg now, or wait till after my run?" i opted for now, with pie after the run.
and... i love your new finished knits! the bomber... so cute... and i LOVE that scarf. gorgeous colors, wonderful stripes. i need some kyoto, clearly. and the baby set is so damn sweet.

What a georgeous baby sweater - might have to try that pattern for when the next grandbaby comes!

Congrats! Three F.O.'s How inspiring. Love the scallopped bottom of your sweater, would've never guessed it wasn't meant to be.

You are an inspiration, Rachael! I need to have a finishing day/week pretty soon.

i've been reading your blog for-ev-ever, and I have to say these pictures are the most adorable ever. The over-the-shoulder? I awwwwwwed out loud. Congrats on your finishing spree!

I love the shoulders on that sweater - they are a really nice detail!

The Kyoto yarn really does look tempting -- I'll have to look into some stash building again :o) Thanks for sharing your projects!

My Goodness. I am exhausted after reading about all that productivity! But I loved looking at the pics. And I am not sure if I should thank you or curse you for reminding me about the Ribbonnerie (sp).

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