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Things.February 8, 2007

First things first: The Whoreshoes are playing in Santa Cruz this weekend! You should come! I'll be sitting on the godkid somewhere in the audience, so I won't be knitting that much, but me and my knitting will be there, and if you're in the area, you should be, too!

Second: I'm seeing Merle Haggard and Neko Case at the Paramount tomorrow night. I am very excited. However, I'm not as excited as Lala, who stuttered last night, "It's one of those things that I just can't think about -- what if it's not real? I keep trying to forget it's going to happen. Can't think about it. Can't think about it."

Third: You should go listen to the cutest new podcast, StashAndBurn. Nicole and Jenny do a bang-up job, and they made me giggle. Also, I was mentioned in the first episode, and OHMYGOD did Nicole make me blush. She also made the valid point that really, I hardly ever blog about knitting.

So fourth: Knitting. Sigh. I wish I had pics, but I'm at work, so nothing for you today. But I've ALMOST finished a lavender gansey. I've ripped the neck once, and redone it and I'm still not happy. I knit it bottom up in the round, attached the sleeves, and started a raglan decrease, thinking I'd just bind off when it felt right. Welp, it felt right too early. I put it on, and I practically had an off-the-shoulder gansey. While some might call that sexy, the folks that do also think belting an oversized sweater is sexy, and therefore they're not invited to the sexy-knitting drink-up (which doesn't exist, but SHOULD).

(Also, belting your knitting? Unless you're 22 and sprig-like, it's NOT okay. Even if you are, you're only getting away with it because you could wear lycra overalls and get away with it. And more power to you. But I'm ready for this alarming trend to be over.)

Where was I? Oh, yes, the gansey. So I ripped, picked up, and started over, guessing I needed three more inches before ribbing the new collar. Did it, tried it on (I suppose I should have done that earlier), and it's now too high. So it's stuffed in my to-do box.

I also made a cute baby sweater and some booties for a coworker who's meeting her baby for the first time today.

And I'm making socks, as usual. Also, after listening to that podcast yesterday, I had to dive in the stash and pull out some Kyoto from Artfibers, and I cast on for Stephanie's one-row scarf, which looks FANTASTIC with this yarn. I hate knitting scarves, for the record. Don't even wear them that much. But this, this is just knitting for knitting's sake. Mmmmm.

And fifth: Enjoy your day.


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Merle Haggard and Neko Case? What an interesting bill! I've got tickets to see Richard Thompson who is opening (opening! can you imagine?) for Patty Griffin. Live music is the best, ya know? PS Book to read: Black Swan Green by David Mitchell

Merle Haggard? "Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down" Merle Haggard? "Mama Tried" Merle Haggard? Agony. I'm SO jealous! I'm actually kind of that bitter, don't even talk to me right now jealous. Hmmph.

But... I guess I should say you and Lala have a wonderful time, sniff...

I'm in Long Beach. Is there any chance that the Whoreshoes might play closer to us at some point? I really love their music. I'm toying with the idea of driving to Santa Cruz but it is just ridiculous right now. It's very cool you get to see Merle.

You know we love reading you, but yes some knitting pictures would be wonderful! Thanks for linking to that scarf pattern. I was just thinking that I wanted to knit a scarf and was looking for a pattern and this is easy enough that I can knit it at work and that one row is awesome.

I have Rachael envy.

Except I don't want your job. I freeze when someone asks me, "I've got (horrible, but vague, description) happening to me. What should I do?" Usually in Spanish.

I'm going to see Merle Haggard and Neko Case on Sunday at the Paramount!!! (Paramount in Seattle) I am soooo excited. We (hubby and two teenage daughters) saw him in 2005 when he opened (opened!?) for Bob Dylan. Merle knocked my socks off. The girls practically begged to go see him again and I am delighted that we can share music with our teenagers. He puts on a GREAT show, I could go on and on, but I'll let you go and see.
They were selling baseball caps that say "hagg" on them, I got one for my hub and I crack up every time he wears it!
Have a great time; I know you'll have a great time! I'm excited for you! I'm excited for Lala! (your description, too cute) Yay!

I don't care about the knitting but must hear all about Merle and Neko. Can you imagine being Neko Case and hearing you're going to be gigging with Merle Haggard. It would give a person ice cream head - which is what I suggest lala has.

I so love the one row scarf. It really is knitting, for knitting's sake, isn't it?

Woo, maybe I will see you at the Merle/Neko show!

I came here for the knitting, but stayed for the wisdom and humor you offer up on a regular basis.
My best friend and his boyfriend just moved to Santa Cruz from South Beach, so I may have to call him and advise him of the show. *sigh* He is a lucky bastard.
I'm sure you and Lala will have a fabulous time, so I won't even say that I hope you do.

I haven't seen Kyoto yarn in person but it looks el yummo on artfibers webpage. Please keep track of details for us, like how many skeins for how long of a scarf! Thanks.

Neko Case! Lucky, lucky, lucky!

I can't see ever belting a sweater. And you are right that if you are stick thin you might be able to get away with it but you forgot that you also have to be tall as well. Show some photos of your socks. They count as knitting.

My favorite story about Merle Haggard, whom I also love and have been listening to since I was a kid, is that once, about 8 or 9 years ago (he was already in his 60's), he was supposed to play at a casino in Mississippi (Tunica, maybe? It doesn't matter). My BF's sis had tickets, which were like $100 a pop! He canceled his show at the last minute, though. He got in a fight and broke a rib. Now THAT'S cawntry.

P.S. I love how you are a stealth knitter and dont' show a million progress photos or even hardly mention it, just bust out a completed kickass sweater. THAT'S a knitter.

Oh cool I'm always looking for new podcasts for when I'm dyeing outside.

You have a good one too.

Oh Santa Cruz....my old college stomping grounds...I'm a bit too far north for the show...will they be at the Capitalist? Or whatever they're calling that venue nowadays?

Neko Case should be a national treasure in both the US and Canada. All her records are gems.
OK Merle Haggard also.
Enjoy the show!

I am so jealous--Merle Haggard and Neko Case all in one lovely package. Lucky yous!

Thanks super much for the podcast promo. You're the best! As Jenny & I are want to say, "Yay! Yay!"

I'm sad you redid your neck. I'm in favor of any type of clothing that is falling off of you.

Neko Case? You lucky ducks! I'm absolutely swooning with envy!

I originally came here for the knitting, but I don't care that you don't blog about knitting. You have quite a beautiful body of work in your gallery, but it's your observations about everyday life that are so compelling.

Makes me wish I still lived in Santa Cruz (well, actually, a lot of things do that). The Whoreshoes and those who knit for them should come to southern california. We'll show you a good time.

We're going to join you all in Santa Cruz on Saturday. See you there!

I think that "Things." is a pretty understated category for a Merle Haggard/Neko Case double bill to be a subset of.

I could be seriously jealous of that gig (oh, and all the Whoreshoes gigs you go to), but I have an Indigo Girls gig to look forward to next Thursday. First time I've ever seen them in maybe 8 years of being a fan. Woohoo!!

And in April I get a Zoe Lewis gig. If you like the Ditty Bops, give her a listen. Really now.

Lala is the cutest chick EVAR. Have good fun at both shows!

The lavender gansey sounds yummy, on or off the shoulder! I wait with bated breath for the finished pics!

Neko Case, huh? She's intrigued me, but I've never checked her out - heard a clip somewhere once, or she was mentioned in conjunction with something/someone that I like, don't remember how her name got into my head. Must give a listen, I guess - don't even know what kind of music she does! Anyhoo, have a great time at the show!!

Here's wishing I still lived in Monterey! Sadly, DC is a bit far to come for a show, even one as awesome as I'm sure Lala's going to be!
And we all know you're knitting, even if you're being all stealh about it :)
And Kyoto - yum!

Thanks for the new podcast- I just made it all the way through the Cast-on archives and am a little grumpy about it.


Loved Merle and Neko at the (Seattle) Paramount and what a surprise and a treat: Kelly Hogan, too! (not as big a surprise at Bonnie Raitt playing guitar for Maia Sharp, but still)

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