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Knitting Nuns on the RunFebruary 1, 2007

No, really!

ATHENS: A group of Greek nuns abandoned their convent and went into hiding after running up debts of more than 600,000 euros (396,000 pounds) from a knitting business that went bust, authorities said on Tuesday.



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I heard this story on NPR this morning.

I'd really like to see their stash!

Some of the debt was to travel to fashion shows to see the newest trends in knitware so they could incorporate it into their designs. They have sought sanctuary in another convent.

Now that is just plain hilarious!

I too heard it on NPR... It reminds me of a Pater Mayle novel where the hero stumbles into an "abbey" that is basically a booze-making operation for a commune of gay men. (How'd the nuns get 600,000 in credit anyway??)

LOL! You can't make shtuff like that up.

I always said;
If you are going to go into debt and hence have to go into hiding - make sure it is ALL ABOUT KNITTING

I feel a bit guilty laughing about that... Why are nuns so funny anyway? :)

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