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SockKnitter!February 6, 2007

There's a guy at work who calls me that. That's my name, to him. "SockKnitter!" he'll yell when I enter the room. I like it.

And now I'm going to teach a class on sock knitting! There's this great new-ish knitting studio called Knit-One-One in Emeryville, and I'm a teacher! You wanna learn how to throw a little lace panel in a pair of two-circular toe-up socks? Using your own yarn, any gauge, any size needle? You should come! (Plus there's finger food and it's the BEST atmosphere.... you'll love it.)

Details here.

In other news, I am fighting the grumps. Or the gurmps, as I like to type. I really am more gurmpy than grumpy, actually. (And that thought cheers me, so it's a light gurmp.) The stupid HOA asshat at our condo is being stupid, that's all. I'm doing rather well with compartmentalizing my angst about him -- I just wrote a long ole email addressing his concerns and I saved it as a draft. I'm at work (working my second 12 hour midnight shift of my weekend, sigh) , and I will mail it at 6am when I go home. This will prevent me from obsessively checking my email all night for his rambly 3am drunken return email. See? Good idea, huh?

But this nice thing: I was at the bank this afternoon (money, sigh..... As Janine says, and I paraphrase, if you have a problem that can be fixed with money, you don't have a very interesting problem....) and there was a lovely fellow talking to the next teller. He was dressed in a long black suit-coat and charcoal pants. He had a tall black afro and a long silver beard. He said to the teller, "I had breakfast in Houston, and now I'm at the bank in Oakland."

She said, "In Houston! Wow!"

He said, "Can you imagine? What a time we live in, that we can move around like this now."

He laughed, and she laughed, and then he said, "I can't wait to ride in the time machine."

Isn't that a nice thing to overhear? I thought so.



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My problem is that I am not riding in the time machine right now.

I WISH someone would call me SOCK KNITTER. Would mean I actually finished a pair. Part and parcel of the 2007 resolutions I swear. Good for you on teaching a course on it.

Sorry to hear about the Grumps, know with your spunky personality you will be out of it very soon :)

This is the third time in recent memory that there has been some total plate of shrimp experience while reading your blog. Just tonight at dinner, my friend mentioned that she read that scientists are getting close to being able to move something back in time! Maybe he read the same article she did!

I just thought I would drop you a line since you are most likely still at work.

Hope you have a great day!

love that story from the bank. hope your gurmps are lifting... i think there's something about february... i'm fighting them too. also, having a hard time breathing through my nose. bleah.

We do live in astonishing times. It is good to remember that this isn't always a bad kind of astonishing.

Here I was dreading having to go to the bank today and now, after reading your post, I'm looking forward to it! I doubt I will overhear anything nearly as cool, but I have hopes.

I wish I could come to your sock class! I don't think the Duluth to Emeryville commute would work for me though. :( Looking forward to hearing how it turns out!

If I had lots of extra money I'd hop on a plane and take your sock class. Breakfast in NY/NJ and socks in CA. That is a wonderful overheard conversation.

I apologize for commenting twice. I should have read the other comments before commenting. Commenter Nicole-plate of shrimp experience! I love it. Of course you must be referring to Repo Man, one of my favorite movies.

There's a guy at the post office, which I go to 3 or 4 days a week to ship Artfibers packages, who tends to yell "Yarnfibers" or sometimes "Knitfibers" when he sees me, like it's my name.

Have a great sock class!
Bah, grumps. I hope they pass for you soon.

See, if you use the ATM all the time ou never get to hear that kind of thing. Hm. Interesting. Must start going _inside_ the bank...

Your bio online on the site for the knitting store where your class is being held - left out any mention of your cats - you still have them? And spelled Lala as Lara. Just thought you'd like to know.

I would *so* take that class, if it wasn't for the long drive and all :) I've been trying to find a knit-socks-on-circs class in Southern California, but no luck.

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