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Socks-A-Go-GoFebruary 28, 2007

Last call! A couple of slots remain in my class that starts this Monday night in Emeryville at the fabulous Knit-One-One. We'll be learning how to knit lacy socks on two circulars on the yarn/needle size that you like. Plus, we'll just be goofing around knitting and laughing, so it should be fun times.

If you're coming to knit with us, do this: Choose the yarn you want for your socks (have about 100 grams to be safe). Knit up a couple of small swatches on different size needles, just stockinette, and decide what fabric you like. Bring two 12 inch needles in that size along with the yarn to class, and we'll be on our merry, lacy way.

At the very least, go have a peek at the blog post about the class -- I look a little silly, but Harriet is looking fine, no?


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You're famous! Again! SO cute, you and Harriet. I was telling a friend about your class just yesterday. I am going to send her your link right now. =)

Hugs, darlin'.

Wow! I'm so impressed with the whole Knit One One site, concept, everything!

Ooh, how badly do I want to come to your class?!? I don't think I could make it unless I left work really early, though. ;)

Awww, I like the picture. I am sad that I am hundreds of miles away from Emeryville and it's not looking too good on the vacation front. Have a great class!

I can't make it. The flight is out of my budget right now and I'm in the middle of a 2-year contract so I can't up and move!

Wow. That would be an extreme reason to move continents, wouldn't it? :-)

Obviously I can't come since I live pretty far, but that sock pattern is adorable! Is it your pattern? Do you sell it?

I love your picture! You look so open, friendly and beautiful!

i so wish i could take your sock class. i did magical mystery knitting night at knit-one-one a few months back and it was oh-so-fun. but, alas, i work in palo alto and i can't make it up to emeryville on monday nights in time for your class. if you ever do a weekend class at knit-one-one, i'm definitely in!

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