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Stitches Today! February 24, 2007

I get to go! I wasn't going to be able to go to Stitches West because of my work schedule, but a coworker is paying me back some time, and I'm leaving work at noon today, and I can be there by 1pm. I'm going to help out a bit in the spinning guild booth, and then wander! O joy! The party of my people!

Nowadays it's not even about the yarn, not (that much) about the fiber -- it's about seeing friends and bloggers and friend-bloggers and hanging out.

I will remember to bring my camera, as it's already in my spinning bag. However, I can only hope that I remember to TAKE pictures.

If you see me, say hi!


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I went yesterday and, well, let's just say I may have had one of those credit-card-swiping accidents. I'll have to posy pictures if the weather clears enough to give me some decent light.....It was such a sensory overload that I forgot to eat lunch (which is weird for me, since I usually get all cranky when the blood sugar drops).
Have a great time!!

i was there yesterday and had a great time- sorry to have missed you!

rachel - since i was so completely star-struck when i approached you today (i'm pretty sure i called you 'yarnagogo' - sheesh) i thought i'd comment. nice to meet you in person!

It was great to see you! I hope you enjoyed your time - I'm a bit wiped out from winding yarn for 4 hours straight but it was definitely fun.

My daugther and I went today. It was her first time. She had a ball. I wore my Birds Nest Shawl and was acosted all day long. LOL
I'm glad I went and I'm also glad it is over for another year.

Cool to meet you yesterday. I know for a fact that a couple of pictures were taken by excited-to-meet-you bloggers, and ya know what? We were all so excited that we all "forgot" that photos were not even allowed in there! Whoopsie.

Dinner was so fun last night!! It was great to hang out with you guys for a few hours... who knew bennigans was such a hotspot.

It sounds fun! Have a great time!

Hi! I've just recently started reading your blog so I didn't run over to greet you as I realized "OMG I don't her real name"! But I saw you and you looked like you were having a great time...

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