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SundayFebruary 18, 2007

A nice Sunday morning -- the migraine that felled me yesterday (the acupuncture has been SO great, I was super disappointed) is gone, although Lala is sick as a dog and has gone back to bed. Poor thing.

But the day is pretty and sunny and warm enough to sit out on the porch, and the dogs seem to know that there is a new dog park opening today and we're going to the party for it this afternoon (Joaquin Miller park, yo, off Sanborn, party till 2pm), and we've heard there might be an agility demo, which Clara really wants to see.

I feel like today I should finish knitting the There But For The Grace of Flashdance gansey that is NOT off-the-shoulder anymore, and I should work on getting some other things out of my To Make basket. It might be a purge week, actually. There are some projects that I know with all my heart are going nowhere, and I don't even like the yarn enough to rip. We'll see. I don't feel like starting that right now. But maybe tomorrow. I can just imagine -- me throwing all my yarn into the center of the yarn and starting from there. Doesn't that sound fun? Overwhelming and fun?

Hey! Have you seen Emily's new site and the fabulous scarf pattern she's posted? She does the site and photography for Knit-One-One, and she's just such a cutie-pie. Go say hello, and keep your eye on her!

And for your weekend fun, a picture of the picture on our fridge -- Joni with godkid Dylan (months and months ago -- he now has total control of his head) wearing the matching aran sweaters I made them. The picture was taken on her boat where she was living while she was pregnant, and it's attached to our fridge with Maori haka magnets from New Zealand, which was unintentional but apropos -- both Dylan and I are half-Kiwi.


I'm off to go check on the sickee. Enough Emergen-C will fix anything.


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Awww...feel better soon, Lala! And Rachael, those sweaters are gorgeous!

Hmmmmm. Total control of the head was where you thought you were going with the acupuncture thing wasn't it? Hope you are both feeling really well again soon!

That picture is the most adorable thing I've seen in ages. Perhaps ever - the matching Arans! The "help, I can't quite get my head to stay where I want it" look!

Just wondering, do they still live on the boat? Seems so romantic to me. But maybe that's because I've never been on one!

Oh the poor sickie. Want me to come and serenade y'all until you get better?

those matching arans are so, so cute! and super-cute godkid, of course :)
glad your migraine is gone... hope you had a good sunday!

That kid just cannot take a bad picture, can he? .... am I the only one who thinks of Godzilla when I read Godkid/ Godson etc? He is the cutest Godzillason ever.

Those sweaters are so beautiful! Nice job! I went over to Emily's blog and sent the URL to my niece via my sister--she'd love that scarf!

Hello Rachael! Lovely to see you at Royal yesterday! Thank you so much for such a sweet mention. You are terrifically inspirational, knit-wise and blog-wise as well! Gives us all something to aspire to. Love those aran sweaters. Gorgeous.

I should make sure that I clarify too that I am in no way the author of the Bobble Scarf pattern – that scarf was knit for me by Síle, and I hope I guessed the pattern right!

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