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Wooly BulliesFebruary 21, 2007

How did I miss this? Crochet/knit snark, mockumentary style. You MUST see it.


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I found it hilarious, but some of SnB gals thought that it was to harsh to watch. The funniest thing about it is the dish cloth is actually knit and not crocheted!!

Thank you for that, now I'm busy wiping up the spilled (spit) wine from the keyboard. black sheep's wool ha ha ha

If you can really tell that those washcloths are knitted I want your monitor, or I need lasik worse than I thought. I can't tell. It's quite easy to crochet something that looks like that. That was HILARIOUS!


Dude! Lettuce Knit! Laura and Alexis knitting in Lettuce Knit! That's my LYS and my peeps! In fact, I got home from there not half an hour ago.

Is this where I stand up and say ..
"Hi, I'm Helen. I am a cross-fiberist -- I knit AND crochet. I crocheted first, and would still rather crochet than knit an afghan."
I will not admit to having no control though.
Of course, in my family, knitting was aberrant. The matriarch crocheted.

Poor little crochet girl!

Funny, if a little on the long side.

That's a howl.

What a hoot. Thanks for the link!

Thanks for that link. I needed a good knitty laugh. Hilariously funny.

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