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Dulaan Knit-In! March 22, 2007

Ain't nothing like short notice, right?

Dulaan Knit-In in Honor of FeralKnitter Janine Being In Town

This Sunday, 3-7, Chez Hehu (our house)

Please email me or drop a comment to get directions. Bring your Dulaan knitting and leave it behind -- I promise I'll get it mailed, although I'm notoriously bad at getting to the Post Office.


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ooh, that sounds like fun. I think it's high time I make it to one of your shindigs. can't wait!

I'll be there! Should I bring a snackie type thing?

hey sweet cheeks
we're knitting for Dulaan at the Knitting for Others at Article Pract on April 1 (hmmm - someone's anniversary!) if you want to let folks know. I'll also be mailing a big box of stuff if you want to drop stuff off in April... xo

Dagnabbit, I have to go back East on Sunday! Stupid work...

I'll be there in spirit...

I'm not positive that I can, but if it works out, I'd love to join you! I just have to walk 12-15 miles first. But that's in the morning.

Let me know your address - with any luck I'll be there!


Aggg! What timing! I just this evening mailed a box of ten hats and one vest. So I won't have any big impressive heap for you. But I've got yarn for more hats so I'll hope to be there with another hat or two for ya.

I doubt we can make it, but please email the information just in case???

Miss you guys. Been spending most of my time resting (had meningitis).

I do have a good Dullan project on the needles right now, tiny colorful mittens in HW STR. Very fun.

Not sure I can come -- it will partly depend on whether our troop can finish selling all of our remaining cookies on Saturday. Then again, if I come, can I bring GS cookies to sell? Hmmm.

I wish I could come, but there are too many things on my plate for tomorrow (not to mention the two small children to look after!) Have a great time!

Seriously. You've got to give us more notice. We coulda come down for this! Hope you guys have a wonderful time!

hi there, I'd love to come but the combo of in-town-visiting in-laws and a soccer game at 5:30 have me pinned to Berkeley. poop. Have fun!!!

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