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Hooray! March 5, 2007

I just had the BEST class at Knit-One-One. Now, now that it's over (the first of four, but the only one I was scared about), I can admit that I've been SO FREAKED OUT. I haven't taught anyone anything knitted-related in so long that I'd begun to doubt myself, and when I was driving to the class, I felt like I was on a blind-date with six knitters. Six knitters who might stab me with sharp little pointy needles, who might know everything there is to know about socks and I should just go sit outside in the dirt while they knit.

It's always nerve-wracking to meet new people, but knitters? The people, the subgroup, that I love most? Ask Lala -- I'd been wound-up about it for two days. Serious nerves, no lie.

But it was awesome. Good food, laughs, great atmosphere, good people. And Stephen, who came just to knit, because he's in the process of designing an awesome sock and needs NO help from me, was a DOLL, just as I knew he'd be. And Jennifer was great, as were the other Blogless Ones, and I made it out alive, and I'm so glad I'm doing it, because these people are tres cool. I had a wonderful time. And even though Ms. Janie Sparkles made a break for it when the front door was opened, she was found, safe and sound. Thank god. If losing your dog at a knitting class isn't enough to put you off knitting for life, I don't know what is. I am glad the class was not responsible for that.

And now I will play the ukulele. I am learning this song, from the Jerk. Oh, how I love this song.


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Thanks so much for facing your fears and teaching the class! You are a very good teacher! Now I have to get going on my (itty-bitty) homework!

Congrats! I am glad your class went so fantastically. {Omigod, I am SO driving by the next one. If the dog goes missing, I don't know a thing! ;)}
Love ya!

How could you not be a great teacher?

I'm glad it went well and you had fun.

Can't wait to download your ukelele song to my ipod.

Yay for teaching and getting to hand with Stephen!

I know (I know)
With the dawn
That you
Will be gone...
But tonight
You belo-ong
To me

I bet you are learning that song they sing while on the beach... Does Lala play trumpet? Cause that would be cute. Make sure you get a full "Jerk" repertoire and learn the thermos song too.

Congrats on the class.

Maybe you could add a ukulele part to "I'm Picking Out a Thermos For You." That's my favorite from The Jerk.

Not bad for someone who just got fried by lightning.

The class was fabulous Rachael. And if you were nervous, it did not show in the slightest! Way to go teach!

Hooray for a great class!! Now it'll just be easy.

A friend sang that song at my wedding. I love it too.

I love The Jerk, I think that has to be my favorite Steve Martin movie, then maybe The Man with Two Brains.

I used to feel nervous before lessons too, especially group lessons, now it is my absolute favorite thing. I love the people I've met, I love watching people's brains whir, click, and engage, and I love seeing what explanations and demos work best for which people. Love it.

Dude, I'd come and take a class on garter stitch scarves from you just to be able to be in the same room knitting. Of Course you were fabulous. How could you not be? It's YOU.

Ooooo...I can so relate! My yoga teacher asked me to teach the class I regularly attend, while he's out of town. No pressure, huh? I KNOW we're a tough crowd.
It was okay...now I get to figure out how I can make next weekend better!

The class was fabulous and Miss Janie Sparkles enjoyed herself despite almost giving me (and a neighborhood cat) a heart attack.

What Rachael didn't mention is that after our vagabond was safe inside knit-one-one, Rachael was still out wandering. Our cries of "Janie, Janie Sparkles!" changed to "Rachael? Rachael!"

Yesterday's class was great! If she teaches this again, you all should come! Really.

Good for you! I'm sure you are a great teacher; your writing is always clear. If I am thinking of the same song, Lala is going to have to learn to play the trumpet! Or does she already know, you talented two-some?

Do you know Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (Iz)'s music? He uses a lot of ukulele, and it's fabulous.

That song you're learning is a sweet little romantic number, isn't it. It makes me happy to hear it. :)

Wish I could have attended, I am sure it was a blast from the students point of view too.

Janie is a doll!

I've been thinking about that song this week - what a treat to see the link on your blog. When teaching goes wel it's magical - so glad you had a good class.

Heya Rachael! Congratulations on your first class!! Glad it went well! I can't imagine you being nervous teaching knitting – not after witnessing the beauty of your sweaters on your blog! But I can totally understand. I suffer from massive stagefright myself. I'll be seeing you 'round knit-one-one! ; ) xox ej

LOVE The Jerk and that song! That is so cool that you are learning it!

Glad to hear that the lesson went well. I always get nervous when I have to get up and teach a group of people. Sounds like you have the perfect students!

Congratulations on your successful foray into teaching! :D I have no idea how to make socks, and sort of wish I lived in NorCal so that I could take the class and learn. haha.

I can picture this... everyone wandering about calling Jaaaanieee... Janie Spaaaaarrrrkelssss....

The sock class - you're awesome Rachael! You do such a perfect job of putting us right there with you having the nervous stomach and everything. I'm so happy that it turned out as wonderful and fun as you could have hoped. And the Jerk... aww. That's the sweetest song. Is Lala gonna play the trumpet for you? She might have to learn to make it just right. :)

I'm just catching up on your blog...I looove the uke tune from the Jerk!!!! (who's gonna play the trumpet part?!)

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