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Writeagogo?March 10, 2007

I have been running! I should post this at Runagogo, but I find it rather daunting to write on two sites, so I'm just hanging out here, with you. (Or maybe I'll cross-post this entry there later. Don't tell). Yep, I'm running. I ran five miles earlier this week, three yesterday, and will run three again today. I've run 69 miles so far, and will be up to 72 by tonight.

I'm completely thrilled about the new daylight saving change -- I never used to care, but working 6am-6pm means in these months I never, ever see daylight during my work week. Now, starting tomorrow, I'll have some daylight after work and can run, or walk the dog, or just sit on the porch and listen to the creek while darkness falls.

I've been running with my NEW WATCH, the Forerunner 305. Well, okay, I ran with it yesterday for the first time, but it was so damn cool. I gadget myself out now to run. First, I plug my Nike+ sensor into my iPod Nano, and set up my run on that. Then I put in my earplugs and tuck away the iPod in the only place it doesn't constantly say "Activity stopped, press the Menu key to resume" (which is SOOOO annoying when you're running hard) which happens to be under my bra strap. And I've already strapped on the heart monitor under my clothes, and then I put on the watch and fire that up, and then, only when my iPod is talking to the chip in my shoe, and the watch is talking to not only the heart monitor but the satellites that track my progress, I'm off for my run.

It's good stuff. It's kind of weird, how enjoyable I find the tech side of running.

It's making me wish, though, that I was better at channeling my motivation into what I really do, what I really WANT to do, which is, of course, writing. (I bought the watch with writing monies -- that felt great.)

It's just all that little living stuff that gets in the way, you know? Working and cleaning the house and walking dogs and mowing the lawn and knitting and seeing friends and cooking -- where does writing fit? It sure as hell fit in November, when I wrote 2000 words a day. A day!

So I'm thinking about starting up another little challenge. The reason Runagogo has worked so well for me (and more than 500 other people, woot!) is that it was reasonable and do-able. And at the same time, that level of activity was very easy NOT to do, and therefore, I needed the push.

Wouldn't that apply to writing?

What about a little Writeagogo action? Hmmmm? I haven't had time to set up the site, won't till next week, but what do you think? Anyone want to write reasonably and do-ably with me for three months? What is reasonable? I know I can do 1000 words a day without pushing TOO hard, but that would still be quite a push to do day in, day out. I've gone for that number before every day, and gave it up quickly, needing days off and weekend lie-ins. I'm loving the running three-ish times a week -- that number's working for me.

So I'm kinda thinking 3 times a week, writing 1000 words a day might work pretty well, too. No, it's not very much. But dude, it's more than I'm writing right now with all the nice little distractions that I create for myself.

Would anyone else be into something like that? Hmmm?


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I'm interested! I have a half decent NaNo novel to edit (would that count?) and at least 2 short stories to write (applying for a creative writing course soon and need material).

Just need some extra motivation to get it done...

having finished a creative writing degree...oh....7 (?) years ago and now not doing ANYTHING relating to writing (working on an accounting designation actually...and assistant controlling a company) i definitely am interested. i NEED a push to my creativity. i need goals that can't be pushed aside by laundry or a lack of coffee or "no one will care" etc. it's so easy for life to get in the way.
yay! i'm in!

Writeagogo? I'm in. Completely, totally, with all my heart and soul. In in in.

I do wonder if it makes sense for people to set their own personal goals. My writing tends to be scattered, and at the moment, I like it that way. I'm working on an essay or two, a second half of a conversation for a friend's podcast, and some somewhat aimless writing (of the "need to get it out NOW" variety) that will one day turn into *something*, but which is now just building blocks. For me, I think time goals, instead of word counts, would make more sense. Assuming, you know, those time goals don't include email and blog reading breaks. *ahem*

Yo. I'd be interested. But I write po-tree not prose. And so I guess maybe a rational figure could be considered for poems. I'd say three drafts/wk. You know 3 first drafts or second drafts or third drafts etc. what do you think?
I could write prose but I do have a deadline....

I'm in. I'm not ready to start a new Big Work, but I need a lot of practice, so I can commit to that many words of exercise. I'm so in. :)

I'm not a writer, but wanted to tell you that you should not assume that only the 500 people signed up at Runagogo are part of the "100 by April 1st" challenge! I'm not signed up, but tracking my mileage and hoping to make it (and knowing I'll run the 10k on 3/31 muchly because of the push of the Runagogo idea!).

500 is but the tip of the iceberg, my girl!

Let's go-go!!

I'm due with baby 2 today (clearly not here yet) and have a toddler too. But I've got to do something for me...knitting's great, but I've still got another itch.

Time goals, word goals, whatever...I need to write.

I'd be into it. Perhaps it'll help motivate me to get that stupid thesis written!

I'm down! I can't seem to write ANYTHING these days, total slump. Don't even know why. Any motivation would be amazing!

OK, I need some writing motivation for several big vocation related essays that are going to be due in the next few months. It's been really hard to get myself motivated to work on them. Would that count?

I second the motion for self-designed goals. I think I could do 400 words a day (on top of all my other homework that has firmer deadlines).

Great ideas, Rachael, as usual!

So I think the writing stuff is awesome, but I have to ask- you don't find the Forerunner to be too bulky? I just worry about feeling like a robot while I'm running.

Not me, alas. I have given up on anything but borderline survival for the next month or so. Ditched Run-A-Go-Go too, I'm sorry to say. Got about half-way. Could I finish before the end of the month? Easily. But I'm deleting as many deadlines as possible, so I don't end up sitting under the table with my underwear on my head singing "Llama, llama, duck" over and over again.

I look forward to reading about all of the sane(r) people who can do this sorta stuff, though!

OOOHHH!!!!! Yesyesyeyesyesyesyesyes. I heart you, you motivated, group wrangling, multi-talented project implementor, you!
I am SO in. Yup.

Just a word of caution - I killed my first Ipod by keeping it in my bra (and judging from your bra-debacle you wrote about earlier I am using the same one). Yeah, boobsweat and Ipods do not mix. Do yourself a favor and get the armband BEFORE you kill your electronic toy! My second Ipod is a lot happier outside the bra.

Wow, man, that sounds coolio. (I guess I'm posting this comment a little after the fact). I'm actually into the revision stage on my NaNoWriMo novel, so I'm doin' the writin' thing, but it's more like, add a comma here, take a word out there, make the thing readable. Althoughghghgh it is tempting, cuz I do have an inchoate next-novel idear in my brain. Or maybe I'd be overextending myself.

Another poet here. I NEED this like Attorney General Gonzales needs his staff to plead the Fifth before the Congressional Hearings. Please, please, please. I gotta have something to be accountable to.

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