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KnitterlyMarch 27, 2007

I've had a lovely, knitterly weekend. Aren't those the best? A bunch of people came over on Sunday to celebrate Janine being in town and to knit for Dulaan. Becca brought me a gift:


A martini glass full of mini-Cadbury Creme Eggs. How's that for a charming hostess gift?

Let's see, also in attendance were Cindy and No-Blog Rachel and Jeni and Breanna and Maia and Celia. I think that's all, but I could EASILY be forgetting someone, because you know how I am. And I have to say, isn't it fun to dish knit-gossip? There was a time in all of our lives when we didn't even know such a thing existed, wasn't there?



Me and my feral-friend Janine. I swear, I've appropriated her for my spinning/knitting/life mentor, and never really asked her if it was okay. Hey, Janine? Is that okay?

Oh my god, I'm sitting on my chair in my yarn room, looking out into the front yard, and I just realized my in-laws are coming in to town today and I HAVE TO MOW THE LAWN. I bought a lawn mower on Craigslist that took about 200 pulls (not exaggerating) to start it the only time I used it (but it was worth the $20), so I'm not really excited about that chore.

Either that or I could tell them we're experimenting with a low-water form of urban veldt. Veldt pioneers. I like that better than figuring out that lawn mower again. Lala says she knows how to mess with the choke (which is broken) to get it to turn over, but she's not here, is she? No, she's selfishly gone off to work, leaving me to sit with little dogs, looking out the windows.

I got off topic. Knitterly. Okay, then, yesterday, I stole Janine again (because I do that) and we traipsed off to the city, blithely crossing the Bay Bridge (which she was impressed with, which validated ME, because I am FINALLY pretty comfortable with driving in the City, ten long nervous years later), picking up Lala, and going for burritos at the best place in town, Tacqueria Cancun.

And if we accidentally went looking for (and found) yarn to buy, well, that happens on accident sometimes. You know?

And last night was my last sock knitting class! I came to really adore my students, and I'll miss them. That's not something I thought would happen. I was flattered into doing it, but I wasn't sure I would enjoy it. It was just something to push me, to expand my knitting horizons. (Honestly, I was worried they'd think I was a fraud. It wasn't until I realized that yes, I do have thirty years knitting experience, and I guess I kinda DO know what I'm doing and how to fix mistakes, even though I'm more casual about mistakes than many (and a teacher shouldn't be casual about mistakes OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THEY'LL SEE RIGHT THROUGH ME), that I finally relaxed enough to really enjoy being there.) And the students were AWESOME.

I mean, when your students do THIS , how can you not have a great time? (Sorry, Stephen darling, I had to.)

So. I'll be teaching again. I guess I'm hooked.

Today, I'm just hanging out. Must go for a run, maybe a four or five miler. Then I'm only left with one short run before my Saturday 100-miles-done run! And I should cut the grass, but yawn. I should really watch The Amazing Race and 24. Oh, yeah. And I should eat more mini-Cadbury eggs. For sure.

And for fun, my dashboard bobble-head:



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I was sorry to have missed the fiesta, I was itching to see the casa. Looks like I missed the fun and Cadbury eggs. Phoo.

If you're driving around Taqueria Cancun, don't forget Brisas de Acapulco on the other side of Army for pupusas. Panchitas on 16th is good for pupusas too, but Brisas has the crazy ass murals on the wall.

That makes me want to get my septum re-pierced. If I do that, you will always know where to find your dpn's.

Here I am! I must say, you may have started a Dulaan-palooza. I posted on the SocK Madness site that I was at a Dulaan party on Sunday and now we are talking about having a virtual Dulaan knitting party through Sock Madness. Of course we still need to figure out details, such as they might be, but who'd a thunk it. Knitters are awesome. I enjoyed coming on Sunday. Thanks for hosting!

Looks like you all had a fabulous weekend. Congratulations on the success of your sock knitting class!

ya know, i usually stick the spare needle behind my ear if i'm doing something, but now i can put that old "never close" septum piercing to good use!!

that should make me "popular" at knitting group!!

Sorry I couldn't make it. And the DPN thing? Sorry, ick.

Ohmygod Lala, you just made me send Kombucha through my nose! Too freakin' funny. But what a handy way to hold that extra DPN when you're decreasing so much you don't need all 4 or 5 any more!

That was such a fun afternoon - thanks again. And Miss Idaho is the cutest little dash ornament ever.

Love the bobble head. Does it deal with people who cut you off, though? Any live bobble head should do that sort of thing, I think.

the poochie really is too cute.
i want to eat her up she's so cute.
lala with dpns in her nose-septum--that is true love. :o)
:o) i wonder if i can convince my boytoy to do that for me? i doubt it...haha!

usually I just wear a cable needle. the DPN's are just too unwieldly!

Well, that is definitely one place I never expected to see a DPN. Plus I bet it's a lot easier to remember where you put it than when you stick them behind your ear, eh? Thanks for having us over on Sunday. It was TOO fun!

the knitterly gathering sounds like so much fun! and i love the shots of your beautiful house, light streaming in, yellow walls.
and your dashboard ornament photo is priceless :)

Totally fun day in the city--your driving aplomb is my inspiration!
As for the permission? Sure, aside from the fact that your faith is totally misguided....

Oh that Stephen.

I was so pissed I had to work and couldnt go. Its this trip to Asia, I have to work so hard here now so I can go there next week...

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