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Knit-Out! March 26, 2007

Hi hi hi! I have bunches of things to tell you, and as it goes, NO time to do so, so here's a placeholder post for you. And something to put on your calendar.

This Saturday, March 31st

Runagogo and a Knit-Out (you don't have to do one to do the other)

1pm: Meet at Lake Merritt in Oakland -  (a change in location here:) at the water fountain that's IN the lake, across the street from the Merritt Bakery. There's a little raised area there -- let's meet there.

Then run/walk with me (in front of me, behind me) around the lake as I finally get my 100th mile.

Please RSVP in comments for this, so if you're coming we'll know to look for you.

2:30pm - KNIT OUT at Temescal Cafe, on Telegraph, same block as Article Pract. All are welcome, no RSVPs needed. Just show up. I'm sure we'll be there a couple of hours at least. I can give people rides from the Lake to the knit-out if needed.

And quickly, yesterday's Dulaan knit-in was a hit! Lala made a hat! As she said, it wasn't perhaps the best hat in the world, perhaps they could give it to a bad child. It's small though, so it'll have to be for a very, very bad Mongolian baby:

It is, no matter what she says, a very cute hat. Great fun was had by all. More to follow.


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you realize that the hat Lala knit is TOO CUTE!!!
especially on the poochie.
too. cute.

I'd love to run with you, but when I run, it's a requirement that I shower before I socialize. So I'll probably run here, shower here, and then come to the knit-out and congratulate you on actually doing the 100! I'm a little behind, but, still running.

The hat looks very cute on the pup. Is it animal cruelty to attach some elastic to the hat and strap it to the dog?

The Very Tiny Hat looks like it would go with the Very Tiny Socks I posted about last week. Now we just need to find a Very Tiny Baby.

(Lala does know, doesn't she, that, at best, that hat counts as half an item?)

Miss Idaho is a saint.

God, that picture of Lala is adorable.

I think it is a very fine little hat - and it looks super on the pup!!

Lala looks so pleased! I'm not quite as sure about Miss Idaho.

Is it wrong that I have a mental picture of them with the box of handknits, and then a row of babies, and them trying to judge which of them is the baddest?

That picture makes me want to procreate/adopt/kidnap a wee thing right. now.

Me thinks Lala needs to keep her hat for her lil baby dog, too cute.

A slightly premature congratulations on reaching your 100th mile!

I'm an RSVP for both. This homo needs to a-go-go running.

THANK YOU for that adorable photo of Lala with doggie in hat. I needed that.

What fun! I'd love to show up at the lake but I doubt we'll make it all the way around (6 yr old who can get tired--which boggles the mind!). But would love to meet up again at the Cafe, so dangerously close to the wonderful Article Pract.

RSVP for both. I might finish my 200 miles before then, but, damn! Can't miss the BIG FINISH, can I? And I missed so much of the Knit In at your house, I just have to try again at the Knit Out, right?

hey- i would love to run my last miles with you but i have class- im going to do my last ones tomorrow- imat 97.9 right now!! but i will totally come by the cafe on sat after class for a bit- what a fantastic way to end it all- i still dont know what i am going to get for myself- kate

I'm a longtime lurker and fan of you blog. I, myself, am blogless, but I live in the neighborhood (sort of) and I knit (or dabble) and run (or, more accurately, plod). So, I'd love to join you this afternoon. I look forward to meeting you!

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