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LightMarch 16, 2007

It's kind of a present to myself, really, these last two blogs I've added to my life. Run-a-go-go and Write-a-go-go, they're the carrots I've dangled in front of my nose, and in order to move forward with my goals, I click, and LO AND BEHOLD someone else has blogged, and they tell me what they're doing, and in doing so, they encourage me to keep going. Little miracles, every time I turn the computer on. I love, love, love it.

It's kind of always like that, though, ain't it? The computer is a miracle.

So is this weather! And the light! The time change! How much do we heart the time change, people? Did you know it was a congressional decision driven by money? It means $100,000,000 more in golf clubs and greens fees alone. $300,000,000 more in barbeques and charcoal. We can't even fathom how much money the candy industry poured into changing the dates, since they've been lobbying for it for decades now -- Halloween will have an extra hour of light this year!

I have to say, I approve of these tax dollars at work. Day before yesterday I left work at 6pm, drove home, changed, got the dog and met my sister at the lake, where we ran our almost-three miles and then I went home and it was STILL LIGHT. Yesterday I went home and sat on the porch swing and read and it was STILL LIGHT. It was a perfect 72 degrees out there, with a breeze, and the sound of the kids on the football field across the creek, and the dogs lying on their sides on the porch..... The best.

Remind me to tell you about the cars! I keep forgetting, and it requires pictures, and I keep blogging from work, where the pictures aren't.

*My happiness with the time change is helped that I get up for work at 4:30am, so it is ALWAYS dark, so my mornings haven't changed a bit.


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Well, as far as saving energy goes, I'll believe it when I see our electric bill go down. And I've had a hard time adjusting to the jump, I haven't been getting tired at night until latelatelate. But! Having an extra hour at night to take the dog on a walk through the park instead of trying to sprint through the park before the county police lock the gate is great.

Finally, someone who likes the time change as much as I and all my Latino friends do! There are many things I love about it but the best are being on the same time zone as all my relatives and not having to come home in the dark.

You know, I'm not a big fan of the time change. My body's Circadian rhythms get thrown off easily enough without adding or dropping an hour every six months. But the extra light is nice, I'll give you that.

lol, you're one of the few people I know who like the time change. I lived in Indiana for five years, one of the two states without "Daylight Savings" Time. It was great, especially in the fall, because the changes weren't abrupt.

Enjoy the light and the running -- I'm going out now; if I keep on track I'll hit the 100 miles!

I heart Daylight Savings Time too. In a big way. Nothing beats coming home from the drudgery (a.k.a. work) and still having some time to be outside. Somehow, it seems like it adds time to the day. Love it!

Oh, phoo. Am I the only one who misses the morning light? Either way, your description of sitting on the porch reading was beautiful... what I wouldn't give to replace our sleet and snow with a breeze and kids and sleeping dogs!

The time change just makes me late or early (depending on which direction we've gone). I have to do things when the sheep expect me to, since they all broke their watches.

Hey Rachel, what did you ever decide about the sock in progress that Harriett fouled? And tell her to behave, because she has a lamb named after her (first lamb this year, and it was my daughter's idea)

Ah, that last little bit explains a lot. Usually I look forward to DST 'cause I like the light in the evenings, but this time I'm finding the morning change to be too much. I feel rudely jolted awake by my alarm clock; it feels like waking up in the middle of the night.

Then again, when it's light out late but still cold, it doesn't do me much good either.

I love DST. I'd much rather have my light in the evening when I can take advantage of it.

i don't mind the cold in the winter, really. it's the lack of light. so i'm very happy about DST. sure, it's dark again when i get up in the morning, but i get up at 5:30 anyway so it's not like it was super bright before the time change.

I'm happy that you're enjoying the extra light, but remember it was STOLEN from those of us who have to be up at six and had just reached the point where the cats could be released immediately to the outdoors. Since DSL we've gone back to sharing the kitchen for an hour with a pair of screamers.

But...it's SUPPOSED to be dark at Halloween. Ghosts aren't scary in the daytime! :O

I love daylight savings time too. My mood always improves when it's warmer and lighter. And the mornings always get light again pretty quickly.
We always waited until it got dark to go trick-or- treating--but maybe that has changed since my childhood so long ago...

I have a real hard time getting moving when it's dark out and for some reason it's been worse this year than ever before. I fear that as I start to get out of my very young-ness I'm developing my mom's habits of waking with the sunrise. That's fine when the sunrise is at or before the time I need to be up, but when it's an hour after...oy.

We do not heart the time CHANGE. We would heart very much if the time stayed permanently fixed to one or the other so we didn't have to go through 2x a year jet lag.
- the royal, bitter "we", of course.

That's an interesting take on the time change. I was less than thrilled because there's something just not right about it being cold and snowing and still light at 7:00 at night. I'll feel much better about it when the weather warms up.

I hate me that Daylight Savings Time. Now both ends of my day are dark, just as I was starting to get a little light on the way home in the mornings!

Then again I'm cranky and hate everything right now.

I think you should start Wine-A-Go-G0. I'd join, and it would make me happier. *g*

I always looked forward to DST. Now, in AZ, we just switch from Mountain Time to Pacific in the spring. I work for my office in Chicago and having a 2 hour time difference can be a pain sometimes. There I am, slaving away at 3:30 p.m., and I don't understand why nobody's responding to my emails! Takes me a couple of weeks to get used to that.

I'm so glad to read someone who isn't bitching and whining about the time change. My own body only takes about a day to adjust to the DST/jet lag thing, so I'm having a hard time sympathizing with those who aren't as lucky. It's weird to have it be light but snowing @ 7pm, but I'll take it. Light is good.

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