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Runagogo ReduxMarch 21, 2007

We're gonna do it again, over at Runagogo.com. We're going to move 100 miles in three months, starting April 1st. It's a reasonable amount, not hard to do, just a little more than a mile a day, but if I don't push myself, I won't get there at all, so I need the push. How 'bout you?

And now, to celebrate, we have SWAG!


Yes, it's the new Runagogo Store. And I'm happy to say that Cafepress has added plus-sized tee-shirts to their line, because, please, NO ONE I KNOW can wear their Jr. Medium size, not even my little pocket vegan friends.

Also, I'm gonna be running around Lake Merritt in Oakland on Saturday, March 31st. It will hopefully be my 100th mile, because I'm gonna JUST cross that finish line (shin splints bothering me again). Wanna run with me? With a little knit-out after that? You can finish the 1st quarter challenge or start the new one! Come on..... 


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Hey, Rachel! I didn't sign up for the Run-a-gogo, but I have kept track of my bicycling/walking/elliptical distances and I've already managed to clock 324 miles. I never paid any attention to distance before your challenge came up. ;-)


is it just me, or does that say run/walk/bike/swin instead of swim? perhaps it is the angle, but it really looks like swin.

That's such a cute idea! And you know I only ask this out of love, but is that last word "swin" in the R2 row?

Hee! Wendy and I owe each other Cokes!

There's an article in the current issue of Runner's World (the one with a mostly blue cover, and 2 different models, depending on where you purchase it) that has info about taking care of your shins. Don't know if there would be any new info for you, but it's worth a looksee!

*sigh* How much do I wish I was going to be in Oakland next weekend? I will be running next Saturday too, finishing up my 100th mile, but probably all by myself...

Ooooh, cool swag! I'm so going to order a hoodie and sign up for the next 100 miles!

So, does the $$ from the shop go to some cool charity???

Thanks for doing this again Rachel, you totally rock!

I totally bagged on the first go round, but now the weather's nicer I should damn well try this again. And I got a pretty red Nano recently to I can download walking programs to keep me going on pace. May need some swag too.

Wish I could be in Oakland for race day, darlin'.

ok i'm going to try to make it this time, but i'm not going to further humiliate myself by posting about it this time.

with all this running and writing when will i have time to knit! i'm in!

Love the swag, Rachel!

I'd love to join you in Oakland, though I'll be walking not running! And of course I'll be knitting. I've put it in my calendar - just say when and exactly where and I'll see you then (assuming hubby lets me use his GPS - if not, who knows where I'll end up).

Rachael, you totally rock! And I love the swag.

Oh that bag is AWESOME!!!

Oh, this is inspired. I just LOVE that "...until desired measurements are reached." FABULOUS!! I'm going to buy one and wear it in the 10k next weekend!

I made it snow yesterday, 'cause I biked round trip to work on Monday. By the time I was pedaling home, it was raining enough to soak me through, and then it turned to snow. Ah, spring at 48 North...

I'll be running with you in spirit as I walk my dog on our 100th plus miles. Thanks so much!!

Hey, cool!! It'll be perfect timing, as I somehow got myself on the hook for a 10k over Mem Day and I want to run a half-marathon in September.

Oh, yay! Because I totally punked out on the January - April round.

Oh, yay! Because I totally punked out on the January - April round.

Hey, I'll follow you around Lake Merritt for your victory lap on 3/31!

And I'm in for the April 1-July 1 challenge. I'm doing a 10K on April 22; I'll be walking most of it...

Oh, this is going to be a wonderful treat when I reach one of my goals - either my first 5 pounds lost or my 100th mile (I think you saw, I changed my goal date to May 1st).

And thanks for offering the woman-shaped, human-sized tee shirts.

You go girl!!! Break that 100!!
Cheering you on from China!

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