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Yarn Sale! March 28, 2007

If you come on Saturday to the Knit-Out (see below), Christina at Article Pract has said that anyone who says they're "a friend of Rachael" that afternoon will get 15% off everything but books. Kind of like a friend of Dorothy, only yarn-ier (and less gay).

Also, they're having a Dulaan knit-in on Sunday, if you're looking for more knittin' in public goodness.

That is all. As you were.


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More like a friend of Bill W. than a friend of Dorothy, seeing as how we're all yarn addicts. Hee

"Yarnier, and less gay."

Really, there's a t-shirt in there somewhere! Wouldn't THAT keep the Muggles guessing....

Less gay?

I don't know if I want to be your less-gay friend. Is that even possible?

I think I'll do my run here, but I will join you for knitting in a bit!

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