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YAY! March 31, 2007

I did it!

On this lovely, warm afternoon, I made it to 100 miles! I did it this afternoon, and you can read a bit about it HERE, but I did it.

I'm glad. And proud. A really great feeling, isn't it? To accomplish something, anything, is a great feeling.

And then to follow it with a knit-out is even better! A good little whack of knitters showed up -- and the cafe we always knit at was CLOSING at 3pm, so we moved it down the street (but some moron stole the first notice I pinned up, so I hope everyone found us that wanted to).



And Celia brought her AMAZING sock-leftover baby blanket that is almost done -- isn't it gorgeous?


And Writeagogo starts fer REELZ tomorrow, but for those of you writing with me, I'll start when I get back from my trip up the coast. We're going up to Mendocino tomorrow for one night, to celebrate our one-year anniversary. One year! I mean, really. I know time flies, but it really DOES feel like just yesterday we were getting hitched. Twice in three days. Man.

Marriage is really good stuff.



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Happy anniversary!!! Man, what a year... Good for you! You look fantastic and happy.

One year? Seriously? I would have said three or four months, tops. I remember reading the posts about your wedding(s) and it doesn't feel like a year ago. I guess we're all getting old :-).

Anyway, happy anniversary! You two are such a cute couple.

Congratulations to a year! And again, I'm so proud of you for making your goal. It's because of you that allllllll of these people are moving their asses!

good googly moogly - a year already? holy cow - you two are as adorable as ever and I hope the honeymoon lasts you several lifetimes :)

and congrats on the 100 mile marker, if i ever get my surgery one of my first goals is a 5k, maybe i can run-a-go-go next year!!

Big congrats on the anniversary! It's 2 years in June for me and the hubby, and I agree it seems like the time has gone by in a flash. Being married is the coolest....
Good going on the 100 mi. as well! I kind of fell apart and stopped keeping track myself, oh well. Time to start over tomorrow, eh?

Thanks, Rachael, for a great day. I so enjoyed meeting you, your inlaws and all of your fabulous knitting friends. (And, yes people, Celia's baby blanket is as awesome as it looks. Maybe even more awesome, if that's possible.)

Congratulations to you and Lara on the eve of your anniversary. Have a great time in Mendocino ... I recommend a romantic dinner at the Moosse Cafe if you don't already have reservations somewhere else.

Thanks again. I look forward to the next gathering!

A year??? No WAY!! Man, time flies. Congratulations you two!!

And good for you makin the 100 miles, being the hostess and all!! :D

Holy crap, I can't believe that was a year ago already! Congratulations, you two. :)

Mandy & Zak

Congrats on 100 miles, and Happy Anniversary! Both things to be SO proud of! Looks like fun at the knit-out. Have a great day!

Congratulations on 100 miles, Rachael! And thank you for starting this. I made it, too, and it feels good.
Happy Anniversary!

Best wishes to you and Lala on your anniversary! And I knew you could do the 100 miles. On to 100 more!

Happy Anniversary!! (It does not seem like a year!)

Congratulations on 100 miles!!

Congrats on both Runagogo and your anniversary! My husband and I spent the first night of our honeymoon in Mendocino--very special memories!

Happy Aniversary.

Congrats on the anniversary and the mileage! :-) Where did you end up moving the knitout to? (I live in the same general Oakland area and I need a new cafe to put into the rotation!)

Happy Anniversary! (You're right--it doesn't seem like a year...crazy.)

Happy Anniversary! How wonderful! It seems like the wedding was just a few months ago. Wow.

I tried to make the knit up yesterday but got stuck in hideous traffic. I was pissed! I promise to make the next one.

Have a great celebration!

Happy anniversary! :0)


A year. Oh my. A whole year. My heart is full for you two. Congratulations. Love rules. (Next time you make it further up the coast to Seattle, drop me a line- we moved back here from Virginia last week.)

Hope your time away was lovely.

happy anniversary!


happy anniversary you two! how has it really been a year already!?!? wow. I hope they all will find you both as happy as you are right now!

HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the both of you! I hope that you have had/are having a wonderful time up in Mendocino!!!!!!

It's been a year already?? Holy mother of purl...

Happy anniversary, and may y'all have many more healthy, happy years together! Hooray marriage!

Marriage really is something wonderful. :)

Happy 100 and 1! That is the awesomest!

Congrats on the 100 miles and the anniversary! That sounds awesome.

I need to start up on writing again as well. Damn.. ever since I finished my outline it seems like I can't move an inch on it.

Happy anniversary!! Mwah!

Happy Anniversary!!! I wish for many, many, many more anniversaries. Mwah!

Happy Anniversary!

And Waah! I got to the end of the day Saturday, and thought, Oh man, was TODAY that day? Argh! Sorry I missed everyone.

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