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Chickami Madness! April 10, 2007

New Class at Knit-One-One!


You all probably know how much I love the Fabulous Bonne-Marie's pattern, Chickami. Welp, now I'm teaching a class on it. Dress it up or down as much as you life: we'll work through designing your own. Add a lace panel? Why not? How 'bout some cables? Learn to cable without a needle? Okay! Bring 500-1000 yards of your favorite DK-to-worsted weight yarn (cotton is good for summer, Rowan Calmer is dreamy), a 24inch circular needle that allows you to get 5st/inch in YOUR GAUGE, and you're good to go.

I had to whip up this sample version this week, since the old pictures of me workin' this tank show me with some crazy old haircuts. (Back to dark -- I like this new haircolor (Loreal Feria 51) much better.)

And oh, my god, I'm in love (again) with Rowan Calmer. This stuff is all right for lace, but PERFECT for cables.




I think you should totally take the class with me. But if you don't live here, then you should go buy the pattern, if you haven't already, and then throw in your own touches. And then tell me about what you did with it!



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So cute- loving that cable!

Awesome! Love the colour, the fit and the yarny goodness.

It looks absolutely amazing on you. Must.buy.pattern.and.knit.for.myself!

Hot, baby. Hot indeed.

I sure wish I lived closer... that looks like fun!

Unbelieveable! How can you look so adorable when you clearly never sleep in order to accomplish all the things you do!

So cute! I have the beginnings of a lightly cabled tank in my lap as I type and this just makes me want to knit even faster on it.

This one is from VK S/S 02, pattern 7, and it has 3/3 cables in the bottom rib, with two travelling up the centre front and back.

It predates many blogs, so it's not very well blogged, but it's cute and simple. Here's one:


Whoa, hottie!

Where's the wolf whistle smiley when you need one?

Great cable work! I wish I could take your class, I'm so impressed.

Great cable work! I wish I could take your class, I'm so impressed.

I Love that pattern and I can't wait until I fit into clothes like that!! woohooo, you look mahvelous!!

wish i lived closer and I'd take your class!!

Hey, didn't we buy green yarn for this? Am I totally losing my mind?

I so want to take the class with you...damn living in So Cal. You are rocking in the pics and loving the cables.

Woman, that red hair is so gorgeous on you! You look fantastic in the cami- I love that color on you, too. Haven't done the Chickami yet, but I'll have to wait until the bambino/a arrives. Halfway through pregnancy = not a good time to try to knit something for myself.

Hot spit woman! You look amazing in that top.

Have a great time teaching the class. And, Calmer is dreamy, dreamy stuff.

Those cables are really cool! They're beyond cool. They're cooler than cool. Cool.

Gawjus! Looks great and I love the cable addition. I don't live anywhwere near you, but I do think I have that pattern.

OK, I need to break down and buy that pattern already!
I'd love to take the class, too, but unfortunately the timing is poor...

Oooh girl! You look GOOD!

Just throw that in an envelope and send it to me okay? Please?

How cute are you? SO damn cute.

(GAWK convergence, 2008 yo) MWAH!

damn that new tank makes your rack look huge, holy heck! btw, if i can make it to your neck of the woods this summer, will you show me around? i'm trying to take a road trip, and i want to meet as many of the lovely bloggin' knitters as possible! you're tops on my list ;)

Your top is gorgeous. I love the colour and the way the cables go.

You look so cute in that tank! I would love to take your class if only Sunnyvale was closer to Oakland. I would have to leave at a ridiculous time to get to your neck of the woods in time! I will just have to admire your cute pics in your lovely tank from afar! :)

Love the hair color.
Love the Cami.
You're just so darn cute!

You are so CUTE! And that is the hair color I think of when I think of you. I'm remembering my first encounter with Calmer three years ago when you were working on the lacy blue cardi here. And about to pick up the CeCe (because BMB indeed rocks) I started in it last August ~

Lookin' sexy there Rachael. I love calmer, never thought of a chickami in it.

seriously dude - best chickami ive ever seen. you go yarnagogo. i am directing BM over here to see your chickami goodness.

There's a mistake in the cable...this is unacceptable. Really, now.

Just teasing you. It's awesome that you can just whip that up. :) I'd take your class if I still lived in the bay area.

Damn! That is a hot sweater!

It,s an nice topje what you have made.
And I know now ,what i did wrong.
I cant explain what I have forget.

Een hartelijke groet uit Holland
uit de provincie Friesland.

You rock the ChicKami like no other. I'm finishing up my second one, in a shimmery ribbon yarn, (but mine are plain stockinette.) Great basic shape + your mad skillz = one fine cami!

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