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Schmittens! April 26, 2007

   I is snoozin.

First, THANK YOU for your lovely, wonderful comments about Digit. A lot of them made me laugh, and some of them made me cry. The image of the limping coyote will always be with me (I saw one this morning on my way to work, just around the corner from the house, and I checked his legs for limps -- he was fine, so he wasn't The One). Your comments meant the world to me, thank you.

But you want more pictures, right? That's why you're really here. That's why I would be.

Because I'm working a lot this week, and possibly all this weekend, and the kittens couldn't come home with me until the night before I started back to work, I wanted a safe, secure place for them to be when we weren't home. I wasn't about to leave the two kittens with either: 1- our three curious dogs (although I'm sure Clara would have them reading Tolstoy by the afternoon), or 2- my yarn room.

So I bought a big ole crate in which to make this little nest, where they'll stay for the next week or so while we're not home and they get JUST a bit bigger and more confident:


Yes, people, that is a cashmere sweater inside the carrier. A cashmere sweater that Clara ate the sleeve from, but cashmere, nonetheless. A wool sweater that suffered the same fate is next to it, then a bit of carpet, and their litter box (they're very well trained) and their food and water.

But the part I like it best is the hanging scratcher you can't really see that I hung in the back, so they can climb, and that weird hammock looking thing hanging from the top. It was an impulse buy -- I found it in the hamster section of the pet-product store -- and it's awesome. This is what they do A LOT:


There are two kittens in that picture. One is just sleeping and smushed.



This is Willie Joe. Willie for Shakespeare (rescued on WS's birth and death day), and Joe for the Race That Knows Joseph (an Anne of Green Gables-ism for kindred spirits). He's a little more timid, and will always have bed-head, I think. He's not officially long-haired -- he just has SOME long-hairs.


This is _______________ . Lala, being the best wife ever, let me bring home TWO kittens on a day we hadn't even planned on getting one, so she gets to name this one. You can give her ideas, but please, for the love of god, let them be good ones. I didn't know I would be a control freak about the name, but apparently I have strong opinions about it.


Willie, chillin'



See how fluffy Willie is? And No-Name (Lala? Noname? Like the sushi?) is just a big spaz -- confident and a little purrbox. I have yet to get Willie to purr. It's my goal. I love them.

In other news, last night it is reported that I said in my sleep, "They were just spiteful Canadians, anyway." THAT IS SO FUNNY TO ME. I love sleep-talkers, and I love the fact that I am one, sometimes, and HELLO! There ARE no spiteful Canadians, so I'm proud of my sleep creativity!


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Oh, the kitten pictures made my heart go *squish*. They look adorable.

April 23 is also Roy Orbison's birthday . . . Or how about Wayfarer after the dark glasses. Which could be shortened to Waif which is very charming. Oh, we Canadians are just full of bright ideas; leaving little room for spite.

It's a no-brainer. You know I think I the second cat should be named Joaquin Miller. (Er, although you failed to tell us the gender of the darling thing.)

It's a no-brainer. You know I think I the second cat should be named Joaquin Miller. (Er, although you failed to tell us the gender of the darling thing.)

Kittens! Is there anything better?

We have a saying in our house that a "kitten" is actually a unit of cuteness. So, something could be 27 kittens cute. Or 2,000.

I am very sorry for Digit.
But I am glad that you have two kittens.
They are sooo cute and also they look good on you(beautiful earings). ^^

I am sorry for your loss of Digit. We just lost our favorite bunny yesterday and it is a bit of a hole in our hearts. Those kittens are absolutely adorable and I know you and Lala will provide a loving home for them!

Yeah for the Canadians! Thanks. :)

I suggest you could find a name that reminds you of Digit for the second kitty. As an in memoriam.

Awwwwww and awwwwwwww again because there are two kittens! Sorry about the loss of Digit...I can't even imagine. I think these two will keep you busy! Spiteful Canadians? Yes, yes, there are a few but the majority of us Canadians aren't spiteful...so maybe you dreamt about the only few that do live here...LOL

OMG they are the cutest! I wonder if Ray would notice if I just smuggled in a couple of cuties like that? :O

They're so cute--congratulations on the little ones. I'm so glad you adopted them as a pair cuz it's so nice when little siblings can stay together.

The unnamed one looks rather like a cat I took care of for a while...his name was Speedy. As in Speedy Gonzales. The name totally fit :-)

Must get kid tested for allergies. Must. I want cats.

Rachel, they are adorable! And a beautiful tribut to Digit. He would approve heartily! May I respectfully suggest Nightshade? I've always wanted to name a black cat that. Momma Kitty has not emerged from hiding in the barn yet, but Poppa came up to the house for a nibble and cuddle last night!

Sorry to hear about Digit. We have a Willie-cat that just insists on being an outside cat, too. We'd have to valium him up (and me too, probably) if we wanted to keep him indoors. We finally gave up after he tore holes in all our screen doors. I love the thought of the limping coyote.

How about Earl? Except if she's a girl cat, then maybe Earla?

Cutest Earrings Ever!
Um, do you think it's a good idea to teach the little kitties that cashmere and sweaters are kitty beds? I was nervous seeing their pen right in front of your stash. It's like if I could see a yarn store from the freeway on my way to work, eventually I would get off the freeway, call in sick, find that store, and go berserk.
Spiteful Canadians! hahahahahaha
I sometimes laugh in my sleep (I crack myself up), my husband used to wake me up to ask what was so funny and of course it was NEVER even remotely funny awake. So, I told him to stop waking me up, because obviously *I* was having a good time, even if it did wake him up. :)

oh they are so cute and furry. i love kittens.

Smitty? Uh, Polar Bear? Monkey?

I've picked out two doggie names if I ever get a dog, I'll let you use them if you'd like though: Raymonde (said in froofy voice) or Vindaloo (because it's delicious).

Orlando? Bobby Sue? I am bad with names. They are unbearably cute!

Happy sigh. I love kittens. I got my wee Alfie (short for Alfred, Bruce Wayne's butler. Yes, my son loves Batman. A Lot) this January when he was 4 months old. Best snuggler in the universe with a purr on him you wouldn't believe. And wholly and entirely mine in a way no other cat has ever been.

I'm not gonna give Lala suggestions. I'm more interested to see what a woman who can declare she's feared by fish can come up with.

Spiteful Canadians? Yeah, they exist. When ebay and etsy sellers claim that they don't ship to Canada -- seriously, WTF! -- you get some pretty ticked off Canucks.

OMFG those toes in the first pic are just begging to be nibbled! BEGGING.

I vote "Banjo."

Awwwwwww! What cute widdle kitties!

Since you have a Willie Shapespeare, how about a Tommy Middleton?

So sorry for your loss. My two kitties send their love and say hello to those two adorable bundles of joy. The kittens are so cute.

They are darling! The one with no name yet looks just like my Kirby looked when she was that age.

Hi, I'm a new reader, and my heart broke reading about Digit, but soared seeing the two rescued cuties. Willie and ___ are awfully adorable, and lucky to have their cashmere-lined, hammock-fitted, lots of love home! Please keep sharing photos!

Sometimes I really wish the internet had "touch-screen" capabilities so I could pet things online (yarn, pretty kitties), but I just KNOW that would be abused in so many disgusting ways. Eww. Love the earrings, though.

And, my oldest daughter is quite the sleep talker. She comes up with all sorts of things. One night, she hummed the entire theme song of her favorite show. My son comes out with an occasional good comment in his sleep too. That's one of the best things about having kids. There are few things as sweet as listening to a kid laugh in their sleep.

Dying of cuteness over here - what great personalities your new boys have. When I got my two cats (as kittens) one of them just would not purr, and now she turns on the motor as soon as I even look like I might be thinking about petting her. And she's -loud-. I hope Willie turns into a big ol' purrmonster!

How about Bobby McGee?

PS...it took me about a year for our little black kitten to come out of her shell, but now she has the loudest purr in the house, and will talk your ear off if her dinner is late. Give him time and space, and it will happen.

Super duper adorable kittens! My mom had a black cat named Harry (Harrison). He was very spazzy too!

Oh, I must invite myself over for a double dose of kitten love. And do they like yarn?

ohhhhhh the kittens! SO CUTE. The one your wife is going to name looks like a little fox, with his humongous ears and pointy nose. They are so precious.

My father talks in his sleep. He says really scary things, though. And somehow he speaks flawless English when he sleep-talks, too! Not that his English is bad, but normally, he has a slight accent. Absolutely no accent in the sleep talk! Also, sometimes he has a British accent, also flawless. It's very creepy.

how about a ninja name, like "Happy Destroyer," or "Kamikaze Swami"? "Black Cloud of Destruction"? I will think of some better ones.

I love black cats. Their personalities are so different than the rest of the other felines. My kitties are Earl and Enloe. I wanted to name them Sweet N' Low .. but the sweet wasn't working but the Enloe stuck.

I'm a big talker in my sleep and apparently whoever gets to share a room with me on vacations get a thrill. I chirp like a bird, I cry, I laugh, I say mean things like "I can't stand that bitch" and tend I hold my arm straight up in the air like I'm wanting to ask a question.

I love that photo you posted of Digit. Such a sweet face.

My Mom has two cats, one is named OhNo. Which stands for "oh no not another d*** cat". And OhMy which means " oh my not another f***ing cat". Which leaves OhDear available for use if you'd like.

My husband once rolled over in the miffle of the night and said, very clearly, "I'm sorry about the penguins".
My laughter woke him up.

Earl Scruggs. That's my vote. Got to be some kind of music/banjo/bluegrass name. You're the writer, Lala the musician, so she should, you know, represent.

You couldn't possibly have said "spiteful Canadians" -- perhaps it just sounded like that. But it was really ... um, OK, nothing else sounds like that. Anyway, *kittens*!! Ohmygoodness, I want two kittens NOW. And I'd name one of them Rosie.

each spring i help out a local shelter by taking in the too-young-to-be-adopted kittens and it's one of the greatest joys in my life! i'm getting my first "shipment" next week :) there is nothing cooler than a kitten in the house, and your crate set-up just looks like HEAVEN for the little fuzz balls.

i had one boy who was mr. permanent bed head. out of NO where, he dropped all of his fur in like one weekend and now has the sleekest, shortest shiniest hair. he's beautiful :)

best of luck with your new friends! hope the other creatures of the house (your dog, your wife, you know) have a blast along with you. one pet can never replace another, but they'll damn sure try, and win their own place within your heart.

they are just adorable ...they will have a happily pampered life.

There is nothing wrong with waiting for a week or two while you two check out the temperment and quirks of the yet-un-named kitten (male or female??) Let the universe help. You two will know when the name makes itself known. Absolutely beautiful new babies for you both! Little puddums.

I. Want. Your. Cats. Period. Not bothered about the names really, just WANT them both!!!! x

Gah! Kittens! They are the cutest things!!! Mr. Noname is going to be serious trouble, in the best way possible, of course. :) And Willie Joe is utterly adorable.

The kits are so adorable it hurts! What about Charlie Parker for ________ maybe? Or if it's a girl, Billie Holliday?

I'm keeping my eyes on ...Fish Fear Me for hints at possible names. I'm a name freak and am very impressed that you have given up a naming opportunity. Quite big of you. As for sleeptalkers, as someone who sleeps with one I must say although it must be rad to know you are one, sleeping with one REALLY rules. the constant laffs! It's nonstop what comes out in folks' sleep, I look forward to easy entertainment every night. So Lala and I can do a cheers on that next time we hang out. Hearts to you!

Congrats on your new fur babies! They are SO cute. I have two black cats, but my "baby" is already 11 months old. Waaaah!

Uh oh, you know how silly Lala gets after looking at kitten pictures.

I can't think of a good name at the moment. What gender are we working with?

I have two black cats and I lvoe them to pieces... one is name Friday for the 13th and the other is boo due to a Halloween theme...

How about Spaz... I always think its appropriate for cats!

They couldn't be any cuter! Here's hoping that your lady comes up with a good name!

Awww, thanks for the cute pictures.

So sorry to hear about Digit. The cat of my heart was diagnosed with cancer last week, and while the vet thinks he got it, it was in a bad place so we are now living with cancer. I am dreading that last day in a way that only those who have been truly touched by a four legged beastie can understand.

The kittens are adorable. And since you have already used the best name for a black cat ever (Joe is my black boy, the one with cancer), I give you the second best name for a black cat ever: Disraeli. Disraeli was the name of the black cat I had when I was three, who my mom had to give away when my allergies got too bad. And she was a girl, so the name works for either gender.

Enjoy your new little ones, and know that somewhere, Digit is also watching them and the joy they're giving you.


You've already gotten some great suggestions for names. I esp. like the suggestion of Earl.

I am so laughing at your sleep-talking statement. I've never met a Canadian I didn't like, so it's hard to imagine a spiteful one!

Your kitty Digit reminds me of my Mom's cat Sam. Very independent but a sweetheart too. He's old now but still thinks he's the great outdoor hunter. Digit sounds like he was one very happy cat with you. The two kittens are adorable. Best of luck!

Congratulations on the new kitties. I've always had indoor kitties. The advantage to indoor kitties is that they can't/don't wander off/get lost/ get hit by cars/get hurt, etc.

How about calling the no-name one "Spot"? He's completely covered by one big spot.

Oh my gosh - SO CUTE!!!! You guys are going to have so MUCH fun! What's even more fun is that when you get them this early in their lives, they are socialized with other pets and humans.

Reminds me of my two. I rescued them on a farm when they were 3 weeks old - their mom had been run over by a car. They had to be bottle fed for a couple of days. We took the "runt" who was full of curiousity and her timid brother. They were so small, we had to keep them in an extra bedroom during the day while we were at work because they could have easily gotten into the furnace and return air ducts in our house. They are so social (after we had every 5-10 year old girl in the neighbohood coming to our house everyday asking if they could play with the kittens). They act more like dogs - greeting everyone at the door, not liking to be alone for very long, etc. Luckily the other two kittens in the litter were also adopted.

Congrats and have fun!!

I've always wanted a pet named Milo. Unfortunately, the only boy kitty I've ever had came pre-named - although his nime is Simon, and that's a pretty good name,too.

When you first posted the kitten's pics from the shelter, it was clear one looked like T-rouble and the other a bit bashful. For some reason that led me to call them Puck & Magoo. Kira and I though we'd get a pair someday and name them Nimitz and Hegenberger. I'm sure La will come up with something fitting, but you can't use Cat because it's taken.

He looks like a Max.

Well seeing how the little monkey is so confident...I vote for Leonard Cohen...I'm reading a lot of Cohen lately, novels, poetry and listening to his music.
He can be serious,romantic to a fault, quirky , and funny...good name for a cat.
Leonard,Leo, Lion
And he's Canadian

Hi Rachel,
it has been so long since i've last written and i'm so sorry about that.. i also haven't even been lurking.. no computer at home can do that to a person.. ugh.. anyway just wanted to give you a heads up since i moved out west from nyc (harlem) i've grown to love the phoenix area very very much.. and found a ton of knitting friends.. and to top it all off.. i'm up for a job in the Chandler police office as a 911 / dispatcher.. fingers crossed just a few more things to get thru.. hoops i mean.. haha.. and it should only be another 6 weeks or so.. have thought of you often and congrats.. wowo one year already.. that is amazing.. congrats to you and LaLa :-) karola

I am allergic to cats, so I can't have any. I am very very jealous because I would love to snuggle one!

Kitten sugar!! Whee!!

My sister is a sleep-talker and when we were kids she once woke me up saying "I am thanking the Masai." Never could explain it.

Just got back from a long weekend away and catching up so you may have a name picked out already -but I LIKE noname - but was laughing you think sushi and I think like Famous Amis cookies...

Reminds me of my little guy named Weed. Went by way of a coyote too. Long ago and still sad. So sorry for you.
Now, little kitten, how about c-a-t, spell it out so it sounds like seeaytee or Dewd, with the killer surfer accent? Totally....

Oh, how sweet! You fixed up a mighty fine lil' covey there for them. I think Gil (as in Gilbert)would be a good name for no name.

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