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Oakland RoolzApril 8, 2007

It's Easter night and I worked 12 hours and Lala is cooking Thai spicy curry with tofu and green onions and squash and all sorts of other good things.

A moment ago, I was sitting on the deck with a glass of wine, and ohmygod, I could hear a fiesta with a real, live, full mariachi band. It wasn't your two-guitar-one-trumpet combo -- no, this band had at least three trumpets, and maybe twelve other pieces, as well as the four male singers in high harmony, with the listeners ai-yi-yi-ing in ALL the right places.

They're still out there, I think, and dinner is almost ready, so I'm going back out to the back porch, but I had to tell you about it, because I adore you just that much. What a gorgeous night.


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sounds perfect other than the work 12 hour thing :D

Wow... I wish I could hear that. :)

Had to stop by and wish you a happy telecommunicator week. Keep up the good work.

Don'tcha just heart Oakland? I sure do. =) Our neighbors party out front every weekend, and they are so much fun to overhear. Kids running around, music booming, cerveza disappearing rapidly. Good times.

oh how fun, a mexican serenade for indian food! oakland sounds like a fun place to be :)

Stop, you're hurting me! I'm an east bay exile, living in Poughkeepsie, NY, where winter just won't quit. After all the weird ups and downs of the winter, the groundhog who thought we'd have an early spring understandably got it wrong and the last couple of weeks, snow keeps threatening to show up, and sometimes it even does.

We've corresponded before about the Mills campus (I did my BA there), and last week I got the sad news about the big blue gum eucalyptus trees on Kapiolani Road finally being slated for the axe because they're so dangerous and unpredictable. I was impressed by the thoughtfulness of Pres. Holmgren's letter, and not surprised but proud of my alma mater for holding a ceremony to commemorate the passing of these beauties.

I wish I could be there to feel the sun, hear the mariachi band, and say goodbye to those grand trees. The only consolation I can think of at the moment is Rhinebeck right up the road, but it's a long time until October. Oh yeah, and MetroNorth to NYC. That's not a bad thing. But Oakland is special, indeed.

That sounds really wonderful. Every now and then, someone plays Um Kalthoum a little too loud and we get her wailing through our windows, but a whole mariachi fiesta sounds pretty fantastic.

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