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Sheep PoodlesApril 26, 2007

Why doesn't THIS happen to me?


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Perhaps because you know that dogs don't go 'baa'?

OMG! How can people be so ignorant!
Although, I wouldn't mind a sheep or Alpaca in my back yard. How are the new boys?

Maybe also because your neighbors would recognize the difference between a sheep and a poodle?

That's hilarious! Although how stupid do you have to be not to realize it's not a dog?

Sorry, I cannot buy this story -- "thousand" of people bought them??

Hey, I have a poodle, I mean, a sheep. er, yeah.
Wanna buy a black sheep named George who comes when you call?

(and a belated happy anniversary, I say poodle-ishly)

Because you're not an attention seeking actress type with no chance of Richard Gere coming over to maul her in public?

I think that's the best way I've heard to get sheep into a no-agricultural area.

So, I think my scam to sell turtles as rhinos won't work now...Great link, thanks!

Haa haa haaa, that is great!

I almost wish that story were true...but it's not. Not that I wish thousands of people had been scammed, but I like the idea that there's some sort of sheep rebellion going on and they're infiltrating the country disguised as house pets.

Wait, that's not true? I posted about this same story!


I figured it was a hoax. But it's still funny!

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