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BleargMay 9, 2007

Oh, my god, am I sick. This is sick like when you were a kid sick. I've had a fever hovering around 101.5 for the past two days and my throat is so sore it hurts to breathe. I've had my share of strep throats, chronic for most of my life until I got my tonsils out at 30, and this is all of that rolled into one big ball of fever-pain.

Wanna know the worst part? I was supposed to start teaching my knitting class last night, and there was no way. I could barely whisper, and I couldn't stand up without going into a flop sweat and then collapsing into shivers, and I HATE LETTING PEOPLE DOWN. I know everyone does, that's the sign of a responsible person, but it seems to go further than that with me, moving into some obsessive-compulsive Type-A madness. No, I can go! I'll dose up on medicine! I'll fake it! They'll never know! I must handle my business, sickness bedamned! I made myself sicker worrying about  this class, I think.

But Sile, the owner of knit-one-one, came to the rescue. She found a sub for me (thank you, thank you, Kate). And not only that, but she drove over to my house and picked up my class supplies, and then she also left me a care package. A care package! How is THAT for forgiveness? A little juice, a muffin, some tea, a Ready Made mag, Baby Catcher (the very book I'd been eyeing just a few nights ago in the bookstore), some Jolly Ranchers.

That kind of thoughtfulness and care made a person like me (STRESSED beyond belief by letting people down) finally be able to relax and sleep. Which is what I'm planning on doing today. And probably the next couple of days, too. Thank you, dear Sile.

(Oh! Before I forget AGAIN, Lala named the other kitten Waylon. Which was appropriate, since when I found him, he was wailin'. So we have Waylon, for the music, and Willie for the writing. She says it's Willie like Nelson, but I know it's Willie like Shakespeare, and so do you. Although it does reference a Waylon Jennings song he sings with Willie Nelson, in which they sing about themselves, "Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas, Waylon and Willie and the boys, this successful life we're living got us fueding like the Hatfields and McCoys." That's more information than you wanted? Waylon and Willie are doing well, and the dogs are getting used to them. Waylon already wants to play with Clara's big nose.)


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Bleh. I hope you feel better soon.

glad to hear you are resting. if you're that badly sick you need all the help you can get!
Kate texted me and told me what was going on and leave it to Sile to find a quick solution to a problem--really, Kate and Sile are the Dynamic Duo aren't they?
:o)snuggle up to a furry one today and give them some xoxo in between naps.

awww, sweetie! I wish I were there to give you a hug. Well, an air hug. Take care of yourself. When I look back at big mistakes I've made in my life, they all stem from an oversized sense of responsibility in these types of situations. You did the right thing.

I'm so sorry you're so sick. The good thing about horrible sick while a kid, is Mom on duty. I miss mine most when I'm feeling yucky. Good on Sile!

Repeat after me: I can't take care of anybody else if I don't take care of me.

Good for teaching, dograising, saving lives, etc.

May good health be with you soon.

I hope you feel better soon! Being sick as an adult really sucks. I understand exactly where you're coming from on the type-A thing, though. Last October I got the too-wonderful-to-believe-job-of-my-dreams and two months later, I was off for ten days for the holidays and got SICK (sick sick, not cold sick) my last day off. I (mentally) COULDN'T call in sick the first day after a vacation at my nearly brand-new job, so I rolled my carcass in to work for about an hour, then finally broke down and went back home. Just made myself sicker. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I'm glad you were smarter than me! Rest up and get well.

I do that thing, too...the bit where I tell people that I can certainly keep my commitment even if I'm sick, and I can buck up and do it, yadda yadda...
Until someone reminds me that they really don't want me to do that, because they don't want me around germing them up LOL.

I think it is awesome that you were delivered that care package!

Hope you feel better soon!

So sorry to hear you are ill and I hope you feel better soon. I prescribe one kitten for you in the morning and one before bed. Pet gently and snorgle the belly.

PS. I love the names!

feel better soon!

Sorry you're sick! Feel better soon! Chicken soup; I highly recommend it!

Sorry you don't feel well. Sounds like this calls for plenty of fluids and "nuggles" (our son's baby word for snuggling) with Lala and furry creatures!

That puts my little cold into perspective. Although I did move beds last night to stop the coughing keeping both of us awake!

Get well. Always most important. It's the only way to stop things hanging around for ages. (Says I, having stood around in a windswept field for 2 days when I really should have been in bed... D'oh!)

Hope you get better!

We're here for long distance cuddles and home remedies (remember to try a salt gargle for throat pain). Course, we also make historical note of the fact that your Uncle Jack and your dad after him had their tonsils out twice...

sorry, thats worse than the salt gargle, ain't it.

Love anyway,


Aw, when my husband and I first started dating his family had two huge borzois named Willie and Waylon. Great dogs.

Feel better soon!

Baby Catcher looks like fun, I'll have to check it out.

Feel better soon!

Thanks for the link to knit one one. How cool is that?!

Oh feel better babe!

Hope you feel better soon. I hear from a dear friend that Sile is a sweetheart. That was a great care package she left for you.

aww! Hope you feel loads better really soon.

Sorry to hear that you're feeling sickly! Hope things are a little better now. I had that crud a couple weeks ago and it is NO fun!

Tell Lala that I'll be bringing a bunch of folks to the show in Petaluma tomorrow night (My stomping grounds!)
We'll be sure to do lots of whooping and hollering and give the Whoreshoes a good Sonoma County greeting!!

And if you're feeling better and will be there, I'm totally buying drinks!


Feel better! Love the kitty names, too.

Egad, girl! Feel better soon. I had a vicious case of strep last Nov (fever of 103 - cue Foreigner, bay-beee!) I thought I was dying. Then I was exposed again in March and got it again, but not so bad the 2nd time around.

I hope you never ever ever ever ever get it again.

I luv Wailin' Waylon - too cute! Is Willie wiley?

Just axin'

Sorry you are so sick, hope it goes away soon!

I will be thinking about the kitties everytime I drive through Luckenbach, which will give me something way better than that song to think about, hehe.


aww poor lady.

here's to a speedy recovery.

fyi, perfect kittie names. love it.

Waylon and Willie- I love it. Get well soon!

Are you feeling at all better?

OH dear sweet Rachael---thank you for all those kind words---you are totally the best. And we all want you to feel better soon-----really for YOU-- not for work, classes or other stuffxxxo

What great kitty names! Many, many years ago - long before I moved to Texas or had ever been to Luckenbach (which, frankly, is a bit of a let down except when Willie's have a picnic there) - I saw Waylon and Willie together in concert. And they were quite a pair, not unlike your kitty boys...

Get some rest, and get well soon!

i hope you are on the mend!

Oh, you poor thing! I hope you're feeling better today. And doing absolutely nothing, except maybe reading your new book. xo

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