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Friday CatchupMay 4, 2007

Courtesy of Erika, source of many, many good things,  lolcats just for ME!



And also for her, since she mocked our meltdown, shot from a moving car (I was not driving):


Yes, that was a freeway. You heard about it, right? The gasoline tanker that was supposed to be off the roads due to bad brakes, overfilled and driven by a fellow who should have also been off the road, exploded into a big fireball, taking out TWO freeways at once. (No one died, the driver caught a cab at a nearby gas station to the hospital.)

And because no one died, we ARE allowed to gape at it unashamedly. Seriously, I called EVERYONE on Sunday morning, hoping to be the one to break the news. I don't do that with tragic happenings -- I avoid phones and notifications in those cases. I won't be the one to call you and gasp, "Guess who DIED?" But this? Oh, yeah. "GUESS WHAT? THERE WAS AN EXPLOSION AND THE FREEWAY MELTED!" That's fun to share.

And to laugh at. Look at the way they stuck tape over where you can't go anywhere. Heh.


Strangely, I have this love thing with the Maze, the area in which this happened. In the Maze, there are eleven freeway choices (counting different directions) and probably fifteen flyovers and flyunders. It's gorgeous. Anyone remember when I had that freeway shot as my header on this page where the tub is now? That was part of the Maze. My sister took a black and white shot of it and gave it to me this Christmas, and it's in my room:


Isn't that purdy? And now two of those portions are undrivable -- places where I am everyday, all the time. To get to the dog park, I have to pass right by. Kind of amazing in a fun, terrible, no-one-died kind of way.

And right next to that picture? Another sorry sight:


My yarn. Packed away into bags. The schmittens are living in this room as they grow big enough to play rough with the dogs unsupervised. Until that point, they'll be in here when we're not home. A veritable kitten wonderland, wouldn't you say? But no yarn for kittens, no! Kittens that squish brothers!


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Love the kitties!

I showed my brother that kitten pic and he cracked up! You know, the one on the bottom is probably toughening up pretty fast this way--he might be ready to play with the dogs sooner than you think. :)

I love your kittens. The unnamed one looks (and sounds) like my cat, who's now a big ol' 14-pounder currently on a bit of a diet. The boys in the hammock just tickles me.

Does the brother squisher have a name yet?

Rachel, if you like highways check this one out in Toronto:


This is one of the few 4 level interchanges in the world. It is not far from where I work, and I have driven it many times!

I think you love the Maze because you know the way through it. I am never over there so I get freaked out by it (and one time messed up on the way through and had to pay the bridge toll and go out to Treasure Island and turn around).
I got a number of calls from people around the country wondering if the collapse would affect MY commute... from the south bay to Daly City. Um, no.

Freeways are so futuristic and cool! Vancouver has none, so I always feel like I'm in Tomorrowland when I go to Seattle.

Unreal - on the Freeway. Hadn't heard about it here in Vancouver. Love your kittens, they're cute.

Adorable pictures. And you're right, you have to love the taped up signs, lol.

I actually really miss the Maze...is that sad? I used to live in SF and had two jobs--one in Hayward, one in Berkeley, often travelling between the two in a single day, so I know the maze intimately.

Be forewarned - my two cats LOVE tearing plastic bags to shreds. I learned the hard way that this was not sufficient protection for the stash. I have to keep the yarn in containers like Rubbermaid Totes. They also figured out how to open the door to the closet where the stash is kept - but that's a whole 'nother story!

Not only do I remember that Maze banner, but I think of you every time I drive under it. (When I'm on top I generally spend time cursing the idiots who thought it would be a good idea to merge two major freeways going in opposite directions onto one freeway and have all traffic fight its way across the same middle lanes just to get to the other side in order to carry on towards their destinations. I mean, really, how lame is that!?) I need to go to a happy place now... I know, I'll think of kittens! And I love kitten 2's name! So good!

Your kittens are so cute! They look suspiciously like my kitten--except that she is really more cat, now, at 3 years old.

Also, I just moved here and the maze frightens me. Surface streets all the way!

So, is that guy or the company he works for going to be paying for the freeway rebuild, I hope!?

That is crazy about the explosion out there (and amazing that no one was really hurt) Hopefully your tax dollars will not be footing the bill.

Good luck with the kittens!

I had to hide my yarn from the kittens, too. At first they just slept in it, but one day I woke up to find yarn everywhere. I filled a lot of giant ziploc bags.

I want to know brother kitten's name too!

You think plastic bags will protect yarn from kittens? Pointy nailed little kittens? Hahahahaha

How are the dogs and kittens getting along during their supervised visits?

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