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Gettin' BetterMay 25, 2007

Apart from the whole breathing at night thing, which I'm not so good at anymore, I'm getting better everyday. Still on antiobiotics, and off to see the ear-nose-throat specialist next week. Thanks for your good wishes.

In the meantime, all is well at the Hehu house. Lala started her really new, really cool job. The dogs and cats are bonding well. Waylon, the smooth haired little kitten, is a spaz, and has very little fear. He'll walk up to Harriet and rub against her without knowing that that isn't DONE. And he's BFF with Clara, who loves him. And I'm telling you, there ain't much cuter than a small black kitten playing with a big black border collie. Clara is really gentle, even when she puts Waylon's head in her mouth. The first time she did that, I freaked. But now she does it, and then spits Waylon's head out, and then gives him punching nose-licks, and Waylon just flops on the floor and waves his paws and purrs and play-fights back.


    Waylon and Miss Idaho, a wee cuddle.

Working like crazy this week, which is where I am now, 72 hours this week, and then one 1/2 day off, and then back for another round. I'll be working the holiday, and we're on a new computer system at work, so things aren't that easy here, but at least they're interesting. All right, back to it.


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yay! Glad to hear you're doing better. Waylon is definitely a cutie :)

So it's Willie and Waylon, then? CUTE!

I don't understand how you can work with strep throat. You must be TUFF (with two Fs), that's all I can say!

So it's Willie and Waylon, then? CUTE!

I don't understand how you can work with strep throat. You must be TUFF (with two Fs), that's all I can say!

hey kid. take it as easy as you can, okay? and I'm loving your new dark brood dontcha know....

de-lurking here.

you want cute? check this out: http://www.flickr.com/photos/67828223@N00/513665389/

we rescued this kitty, Dinky, from a tree in our front yard. (all of our animals are rescues of some type or 'nother). The dog, Rene, immediately adopted her. Now Dinky follows Rene around; goes to the front door and growls if Rene does. She'll also lay there and chew on Rene's ears, muzzle, tail and Rene just looks at me mournfully and wags her tail. She also jumps in if any of the other cats give Dinky a hard time even though, nine times out of ten, Dinky starts it!

Sorry to hear about your misery. It's really awful dealing with strep. You *will* get over it though.

The best thing? Hot toddy. Works every time. It may not cure the strep but drink enough of them and you won't care!

glad to hear you're better and love hearing that waylon's such a brave one. cute cuddle pic.

That picture of Waylon and Miss Idaho is so cute! If you're working, you must be feeling at least a bit better...

love that the kitties and doggies are loving each other now! that is one of the best parts about pets. when they interact with each other and seeing how they react to each other.
xoxo to the furry family! :o)
have a great weekend!

Congrats to Lala on starting a cool new job! How cute is your menagerie of fluffiness? Feel better.

Phew - that's a long work week. Hopefully you'll get some time off soon.

Awww - Clara sucking on Willie's head brought back memories of our beloved Golden, Bailey, who used to do that to one of the cats he grew up with. He loved his kitties, and would walk up to his favorite and lick her so hard, her entire head disappeared into his mouth and came out wet and matted. When Bailey was an old dog he was on loan to my parents (we were in an apartment) for a while, and when he came back to live with us in our new house, we had new cats (the others having passed on of old age). Bailey was very old and didn't see well, and it was at least a couple of weeks before he noticed the cats. When he did, the old boy perked up, his entire arthritic body wagged like a puppy, and he looked at me with this expression of joy - I could read it so clearly on his face, "Hey Mom! There are KITTIES here!" Cats made an old dog young again.

Sorry, I mean Waylon's head. Great names, I love it.

Hi Doll-

Awwww, the wee-ness. The cute, KYOOOT, wee cuteness.

I miss you girlies and your beasties. We are in Oregon for the next week or so...when we return I want a date with you girls. Pleeaassee?? Muah.

Waylon is so cute! I'm glad you're on the mend, although it sounds like you've got a ways to go still. Take care.

I LOOOOVE the cuddly piccie! Oh so Cute!!! Glad to hear your throat is better, too. Don't forget those pills again (I think I may be channeling your Mama here). Take care of yourself and don't let the work get to you.

They're such cutiesssss! Hope you feel better soon x

Awww! What a happy household (except for being sick, hope you feel better soon!

Glad you are feeling better, that La has a new and awesome job and that the new shmittens are shplendid. Need the youtube vid of the clara and waylon actsh.

Please be careful with the antibiotics! I got some bad adrs from cipro that lasted almost a year - no lie - tendonitis in all my joints and other trials. Hope you are not taking a floroquinolone class antibiotic - like cipro - they are known to cause many bad adrs. Not trying to scare you - just trying to let you know. On the upside I learned a lot about them and I found a support group online that has lots of info.

Anyway - hope you are continuing on your road to wellness. Being sick for extended periods really sucks.

Get better! Play with the kittens!

Love to you and La,

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