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FingersMay 31, 2007

(Lala's brother Richard always called Digit that, for his polydactyl-ism. I loved that. Fingers. Anyway.)

Good morning, kiddos!

I am back to feeling almost normal. Thank god. I do, however, have to have my tonsils out AGAIN, which, while I knew that was a possibility, I don't think I had actually admitted to myself that it might go that way, so I am disappointed, very, very disappointed. Ick. I am not looking forward to going through the pain I went through in 2002, and the doc said this time it's gonna be worse. Sigh.

And I pulled a doozy at the doctor, I tell you what. He came in laughing at my chart and my abilities to grow my tonsils back. I made the funny comment that Lala always makes, "It'll be handy when I lose a finger, huh?"

He just looked at me.

I chortled heartily, trying to warm him up. Funny joke. Haha.

Then he held up his hand, showing me his thumb and his three fingers.

I gasped, and then the only thing I could think of to say was, "I could give you a tonsil?"

He didn't seem to mind too much, after I reassured him that I hadn't noticed his hand (I never notice things like that, I have known people for years without realizing they're missing digits), but I felt like SUCH an ass. I'm never ever making that joke again.

Want some pictures? (Not of the doctor, or his hand. I am not that bad.)


From long, long ago, the day before I got sick. Me and Dylan-pickle, at the zoo, on our date. We had fun.


Artichoke! Almost ready for eatin'. We have four, actually. And that plant is TALL! See?


It's as tall as I am. And it has baby friends next to it. Yay! More for next year! We seriously ignored this artichoke plant for a year. I think we got one from it last year, and then we gave up gardening for a while, and then looked over the railing this spring to find it was flourishing. Can't ask for more than that.


The garden grows. The broccoli and beans and soybeans look good - the peppers and basil are taking longer, and I can't remember what are in the other boxes. Luckily I made myself a seed legend. Just haven't looked at it recently.

Lala made herself a square-foot garden, too, two weeks later than I did, and she's already harvesting radishes! Yummy, crisp radishes that I like much more than I remembered. They were always my favorite thing to grow as a kid (even back then I liked instant gratification), but I didn't like to eat them then. They were just so pretty.


I like this shot:


It's of the trailing vine that's coming the back porch -- Lala says the name of it all the time, and I never remember it -- I just know the flowers look like cartoons, and in my head I call it a monkey-face flower.


Here, Fluffy Willie pretends he can't see Clara. They get along just fine, but Willie has no interest in snuggling with her.

Unlike Waylon.


As our Carrie would say, "SCHMOOS!"


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I think this is my first comment on your blog. That finger story was hilarious!!

I understand your tonsil pain. I had mine out 10 years ago and I still remember it as the worst pain ever (though I have no kids yet). Good luck!

I'm glad you are better, it is such a pleasure to read your blog, it always cheers me up and reminds me to have a happy outlook.
My eyes burned when I read the finger story, ow, I hate when that happens.
I have serious artichoke envy! Fresh homegrown artichokes-it's like buttah! even before you dip them in butter.
Isn't it funny how animals find their pals, just like people. Waylon and Clara are too too cute.
Passion flower. Think Lala, think passion.

1) That finger thing was very funny. 2) Sorry about your second tonsillectomy. 3) I have never seen an artichoke plant. I would have pulled it as a weed. Lucky you to have fresh garden stuff to nibble. 4) Clara is a good sister. 5) I finished my shawl. Come see.

The purple flower is a passion flower. Sorry to hear about the tonsillectomy.

Dude. that finger story is too funny! D'oh. At least he was a good sport.

That artichoke looks ginormous! Like it's gonna start singing "Feed me..."

And, schmoos indeed! The Clara - Waylon snuggling pictures are SO. CUTE. Dear lord, the cuteness.

Those kitties are getting so BIG!!!! (They're cute, too).

I cannot believe that Dr. story! Man, isn't it always the way, you say something innocently enough and then someone is randomly missing a finger! Man, I'm sorry, but I seriously laughed hard. I mean, really. Hey - did you start your socks? Your top? Do you love that yarn or what?! (my fingers are crossed, all of them.)

ouch on the finger story. you can tell that joke again, just make sure everyone in the room has all their fingers first. yikes.

glad you're feeling better but sorry about the tonsillectomy. you must have superhuman powers though. i had mine removed when i was 4 and i still don't think they've grown back. which reminds me that i need to be careful with knives and circular saws as i'm less likely to be able to grow a finger back.

Ohmigod, I would've made the same joke. Yikes!

Aw, Willie is so cute, snuggle-free or not...

I am so sorry about those tonsils, I never heard that they can grow back. I just hope the doc missing the finger is not performing the surgery! Thanks for all your garden and pet pictures, you have some busy household going on there. Good luck with the surgery!

I'm laughing only because I can imagine doing the same thing myself! I'm always saying something stupid to someone that I never meant...

My 15 year old son may need a tonsillectomy this summer. We've been told not to expect any fun. Hope you recover well.

yeah for gardens!!! My radishes are just starting to come up. I love them. There are all sorts of different varieties out there. And the basil is waiting for the heat.

I'm so glad you are better. Being sick is the pits, especially if you still have to work.

Who would have guessed that you would get a digit-challenged doctor. I mean really. Funny story, funny joke, it is probably safe to use it again.

Passion flower. How could you forget a name like that? Has sickness been THAT mean to you?

Oh man, what are the chances? I hope the tonsillectomy isn't as bad as everyone says. Your garden looks great.

Oh my goodness, Waylong and Clara together may just be about the cutest thing EVER. Clara's expression to me looks like she's trying to say "Do you see what I deal with all day long?" Hehehe.

Waylon. I'm such a dork and can't type or proofread before hitting that button.

I am SO SORRY to hear that you will be getting your tonsils out--it hurts like hell as an adult as you know. I had mine out when I was 22 and the pain was excruciating. Luckily, my surgeon did a great job--or at least that is what every doc says when they look in my mouth. My sincerest sympathy and empathy.

I have a friend who has a son named Dylan and when he was little (like 13 years ago) I used to call him Dyl Pickle. Love that! And I use to sing that song you know "daisy daisy give me your answer do...." but instead of Daisy it was Dylan. Thanks for reminding me of that! Cutie picture of you and Pickle.

So much in one blog! Watch the water on the front half of your squares, bet those are sunniest and drying out quicker than the rest. Artichokes! we have never come close to that beauty, but carefree artichokes seem perenial. Another good investment is asperagas, try them next year. Take a while to establish, but yearly food after that. Never loose your green thumb (great finger story).

Which brings up my apology--I'm glad you have hearty genes, but so sorry the tonsils recycled! I was hoping you wouldn't inherit that part. I remember the pain, but that can be controlled, make sure they give you good painkillers. I remember being surprised about the weakness afterward, I was off work a week, but dragging all through the second week. But then it was gone, and I NEVER HAD STREP THROAT AGAIN! Colds and flu way down too.

Sorry, and I will eat ice cream that week in sympathy with you (yer mom is coming up for day nurse duty)

Much love,

I cannot believe that Clara doesn't chase Willie and Waylon - our (batshit crazy) border collie lives to chase the cats - no cute snuggling pictures for us!

ha ha. that four-fingered doctor was funny.

Clara looks like a reluctant snuggler. kind of like there's a tiny part of her that wants to eat the kitten. but she keeps that part hidden, I think.

OMG. That doctor story is freakin hilarious. I woke up the baby laughing out loud.

Sorry about the tonsils, tho!

Wow, your garden is really coming along!

I cannot believe that I am the only person crass enough to question if the doctor mentioned is the surgeon doing the tonsil removal?!? But someone had to ask...

Ok - artichokes fresh like that -- just how much better are they? I mean really artichokes are so good even if you get them in the store....

Passionflower.. the vine is a Passionflower which I seem to be really adept at killing, sigh. Love them.

Dude, seriously funny about the doc! At least you didn't say penis or something.

I did a similar thing at the Starbucks the other day. I'm in a long line behind a copper and I noticed his dark uniform was covered in cat/dog hair. So I told him so as I didn't want him turning up at work dirty. He turned around and pointed to the K-9 patch on his shoulder. Then said his coworkers were used to it...Yeah, I'm a dork too.

I had no idea whatsoever about the tonsils growing back... It really does sound like a starfish arm or the eyes of a lobster (which grow back, but only once, apparently--after that they get an extra tentacle).

Wait, where am I? How did we get to invertebrate limb regeneration? I must be dazed by the cuteness.

There are few things I love more than images of cats and dogs snuggling up together.

OMG - that is such a funny story and you pulled it off with such panache. I bet he went home and chuckled over it with his family. I'm sorry to hear about your reappearing tonsils. Here's wishing you well.

Ouch on the tonsils. I just read your dad's post; he sounds like a real hoot! As to the artichokes (love em love em love em!) you've got to wonder about the first person who ever ate one. *what* were they thinking?!

It's passionflower, and the fruit is spectacularly good;passionfruit, or lilikoi here in Hawaii. If the plant fruits, let the fruits remain on the vine til they're slightly wrinkled at the ends, then harvest. You eat the seeds and all, a bit like a kiwi.

OK, so I laughed EVEN after knowing the guy had lost a finger. It's a funny joke! However, I totally feel your mortification. I would have died twice.

Sorry about your tonsils! I had no idea that those sucker could grow back.

I think I'm the only one but maybe I'm just mean and nasty. I feel if he came in laughing about how funny that you grow your tonsils back and oh you have to go through that extremely painful surgery again ha ha? I wouldn't feel quite as bad about making that finger joke.
I'm sorry you have to get them out again. bleh.

One time my supervisor and I were dropping off our work vehicle at the company's shop and as we were leaving, my supervisor said to the mechanic, "We'll leave it in your capable hands." However, the mechanic was missing one whole hand and actually had a hook in its place. I never said anything and I don't know if my supervisor even noticed...The photo of Clara and the kitty is the cutest ever!!!!

Welcome back to the land of the almost healthy! (until the surgery)

The flower is a passion flower. They do indeed have a comic appearance, like nature couldn't decide on a design.
Oh, I still would continue to use that comparison between growing back tonsils and fingers. Doctors need to learn to be more relaxed. He could have come back with some good lines if he wanted. What were your odds that this doctor would have the exact issue you were using to compare! Bingo for you. He thought it was funny you needed surgery again...tit for tat. Sorry to hear about the upcoming surgery. Insist on lots of ice cream and jello.
I love the picture of the cats with the dog. Good they have all come to an understanding about sharing space with each other.

Omg you named your cats Waylon and Willie. That is the coolest thing ever!

I am sorry to read you have to have your tonsils out again. (I have to agree with the other posters, that is pretty funny that your doc is missing fingers. But ow, how uncomfortable is that.)

And what a beautiful garden you have. Very lovely.

several thoughts I cant make a cohesive comment out of:
I need a leg, gimme a tonsil.
Is Dr.MissingFingers also the surgeon?
I will make you homemade icecream or sorbet after surgery, special delivery (just say the word).
Omg, your kitty....cuuuute!

Hi there! Long time lurker, first time commenter. As others have told you, the flower is indeed a passion flower, supposedly named for it's resemblance to the Crown of Thorns...beautiful flower, gruesome connection. Sorry 'bout the tonsils...

Love the finger joke, and I'm another missing-finger person. Clara and Waylon are beyond cute together in that photo, and Clara's expression *wins*.

I love your garden! It's so organized, and you actually have vegetables! My vegetable plants almost always died, or were very small. =( I'll try again someday. =)

That picture of Clara and Waylon kills me! When I was growing up, we had a dog named Rusty and a cat named Tom, and they were BFF. Seriously, sleeping together, hanging out together. I haven't seen anything like it since.

I am glad that you are feeling better now (as I got to catch up with a bunch of posts at once.) Like many other commentors, I too have serious artichoke envy. :)

Be well,

You know, I'll bet that doctor went and had a good chuckle over that after you left!

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