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B to BMay 21, 2007

Hello, kids! I've missed you. Sorry for causing alarm. I am, in fact, still sick, and I believe I've been struck with the chronic tonsillitis again. I accidentally went off antibiotics for about 24 hours this weekend, and I got sick again last night, sore throat, white spots, fever, bleah. It's not a normal strep, and it's not mono, but the Epstein Barr virus IS active in me, and that can cause this kind of thing, I've learned.

Totally has me all bummed out. I think what will probably happen when I see the ear-nose-throat doc is that s/he'll confirm that it's chronic, and that my newly regrown and huge tonsils will have to come out again. And it was the MOST awful surgery the first time around. But this is pretty awful in and of itself. I'm just not me. I'm exhausted all the time, can only sit on the couch and watch TV or read, and that completely brings me down, which isn't a place I like to be. Activity contributes to making me happy, I will admit that, and I haven't been able to do anything much for about three weeks.

But today I'm back on the antibiotics, and I worked some of last week, about 36 hours, although it was hard and I was weak and puny. I got up at 4:30am on Saturday and did my whole 12 hour shift, which was necessary, but it meant that I couldn't go see Bjork with knitting pals (although sister Christy got my ticket, and she actually likes Bjork more than I do, so that worked out). And I wanted to do something SO bad on Sunday morning, but I refused to decide if I'd be able to until I woke up yesterday morning.

I woke up, took an inventory of my body, and felt better than I had in weeks. So I got all dressed and picked up my sister and we ran the Bay to Breakers!

Ahem. I will admit that I never know my own limits.


That said, I had a WONDERFUL time. I've never run it before, and it was soooo fun.  It's a 12k (7.5 mile) race that goes from downtown SF, at the Bay, across the entire city to the ocean. 60,000 people run in costume, or in nothing, and they throw corn tortillas in the hour before the race, while you're lining up. Bands line the route, and block parties are the norm. People drink beer while running, or buy cups of hard lemonade from budding entrepreneurs along the way. All the bars are open. And while I knew about the crazy antics of the runners (my favorite was, of course, the group dressed as salmon, running against the flow of traffic, upstream, yelling "Spawn or die! Spawn or die!"), I had no idea what a party it was along the route. Even the spectators dress up! We passed toga parties and superhero parties, and heavy metal bands set up on rooftops, parties that looked like they'd been going since the night before. It was too much fun.

We walked the Hayes St. Hill, as the majority did, and here's what it looked like behind us (naked guy is actually made mostly decent by his balloon-strings):


We didn't expect or need to reach the finish line -- I hadn't run in over a month, what with being sick and all -- so we just walked a lot, and shuffled a little run when it was downhill (which was a LOT of the time -- we ran way more than we thought we would, just because it was easy). I have blisters today, and various aches and pains, and like I said, I'd forgotten my antibiotics for two doses, so last night I was sick again, and today I'm worn out and a little feverish, but it was worth it. We crossed the finish line triumphantly -- o how I love a finish line -- and then went to meet friends at the big meetup, Footstock. It was my first time doing anything like that with Christy, and we had the most wonderful time. And while I'm tired today, and still fighting this throat thing, I'm so glad I went. So very, very glad. I feel more like me again.


Lala just called and I told her I was blogging, since I hadn't in a long time. She said, "yeah, when I'm blogging more than you, there's a problem." So, hi, y'all. How are you?

(DUDE! I just checked results, and I came in 17,140th place! Christy was 17,139th! Out of 60,000? Whoa! And we were going pretty darn slowly! I should run with drunk people more often. That's rad.)


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I'm so sorry to hear that you are still sick. I can't even imagine. If you do get your tonsils removed (again) I've heard that vodka is a great remedy - if the first swallow doesn't burn the pain out, just keep drinking 'til you don't care!

Glad to see a post from you - have missed your writing. Get well soon!

You amaze me. Really, you do. I can't believe you were that sick and still did Bay to Breakers. But congratulations! Or props. Or whatever. That's awesome. :) It looks like so much fun!

You rose from your sickbed to run BtoB? That is rad.

Feel better!

Hi, Did you say your tonsils grew back? Huh? I've never heard of such a thing! I'm so sorry! I had my share of tonsilitis and strep as a kid, and it is no joke. I hope they can take care of this once and for all. In the meanwhile, I think you're supposed to have a lot of ice cream, good for the throat, soothing, I'm just saying...

Terri of SF

No! not vodka! Bourbon!

I hope you are feeling better and a fix is found for you. Hugs.

Love the Spawn or Die salmon. The naked guy on the other hand, well I know what a t-shirt will do to a runners nipples so the balloon strings near tender bits are kinda making me cringe.

I hope the tonsils calm down soon. Have you tried setting the alarm on your cell phone to remind you to take your pills? Hope that wasn't too nagging but I miss your posts.

You are nuts. That's all I have to say. Well, that and congratulations, ms. #17,140!

I do regret never running BtoB while I lived there...

Once again, you confirm that you are, indeed, a rockstar. B to B- you rock!!

So proud of you, darlin.
Sorry you have been ailing for so long. I have been thinking of you lots, and am ever grateful for my own, personal, (welll, shared, I guess,) 911 dispatcher.
When you are well, and we are home from Oregon, lets play. (Even if we are playing "drink away the Epstein Barr." I am a good team player, especially when it comes to drinking games. ;)


Of course I'm one of the geeks who immediately click on naked guy for a bigger view, and it was a trick, a whole bunch of code and no big naked guy! You're sneaky.

Sorry to hear you're still feeling poopy, and I also can't believe you ran in that condition. Although, having taught a two hour class with a fever (a mistake - next time I'm calling in sick), I guess if I wanted to do something while sick other than lying in bed it'd better be something fun, at least. Hope the surgery goes better the second time around; at least you'll know what to expect.

You sooooooooo have my sympathies with the tonsels. I had them out when I was 30. All night long different nurses would come in and ask "You are HOW old?" I couldn't talk, so I'd hold up 3 fingers while mouthing "thirty". After, I kid you not, about the 8th nurse I just glared and held up the middle finger. I knew that they can grow back and I'm always checking. Yes, it was horrible but to this day I swear it was the best thing I ever did.

Good Luck, and I'm really glad you're back. I missed your posts in a pathetic sad dog at the window way :)

Please ignore the fact that I just spelled "tonsils" wrong. Long day at work.

That stinks that you're still sick, though I'm glad you're feeling better. That run sounds like so much fun!! I'm amazed that you ran it. I'm such a wimp when I'm sick; I'd have just watched from the sidelines.

Good to see you're still conscious and breathing, if not all better. Hope your recovery doesn't require further surgery of massive amounts (more) of time.

Feel better!!

Oh, so glad you're sorta feeling better. Bjork missed you! I could tell, she kept staring into the audience like she was looking for someone...


Hope you feel lots better soon!

Plus, it was worth it to run because sometimes exercise makes you feel better, right?! Sounds like a blast. Hope being back on the antibiotics helps you soon...

My husband and I watched the live coverage of B to B yesterday, and we both agreed we need to check it out sometime...
although I can give the nekkid dudes a miss. And go you, you were in the top quarter or so!!
(There was a group of fratboys dressed as bananas, plus a gorilla, that had me on the FLOOR giggling).

Not trying to top you or anything, but a couple of weeks ago I had a talk with my dentist about having my wisdom teeth out--at least two of them. I get to go to the gum specialist tomorrow morning. And I just finished a two-week course of sulfa-based antibiotics for a sinus infection.--and got a weird rash the day after I took the last one. But since I'm not facing round-two tonsillectomy, I'm *not* complaining.

HURRAY!! you live! Ummm - have they checked for mono?? Laying off the sugar and getting tons of sleep helps with that...

Make that "or massive amounts". Yikes, and me a former editor!

Good to see you alive and kicking!

And you did it all and looked great while doing it! (what IS that lipstick you're wearing in the last picture????)

Hope you feel ALL better soon!

Holy crap, lady! I'm glad you're OK and hope you feel better soon. And I am mildly freaked out that tonsils can grow back. We really are a mutant species.

oh baby! let me know if you need anything! i'm happy to do a soup/ice cream/jello drive-by. xoxo (p.s. you kill me, you know.)

I'm so impressed you did the run! Hope you are fully recovered (from what ails you--and the run) soon.

I can not believe you went out for the Bay to Breakers. I thought about you on Sunday and was wondering if you were healthy enough to go out or not. Hope you start to feel well soon.
If anyone wants to see pictures of naked people in the Bay to Breakers go to Flickr.com and type in Bay to Breakers. There are a ton of pictures on there. See them before they are censored.

Ow, I'm sorry you're still sick. 3 weeks of sickness, yuck.
I'm so glad you were able to get out and have a good time, it sounds like a great party. I'm still giggling at the mental picture of the salmon.

I am sorry to hear that you've been sick for a while. However you are an amazing, amazing girl, the one of kind. I love you.

Crazy is good for your health. Damn the bacteria! Full speed ahead! Sounds like a great time!

Like how I didn't turn all nurse-naggy on you?

ACCCK! I had no idea that tonsils could grow back. yikes!
If you need anything post surgery... ice cream, yarn, crack... just let me know.
feel super better super soon!

I totally almost went to Bjork (was out for a burning man work weekend) and was waiting on Bay to Breakers to end so we could avoid traffic to get to the Maker Faire on Sunday. Whee!!!
Here's hoping you'll feel better soon, I had my tonsils removed a few years ago, and have never been happier with a surgery in my life..

I hope you are well soon!

I'm glad you got in a great day and got to do the B to B, it sounds like fun and you had such a great day.

sounds like a blast!!!!


I'm a wee bit behind on your blog, sorry...but I loooved reading about the bay to breakers. I've never done it, and I think I might just give it a try next year in a fancy wheelchair (or be a total slacker and use a scooter so I can hold a margarita at the same time).
Sure hope you are feeling better...I have chronic tonsilitis troubles, too. It's a drag.

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