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Lala Beat Me To ItMay 28, 2007

Durn it. She blogged the unbearable cuteness that is Waylon snuggling with Clara. They're ridiculously cute.

However, I have this one, which is almost as cute.


Okay, it's not. But tell me it is, anyway, okay?

I'm at work, as usual. Staying up all night tonight and tomorrow night. Haven't pulled midnights in a while, and I'm a little scared.

Good golly, I'm boring. G'night.


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Well, while it doesn't have the cheezburger potential that the other one has (it is so totally Lala's fault that I am addicted to that site), it's still pretty damned cute.

Skitties. Love 'em.

That kitten looks like an accident waiting to happen. :-)

awww it's almost as cute....how are you feeling with all the work?

It is cute. :) The picture at Lala's is beyond cute.

You know what's cute? That both Lala and I turn 21 this year. ;)

Both kitty photos are precious.

It is cute.

Sorry to hear you've been so sick. Stupid tonsils. I admit I find re-growing tonsils amazing, but not when they're evil sickly tonsils.

Hope it all works out soon.

I'm dying to see the photo right after this one. Don't leave us in suspense!

That is pretty cute. I'm working overnights tonight and tomorrow night. I'd say that we could IM, but I don't have internet where I work (damn old folks home) so unless I forward to my mobile (there's an idea...) we can't. hmm.

You're so lucky to be able to get to stay up all night for work!

How'd that reverse psychology work?

Kitties and doggies = cuteness.

Definitely almost as cute. I mean, sunflowers, black cats? How much cuter can you get? Good luck with the midnights (ugh)

It's a darn cute photo but dang it all, Lala has super scooped you. I'm going to show it to my cat because the cat/dog roles are reversed in my house. Sure she let's the dog chew her ears and jump on her - but cuddle? Even the humans don't get to do that.

I like both pics, so *there*! But since your pics are usually so awesome, I supposed you can let Lala have this one, just this once. :-) Glad you're starting to feel a bit better!!

It is just as cute! Don't work so hard...

Those kitties are so cute! Just wanted to say that.

Where's Willie? Is he camera shy or just not deemed as cute as Spaz Waylon?

Both pictures are adorable in their own way. Clara does look a little leery of the new BFF status though.. and who can resist a kitty playing with sunflowers :)

Ack! Lala doesn't take comments. Why do Waylon and Clara look so darn guilty?

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