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Knitting-A-Go-GoMay 2, 2007

Still at my work class, out in the middle of nowhere, stealing this time again, but OHMYGOSH don't you want to take my class? Starts next Tuesday the 8th and goes for three weeks. We'll have a blast, and you can make a Chickami like THIS. Go HERE and sign up. I think there are only two spaces left.

Also, I MISS Lala, the dogs, the KITTENS, and home. My bed. I will be home tonight, but we have to drive for approximately forever to get home. We will go right by the melted portion of the freeway (did you hear about that? The Maze, melting this weekend? Two Bay Area freeways out of service right at Ikealand in Emeryville? I decided Ikea should just rebuild it. Sure, it would be pressboard, but it would be done in a week. If the engineers could understand the instructions.)


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You have me really laughing about the Ikea thing. Wouldn't that be awesome?

The Ikea idea is hilarious. But what if they lost the little key thingie? I have finally understood exactly what melted onto what, and it is not quite as bad as I first thought -- the main impact is people coming off the bridge who want to go to 580 East (like, to get to 24. Hello-o-o-o, Concord! It's been nice to know ya!). Don't get me wrong, it's still bad, but not quite as cataclysmic as I first thought.

Say, check this out when you come up for air, I think it sounds really cool and I signed up: http://threadingwater.wordpress.com/?s=mother%27s+day+project&searchbutton=go%21

OK, that link is as long as the section missing from 580 and just as useful. Try this one: http://tinyurl.com/2upe5g

Except if Ikea does it, we'll have to build it as we drive by. They'll cut out the middlemen (you know, the actual people who usually do the actual building). But it'll be cheap! And fast!

I've got to say, I've been loving the traffic on 580 in Oakland this week! Nice and light, cause no one can get from SF in the afternoon! I rejoice in the despair of others! (as long as the traffic's better) I wonder how long that will last?

Ah, work classes. And conferences. And meetings. I've got a week coming up with one all-staff meeting and a conference in SF the next day (yes to BART) and probably something else in there too. I will knit.

Oh, I've rambled on way too much. Huh, I do that in your comments, when I actually comment. And always scintillating!

I'm all for IKEA rebuilding the freeway. Just as long as it happens FAST. Traffic on Ashby Ave. (1 block from my house) was already bad. Now it's unbelievably bad.

Heya, I pimped your class on this week's Stash & Burn!

YES! I want to sign up for your class... but the commute will be a killer!

As for Ikea, the state of California would have to pay a fortune in Workman's Comp (or Workwoman's Comp) for all the carpal tunnel syndrome that the worker bees will get from using the Ikea Allen Wrench (that's the thingy's real name). I wonder what pressed concrete would look like?

You are the first person I thought of when I heard about the expressway ramp melting! I love it that because of knitting blogs, this West Michigander has a person in California that I think about when I hear SF/Oakland news! Cool, eh?

Dude, the traffic at the melting site wasn't too bad at 5 a.m. yesterday...

I like your IKEA idea. It may not last forever, but it'll be much better looking and attractively accessorized. AND they could put up a Swedish meatball stand during rush hour so you could snack while sitting in traffic.

Oh I love the Ikea idea - good thing I wasn't drinking tea when I read that or it would have ended up all over the monitor. Can't you just see it? A group of engineers in hardhats, looking at the image of the guy trying to lift up something by himself and frowning. And surrounded by a pile of Ikea wrenches and widgets.....

How funny, the 1st thing I thought when I saw that on the news is, "Oh no, Rachel and Lala!" too. And then I read your idea from my computer on my IKEA computer hutch and snorted. Hee, what a clever gal you are.

LOL - I love the idea of IKEA rebuilding the freeway!

If I could look like that in the Chickami, I would take the class!

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