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Digit Drawing!June 29, 2007


HE LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER. Really, Lala told me that the reason she had yelled and called me in to the kitchen that night was that she didn't think that he would live until I got out of bed to see him. Now he just looks like a weak little Digit with a too-big fur suit.  They took a 2inch foxtail out of his eye, poor thing, and he'll be having surgery this afternoon to further clean out his back-end wound, but the major surgery will be put off until he's gone home and gotten stronger. He has several bladder stones the size of peach pits, and a possible GI bleed, but I'm happy to say they've located his heart, and it is, indeed, beating. He is not a zombie!

And because several (more than several, you sweet things) people have mentioned to me that I should ask for help if needed, or offer a pattern for sale, to help with Digit-costs, I have been thinking about proposing something. At first, it made me feel funny to think about. And I don't want to write a pattern, just don't have time right now, although a pattern for a CalTrans vest for kitties was suggested.....

But honestly, we're broker than broke right now. Digit is going to cost in the thousands by the time this is all done, and we just ain't got it. We'll charge it, of course, because pet injuries are what plastic was made for (that and trips to Europe, but I've curtailed that habit in recent years.....).

But hey. What about this?

I've got some sweaters I don't wear, even though they're kinda nice.

Maybe you'd like to enter a wee drawing to help defray vet bills?

Let's say every $10 gets your name in the hat, so $40 would get you four entries. Although, to be honest, $2 would be appreciated at this point.

Let's see what we're offering:

The Rowan Bomber, from Denim People



Soft, in Paton's Classic Merino, it's only been worn once. It WILL pill, because it's Classic Merino, but it will just get softer.

Artfibers Alpaca




This is my own design, in alpaca yarn, Jadis, from Artfibers. It's sexy and fun, but it's a little too warm for very, very hot-blooded me. I get grumpy wearing it, because I get too hot, and then no one likes being around me, so it's better if a cool-blooded person wears it, I think. Worn once at Stitches and OHMYGOD was it hot in that convention center.

Philosopher's Wool Kilim Jacket


I know, right? But doodles, it's just too hot for me. And honestly, it's not that soft, and I made it to LEARN two-handed stranded knitting, so if you win this, you will see its flaws. But it IS nice and I'm proud of it. But I don't live in the snow. You should have it. Worn once out, and once when it was REALLY cold in the house.

So, that's what I'm thinking. Make a donation by clicking the button below, and earn my undying love. No, wait, you already have that. You might win a sweater? Maybe? And you'll know that you're helping us, and more importantly, Digit-man. Otherwise known as Ole Winky.



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Digit looks beautiful - I'm so glad he's perking up.

You do beautiful work, and I'd be honored to help you with the Digit fund, but my cat-of-my-heart Henry is having his own surgeries (full-mouth teeth extraction - ouch!), and I don't have an extra penny to my name. If it helps, I'm in total solidarity with you with the Cat Love, and hope for full recoveries for both our bad boys!

done. You know, I was going to ask yesterday, but couldn't think of a tactful way to inquire.
He looks a million times better than I feared.

Raffle, schmaffle. Your blog has been such a pleasure to lurk on all this time, it's wonderful to be able to give a little something back. And I totally understand the cat-of-my-heart vibe -- lost mine five years ago to a fast and aggressive cancer, and still miss him dreadfully. Fear not -- Digit did not find his way home just to leave you again -- he'll recover and be more ornery than ever, putting the kittens in their place!

sorry it's not more - i had a cat-of-my-heart, sam bugman, and this is in his memory - the darling scrapper - and for the future of sweet digit -

*claps hands with glee*

OH and PICTURES, too! Man, he looks pissed! He looks really strong and healthy, though, considering what he's been through. I'm surprised, I thought he would look WAY worse!


(You should totally write 'n sell some patterns, as well! Nag nag!)

I agree with your mom, my Mike hopped a ride in a carpet truck across the Bay Bridge when I was living in Alameda, fortunately it was discovered on the journey and Mike returned safely. Digits return is such an amazing statement beyond love and connection and I am thrilled that thru your blog I have shared in it. Donation to the Digit fund on its way and a request 2 the spirit of St. Francis 4 blessing on your little family.

And Rachael continues to "post the cat" . . .

For which we are truly grateful.

Done, in loving memory of my cat Milo who was with me for 12 years...I swear, if it weren't for her, I may never have fully recovered from a serious illness about 6 years ago. Still sending so much love to Digit, you, Lala, and the rest of your four legged family. xoxoxoxo

Given in loving memory of Sterling, Tigger, TJ, and all my family's other companions who are at the rainbow bridge. Give Digit a HUGE hug from me and my thoughts and prayers are with all of you. St. Francis best get ready for all the prayers.

Hugs Kate and furbabies

Dude, I'm trying to get my own dog Bouncer well right now so I can't do much, but I've got $10 I can spare for a wandering cat that came home. Worrying about a pet is bad enough without worry about whether you can pay to get him well.

Warm thoughts and best wishes for Digit.

See? See? I told you he would get better. Right now, it can only be $2 but come the first of the month more will be coming your way.

We had a cat, Pyewacket, that hitched a ride under the hood of a neighbor's car. The neighbor saw him hit the highway and take off running. When my husband *finally* found him the only thing wrong with him was a slightly skinned butt. The vet looked at him and said "well, you've just used up about 6 of your nine lives".

As soon as I can find the right pics of my cat Frank, I'll be doing a "fur baby friday" in your honor on my blog.

Big grins and hugs!

Done. For you and your darling polydactyl. I'm so glad he came home...

I can't believe it! I haven't read the blog in a few days and when I do, I'm greeted by this heartwarming, sweet story. I'm at work with tears streaming down my face because of Digit's courageous journey home to you and your devotion to him. I am so happy for you and the sweet kitty! Good luck! I will make a small donation (got two dogs of my own who can't stay out of the foxtails - three separate trips to the emergency vet...)

omg. he looks SO GREAT!!!
that cutie winker...
for raising money later on, cards with the LOLCats on them or even just of Digit and your other furry kids would be great too! :o)
i'm go glad that he's doing so well. lots of xoxo to you guys!
(and some $$ soon too!)

I'm so happy you are allowing us to help. Lucy and I love you guys. :-)

Rachael, I just added a link on my blog to your drawing and Digit's story.

my god, what a story. i don't know when i cried more - when he left, or when he came back!

donation has been made, but no need to enter me in the draw - i'm warm blooded too! i'm just glad i can help :)

Dude, as soon as I get paid (Sunday!), I will be donating, dontchoo worry!

Hope it helps. :)

I don't have time to find an email address right now, so sorry this is public, but I just wanted to say that I would prefer my name not be entered into the raffle because I wouldn't be able to wear any of the sweaters, so someone else would get better use out of them.

I've had similiar experiences with my kitties over the years, so this is also in memory of my little callie that never made it back to me.
I'm so happy for you and Digit. <3

Thank you for posting a picture! I've been waiting and wishing. He looks good and has made my day. I have been thinking about you guys a lot and shared your story with my family, who remembered how you shared in our joy in finding our lost dogs last January.
Speedy recovery wishes to Digit!
I hope he is home with you soon.

Done, but no need to add me to the raffle. Happy to help give Digit a helping hand in memory of my dear Elloit who wandered into our yard and hearts after being thrown from a car window. He was the best cat we ever had. Best wishes on the road to recovery!

Rachael, I just read your last three posts and now I'm just overcome. I'm so glad he came back to you and hope he gets through the surgeries fine.
Those sweaters are so awesome (and I almost stole that alpaca one off the mannequin when it was at Artfibers...), what an amazing idea for a raffle.
hope to see you before I move next month...

Awww, what a great idea!

I'll donate right now. And as a conservation-minded Minnesotan with a very cold house in winters, I'm not shy about going for the raffle, too! ;)

It gives me a big happy smile to see Ole Winky looking back at me and you bet I'll donate just as soon as I do the month end bills and see what's free and clear money :)

Go, Digit, Go!!

I wish I could give more than I can right now, but I did it because I wanted to, and not for the sake of the drawing. I'm just happy to contribute in any way I can.

And I agree--Digit looks way better than he did in my head.

Done. Not for the raffle. But in memory of ChloeKitty, who got herself run over real good. And she was the *smart* one. Go Digit, Go!!

Howdy :)

SO GLAD the kitty came home...what an amazing thing! I just paypaled a small donation, all I can afford. But pleaase, no need to put in a drawing :) Just glad to help the kitty get better!

i could only contribute a little, but i hope every little bit helps. what a survivor he is.

Oh Digit! He does look tough and strong for all he's been through! Go little man go! He'll be all healthy again in no time!!

Hey you, that cat looks like he'll be okay in a while! What a trooper! And how could I resist, I did throw a little $omething into the kitty.


HEY! SOMEONE had to say that!

Take care Miss A-Go-Go, Lala, and Kitty

Done. Sweet little guy (and his mom) deserves it!

I'm glad to help! And, I don't mind saying I have wanted the Artfibers Alpaca since the first time I saw it and begged you for the pattern. :D I'm so glad to hear how much better Digit is. I have to wait to donate until tomorrow, but I will.

I've been lurking quietly here for sometime, and was so sad for you when you thought Digit was gone. Wonderful news that he's home and on the mend. Nothing short of miraculous! I've sent a little something to your fund, but no need to put me in your draw. Big hugs to you, Digit, Lala and your whole menagerie! Love Denise

Dude. Do you want my sample spreadsheet? Seriously, you are gonna need it.

I think it's a terrific idea. I'm glad Digit will be able to rest at home while he regains his strength before they go in for the peach pits. He looks kind of unearthly in the photo! And a 2" foxtail... How scary! Does he have the kind of bladder stones that dissolve with proper food--not to avoid the surgery but to make him more comfortable in the meantime?

(I know vets have to pay bills too and they don't want to be in the debt-collection business, but maybe they'd be willing to work out a payment plan so you didn't have to pay huge interest rates on the credit cards?)

Hi Rachel! I made your good ole cabled scarf a while back and we emailed about it briefly. I have three cats, and your story made me cry at my desk. I cannot imagine what I would do if one of them disappeared, and then reappeared in such a condition. I just paypal'd over something to help out (and hope to win awesome sweaters!) Also I second the commenter who suggested working out a payment plan with the vet to avoid credit card bills... they're usually open to things like that im my experience. Good luck and god bless!

Done, in honor of my sweet Greta schmoo. Dude, I would be beside myself with excitement to wear a Yarnagogo knitted creation. However, I am also beside myself with excitement that Digit already looks so handsome, if a little on the skinny side. GO DIGIT GO!

I don't need to be included in the raffle, but I just made a donation, with a lump in my throat, remembering my past kitties. Here's hoping for an amazing recovery for Digit!

I'll post about this Monday, 'k? Digit the Pirate Kitty, ahoy matey!

Please no need to include me in the drawing, i just want Digit home where he is so loved. Kiss his precious face for me!

Oh yeah, just donated. :)

Oh, our Mom is so happy that Digit is OK!

We've donated our allowance money. It's not much, but if it helps Digit - then we're just that much happier!

Love and head licks from, Atticus, Mae and Gandalf

Thanks so much for the picture!! He looks good and you're such a terrific mommy.

I can't help much but I hope lots of folks pitch in. Good idea! Everyone wants to help that Digit baby!!!

Forget the raffle, just sending a little help in memory of the kitties I have loved.


We would be happy to feed you and ply you with alcohol (for medicinal purposes of course) too.

Don't put me in the raffle itself either plz - becuz I'm waaay past height weight proportionate. Might be good to tell people who want to be in the raffle the size and measurements of the sweaters so they can opt in or out if it won't fit them. That boy is on his feet!

I have to echo several other posters' sentiments -- no need for a raffle, darlin'. Your blog has been one of my daily pleasures for too many years not to contribute. And like others, I lost the dog of my heart almost three years ago and would give anything to have her back. Enjoy your boy!

So glad your little man is on the mend. I made a donation in memory of the dog of my heart, Sophie, who never found her way home.
Give Dig' some kisses for me.

p.s.I like your Rowan sweater, too. :)

i can only send a few bucks cause i'm broke and not really employed at the moment - but every little bit helps, right?

seriously - if there is any money left over buy him a cat cam- cause next time he goes on a hike, we want pictures. LOL


(sorry - i just can't get over the fact that he is back AND the fact that this guy invented a cat cam)

So happy to be able to help Ole Winky Himself! What a sweetheart - glad to see him sitting up. I don't need to be entered in raffle, tempting as it is! I, too, am always too hot. I keep the cotton yarn people in business. :) Hugs all 'round.

So happy to be able to help Ole Winky Himself! What a sweetheart - glad to see him sitting up. I don't need to be entered in raffle, tempting as it is! I, too, am always too hot. I keep the cotton yarn people in business. :) Hugs all 'round.

Oops, I left a comment on Wednesday's post without checking for updates. That's how moved I was by Digit's homecoming! Sweet boy! I hope you'll still give him a head-skitchie for me. :) What a beautiful kitty he is!

This story is so, so amazing. It is the most hopeful thing I have ever read. I am so pleased you have your cat-son home with you and Lala and the rest of the kids. I can feel your happiness all the way over here in Toronto. Enjoy your boy! Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

I donated, but I don't want to be in the drawing. I just know how bad I would feel if either my dogs was in such bad shape. We're probably not much better off financially if something like that happened. But I know what you mean. Any amount of money is worth having your Digit back! :-)

Done. I'm so happy to hear of Digit's return.

We lost our dear girl-cat two and a half years ago to FIPS and never got over it... so I'm glad to give somebody a hand with a kitty that can be helped.

Please don't put me in the drawing. I live in Wyoming but if I had another sweater I don't know where I'd put it.

oh my!! i just saw the news tonight, and i too cried with joy. i am soooo thrilled that digit found his way home! best of luck to him in getting healthy and fat and happy!!!

I have made my donation and would like to offer you yarn that you could raffle off. Please send me an email if this is something you would like to do, I do not have a blog so i can't. I cried my eyes out when I read that your beloved cat was missing and I cried them out again when I found out that he came home to you.

Also, please do not put my name in the drawing, I am glad to help you out anyway I can!!!!!

I'd be happy to send Digit a little something. I wish it could be more, but Shannon is putting my vet's child(ren) through college and she needs to keep a little something aside for that :) I hope Digit feels better soon!

Holy cow! Welcome home Digit! I've been out of town and just now made it to your end of the bloglines. I am so happy for you guys, especially for Digit, that he is home. Flystrike sucks.

He looks so dignified, even with an IV. Hurray for Digit!

OMG! I'm catching up on blogs and was absolutely thrilled to hear that Digit had found his way home. Don't you wish you could ask him about his adventures? He probably started out all excited to be free, but somewhere along the way realized how good he had it at home! And the fact that he found his way home -- amazing! My girl Harley spent the first couple years of her life living in a parking lot, and she's not really interested in outside anymore.

Anyway - Digit looks like he's doing well, and I hope our collective donations - as tiny as they might be individually - can help him get even better.

Rachael and Digit,
Wish I could chip in but pennies are tight. I did post a link in my blog post today. Hope it helps!

Welcome home, Digit-Man!


No raffle entry needed, just give your Digit all the hugs he can stand! Donation given in loving memory of my beloved Phoebe cat.

Several years ago my cat Mithril hitched a ride and end up at a yacht club 2km from my house. He was gone for 2 months. When he was found he had lost half his weight, he was bedraggled, dirty, and there was a wound under his left front leg. Somehow, he had caught his leg in his collar and had been walking around like that for the two months he was gone. The local SPCA provided his initial Vet care and treatment free as this is part of their service.
When we brought him home, he ran meowing to Freckle his best friend, she hissed, slapped him and refused to acknowledge his presence for a good month. That broke my heart and I think his. While he did eventually make a full recovery and regained his former handsome appearance, his health was always fragile after his ordeal. He never wanted to leave the house again and was content to watch the world from the window.
We send Digit all the healing thoughts and best wishes we can from this coast.

Please do not enter me in the raffle. My donation is in memory of Mithril.

It's not much...I'm moving in a month , but I'm happy to chip in. Thanks for all the great reads over the past few years. I stopped cruising the knitting blogs after tendonitis decided it was here to stay. Yours is one of the few that I still follow (and love to read). The girls at work are following Digit and sending good vibes too. Heal soon, Winkey!

Oh yeah, and it's in memory of Gwenivere, Cat of my Heart, amazing spaghetti eater, who would only let me hold that paw if it was her idea. If I initiated, she'd claw my eyes out. She was a mixed up siamese/calico mess with beautiful blue eyes. My best buddy from 4 until 24....

I'm in the proverbial straits right now, too, but dude, I don't care. Damn all the people saying don't ask for help when you need it...I love you, and...that cat...

Even my husband, the cat pessimist, is amazed.

So, donation done. If I do get a Rachel sweater, I'll be freaking elated, but in the meantime, honey, take good care of you and that cat. Rock on, little Demi-Digit.

Keeping my fingers crossed for Digit. I can't believe how lucky you are that he found his way back to you!

Not sure if I can fit the girls into one of those sweaters, but I made a donation anyway ;)


I donated for Digit, and in memory of Mickey, my little paw holding sweet pea.
No need for me to be in the raffle--I love your sweaters, though, I want to do this for you and yours.


Pssssst our maid, cpurl, is outside talking to the neighbor so we snuck in her wallet and found a few bills to send to the Digitfund. Hung tough dude!

Fellow Kitties,
Cary & Mika

What a survivor!

This donation comes from Vancouver kitties Stella and Mook who are sending Digit millions of get-better vibes.

Bob, Hermana, Quinn, Emmett, Priss, Opal, Haito, Pine-top, Oblong and Julia send meows and moola. And there is no way on earth, lovely girl, that I would ever want you to part with one of your sweaters. I hate to think what I would owe you if I had to send a dollar for every smile you and your family have given me. Oh, and I've finally discovered just what it would take to get my husband,TK, to read a knitting blog. Digit did it!

As soon as SSD payday comes, consider it done! Can't think of a better memoriam for my dearest Lu Ahng Miau Khat, Mighty Huntress - who ran into something unknown she couldn't defeat.

And opt me out of the raffle, too. [g] I'll get enough warm fuzzies donating for Digit. (Erika was right; he does look pissed as hell. Good sign. Go, Digit!)

all my best wishes of recovery to such a courageous cat. :)

I'm in - different e-mail address, same Donna. Tell Digit we al all feeling the love over here - get better soon!

Ole Winky looks none too pleased to have his picture taken in such an undignified situation. Which leads me to believe he's going to make a full and complete recovery. :o)

One summer when I was about 10, my dad and I adopted a one-eyed kitten from the campground where we were vacationing.

Although Dinker (I didn't name him) was never a very affectionate cat, he was my cat, and I loved him. He disappeared one night and we thought he was lost forever. About two months later, we heard some pitiful crying at the door, and there was Dinker, thinner and more battle scarred, but home.

I've made a donation for you and Digit. Here's to a cleaned up hiney, no more GI bleeds or stones, and many more years together for the two of you.

Elisa (in Boston now, but on her way back to California)

Done. :)

Done -

From Jill and her four-legged ones: wee Milo, Dash, MacIntosh, and most of all Simon the fellow polydactyl.

We had a cat, Matey, who pulled through all kinds of accidents - getting run over, caught in rabbit snares and lots of fights. Amazing that Digit found his way back home from wherever he was, hope he makes a full recovery. No need to put me in the draw.

Likewise...no need to put me in the drawing. I consider it a gift of thanks to the universe for the cats I've known and cared about over the years.

i am so so so happy for all of you! i had my heartcat for 18 wonderful years and i STILL miss him and even with other wonderful kittyfur friends...they're not the SmokeMan! So glad to see he made it home and his health is improving. Methinks you might be seeing a somewhat less adventuresome Mr. Digit since he's had his great adventure. Mmmmwaaaahh! Hugs, kisses and full body rubs to the Digit!

I am SO happy for you and Digit. What an amazing boy he is. I am MORE than happy to contribute to his care, in loving memory of Tija, the meanest, most orney 5lb tortoiseshell cat that ever lived.

I hope your little man is feeling better soon.

I just added a bit to the kitty. (Not under my usual email addy, for reasons of different Paypal signup name and laziness.)

What you are doing reminds me of a giveaway. Traditional Native American people giveaway gifts or special things when something good happens from the universe. It sounds like most of us would pitch in some money for Digit regardless of the amazing sweaters you are offering, but symbolically, I like your idea of sending them out into your readership for Digit.

Done! We've had our own share of pet medical crises this year so I know how it is. I'm so happy he found his way back.

Because I lost my own Best Beloved Puck Robin last fall...because my husband's much-adored polydactyled Mooch cat went missing years ago...because when our Singe needed help, the people at our vet clinic pitched in...and because your blog gives me such joy to read, as a knitter-cat lover-wife of a musician myself (who also loves rides on motorcycles!)...our wee fambly (hubby & I and three cats, Singe, Bagheera & Brigid) is honoured to help out in our own small way!

Best wishes to Digit and his humans!

I'm so glad Digit is ok and back home with you. I'm sorry that vet bills are so crazy, though.

It's done...I have enjoyed reading your blog for years and it gives me so much pleasure to be able to help your family and Digit in any way that I can...

Donation made. We've had our share of expensive cats, and it's always worth every penny.
From our purring fur family (Sweetie, Maya, GreyGuy, Maynard, Murphy, TeddiGrrl, Nipper, LittleLion, Smokey, LiveWire, SparkPlug, FullHouse and Clawdette) to yours, and in memory of the ones we've lost but especially Hammurabi who had his own "lost" adventure in San Francisco, all the best.

Donation made. Get better, Digit!!

You know, people ask for donations just for running their sites. I'd pay to read you, especially uplifting stories like this one... the idea that an animal loves you so much that they would do anything, survive anything just to make it home to you... that's something worth paying to help maintain (just don't tell my husband).

And, if every person who subscribes to you in bloglines gave you $10...

Done! So happy for you that your kitty made it back home! Bet it feels better than all the Cadbury eggs you could eat! Here's to all the kitties who wandered away and never made it back...hope Digit is better soon!

Facing my own ginormous vet bills I know how you feel. I've sent a small donation though, wish it could be more.

In honor of the cat of my heart Ditto (my ditto-man). Damn I miss that cat.


Done - De-lurking - Jerome, another cat with expensive prescription food and back-end problems, sends his love to Digit.

I just donated to Digit, the non-zombie cat, in honor of Holly, who we lost to CRF last month. Get well fast, Digit!

Even if I don't win, I'd love a copy of the pattern you made for that second sweater!

Happy, winky, healthy, kitty!

As someone who is owned by SEVEN (yes, 7) cats - we're all sending purrs and headbonks Digit's way.
I lost a kitty to a malignant brain tumor in 2000, and I know how quickly the bills can creep up on you.
Bless you for loving your furbaby and giving him a fighting chance. Hope this little bit helps.
Denise and the SIX-PACK + 1

I was sent here by Chaos. This whole story is awesome. Not just because of you and Digit--but look at all those comments and gifts! Astounding. Heartening. This, I must be a part of. Mine was a dog. Got him from collie rescue when he was god knows how old already. He gave me two of the most awesome years of dog love I've ever had. One of a kind. Collie of my heart. My Max. I would say that my felines, Mina, Mona and Cheddar, are pulling for Digit. But they say that they don't need to. They have no doubts that he will be fine.

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