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Digit Drawing!June 29, 2007


HE LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER. Really, Lala told me that the reason she had yelled and called me in to the kitchen that night was that she didn't think that he would live until I got out of bed to see him. Now he just looks like a weak little Digit with a too-big fur suit.  They took a 2inch foxtail out of his eye, poor thing, and he'll be having surgery this afternoon to further clean out his back-end wound, but the major surgery will be put off until he's gone home and gotten stronger. He has several bladder stones the size of peach pits, and a possible GI bleed, but I'm happy to say they've located his heart, and it is, indeed, beating. He is not a zombie!

And because several (more than several, you sweet things) people have mentioned to me that I should ask for help if needed, or offer a pattern for sale, to help with Digit-costs, I have been thinking about proposing something. At first, it made me feel funny to think about. And I don't want to write a pattern, just don't have time right now, although a pattern for a CalTrans vest for kitties was suggested.....

But honestly, we're broker than broke right now. Digit is going to cost in the thousands by the time this is all done, and we just ain't got it. We'll charge it, of course, because pet injuries are what plastic was made for (that and trips to Europe, but I've curtailed that habit in recent years.....).

But hey. What about this?

I've got some sweaters I don't wear, even though they're kinda nice.

Maybe you'd like to enter a wee drawing to help defray vet bills?

Let's say every $10 gets your name in the hat, so $40 would get you four entries. Although, to be honest, $2 would be appreciated at this point.

Let's see what we're offering:

The Rowan Bomber, from Denim People



Soft, in Paton's Classic Merino, it's only been worn once. It WILL pill, because it's Classic Merino, but it will just get softer.

Artfibers Alpaca




This is my own design, in alpaca yarn, Jadis, from Artfibers. It's sexy and fun, but it's a little too warm for very, very hot-blooded me. I get grumpy wearing it, because I get too hot, and then no one likes being around me, so it's better if a cool-blooded person wears it, I think. Worn once at Stitches and OHMYGOD was it hot in that convention center.

Philosopher's Wool Kilim Jacket


I know, right? But doodles, it's just too hot for me. And honestly, it's not that soft, and I made it to LEARN two-handed stranded knitting, so if you win this, you will see its flaws. But it IS nice and I'm proud of it. But I don't live in the snow. You should have it. Worn once out, and once when it was REALLY cold in the house.

So, that's what I'm thinking. Make a donation by clicking the button below, and earn my undying love. No, wait, you already have that. You might win a sweater? Maybe? And you'll know that you're helping us, and more importantly, Digit-man. Otherwise known as Ole Winky.



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unfortunately all I can offer is $5, I'm not working and have a 4 legged friend of my own to feed. I'm sure Digit will pull through just fine - he looks like a fighter.

big hugs!!

Awwww, poor kitty! And I can relate to spending money on pets - no way not to help them, so indeed the plastic comes out! I just made a donation, but I live in the South. So don't put my name in for the sweaters - just accept the donation as a present from my 4 feline ladies to Digit. We're rooting for y'all!

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