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Dykes on BikesJune 25, 2007

DUDE. Know what I did on Saturday? I rode on a motorcycle. In Dykes on Bikes, in the Dyke March.


I've been trying to hitch a ride for YEARS.

It was seriously one of those dreams come true -- the dream that seems silly, and IS silly, but it's still a dream, and then it happens and it's BETTER than you thought.


My friend Geena's girlfriend was at a wedding, so I asked if I could be on the back of her motorcycle. Actually, I don't even think I asked. Geena just knew that I would desperately want to ride with her, so she told me it was going to happen. I didn't even trust it would, until that day. It seemed too good to be true.

The best part of Pride, for me, is Pink Saturday. That's the day that thousands and thousands of women meet in Dolores Park, and listen to bands, and raise money for good things, and then walk through the city streets, smiling, and dancing, or just walking. You get everyone, the girls from out of town, out of state, who have never seen a group of lesbians like this, to the mothers who bring their kids and march with them, to the older women, who might be grandmas but ain't out of the running, no way.

And that's a CRAPload of people, all in one place, and it raises Lala's Group Of People I Don't Know hackles, so it was big of her to go with me. I treated her nicely and sat her in a cafe in the far corner, so she could sing along to Thriller (and dance, too):


and we got ice cream (Mariko, it's the salted caramel with chocolate salty Fleur de Sel topping, from BiRite Creamery):


Then we met up with Geena and friends, and I got on the bike, we sat there, the engines roaring, deafeningly loud against the walls and sidewalks, and then we sat some more while hundreds of people lined the route and cheered, and then we were off and sailing through the city streets (okay, it took a while to get any speed while the cops cleared traffic ahead of us, but it FELT like we were going fast sometimes), and I had those incredible moments when you meet someone's eyes and you have a moment. But I had a lot of them, people standing on the side, smiling right into my eyes as I grinned at them, and it was the best feeling, that.*  And then we cruised around the turn at 16th and Mission, and confetti streamed down on us from a high apartment, and my eyes went up into the sky, and I realized that this was one of the best feelings EVER.

Lala and I had walked past the Women's Building earlier in the day -- the murals are incredible, and Lala's friend Moira is listed as one of the people responsible for its beauty.


We rode past it on the bike, and suddenly I knew where I was, and then we were turning around on Mission and coming back to the truck (every year we set up a dance area, and dance with the crowd as it comes marching by). (This is way more fun and less work than walking all that way. Plus if you throw Hershey kisses, you tend to GET kisses. Not that I've done that since I've been married, no. Uh-uh.)

Then we had sushi, and then we went home, and it was a completely wonderful Pink Saturday. My favorite ever. Yay.

*The most incredible time I ever had that moment of connection with someone I didn't know, Lala and I were at a march in the city. The march itself was a very large group of Pro-Life people who had come into the city on buses from all over the state. They were marching in protest against abortion. In answer, thousands of us Pro-Choicers met them, and lined their route in protest. We raised our signs, and they marched past us, with their signs, the always-charming bloody fetus kind of signs, you know the type. Lots of sinners going to hell signs. The anger low in my guts was awful, but we stood there silently, as people passed just inches from us. Then a small old lady with white hair under her baseball cap, who was marching with Them, looked at Lala and me and smiled the sweetest smile and raised her fingers in the vee for peace. Lala and I lifted our hands at the same time, and we gave her the peace sign back, and there was real compassion between the three of us, and it was one of the most powerful things I've ever witnessed.


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sounds like a super weekend - and the ride on the bike -- too cool and you look so happy :D

I have to say I have that same people I don't know thing that Lala has - so I totally understand -- but how the heck can she stand being up on stage with that??? Or is it the whole she is in control when she is on the stage but when you are just in a crowd there is no control (which I think is my issue)

oh and how is your throat holding up after all that busy weekend?

That looks like a crazy good time! I mentioned to my husband on Saturday that it looked like an awesome day for the parade. :-)

Is it weird that I want to be a lesbian for a day so I too could be a Dyke On A Bike?

I was thinking of you on Saturday! It was a beautiful day and it looks like you made it even better. I hope there were pictures taken!

I think I saw you for an instant on the news! I recognized your smiling face from the blog. :D
-D in San Jose

aww that looks awesome! My friend was there and I thought of her while reading this. Glad you had lots of fun! :)

Hey! I saw you on the little news clip last evening! I said, "Self... that's Rachael!" I even rewound it (thanks TiVo) several times to be sure my eyes weren't deceiving me. Looks like you had a terrific time and you finally got that ride.

And I was in the Pride Parade Sunday! It was awesome! We were all there to support my brother and BIL who were the elected grand marshals, and had a wonderful time.

Wow, lucky you!

Aaaah...By chance, I had the good fortune to be in NYC for Pride one year. What an awesome, awesome vibe. Glad you got that ride!

You make a lovely dyke on a bike. Sounds like a great time.

I was thinking about you on Saturday--I'm so glad you got to be on a bike this year. You look *hot*.

I think I just missed Seattle's Pride Parade. Damn- I want to take my boys and show em that love doesn't know gender. Really happy for you that you got to ride!

It was a lovely day indeed. Although I must say nothing compares to my experiences at Salt Lake City pride--there's an amazing feeling of "Hello, you thought we weren't here but WE ARE! And we brought our friends!" Congratulations on your bike ride.

Looks like a GREAT day! So much fun! And I hope that ice cream satisfied your salt needs!

So much fun! You've certainly written wistfully about the dykes on bikes year after year, so I'm very glad your dream came true. :)

Good times! The couple of times I've been driven around on a bike I thought it was awesome, so it's exciting you got to this year!

whoohoo! it's so good to realize a dream! looks like a good time was had by all (including Lala!) Beautiful day and beautiful strong wonderful proud women out marching and riding...life is good and ain't it grand to live in a place and time where ya don't have to hide in a closet :)

If I were a lesbian, being a dyke on a bike would be one of my greatest dreams, too. I'm so thrilled you got to fulfill!

You made a beautiful Dyke on a Bike. I'm jealous - I haven't ridden a motorcycle in over 20 years! I'm glad you had a perfect day and your dream came true.

If I was a dyke and I had a bike, I would want you to be the passenger who did the "Let's take a picture of us by turning the camera around!" shot, cuz you guys look great there.

Saw Geena at the Pride Parade on Sunday, too! Coolio!

Your peace-sign-from-the-ProLifer story made me cry.

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