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KnittensJune 9, 2007

***Added a bit later - How cute is Mandy's new sweater? Don't you want her to sell the pattern? I need a lacy little sweater like that, go bug her to write it up***

Good morning, kids.

I haven't been here that much lately, have I? I must admit I've been rather uninspired when it comes to the blogosphere lately. I'm reading posts, but hardly commenting. Not moved to write posts myself. Blogennui.

Is it because it's becoming summer? Is it because I've been ill and worn out? Is it because at home kittens crawl all over me when I'm on the computer? I do spend a lot more time on the internet while at work, and I don't spend that much time on it, compared to what I used to spend. (Also, grammar has gone out the window, obviously.) Lala is terrified I will go the way of all her priors gals, most of whom professed to lurve the internet, only to forget every password they ever knew as soon as soon as they knew Lala's birthday by heart. I think I won't do that. I lurve the internets. However, I think I'm resting a bit. For the first time ever, when Google Reader (LOVE MY GOOGLE YES I DO) says that I have 100+ posts to read (isn't that polite? That's the most it ever says I have, even though I know it's more like 600+ posts unread.....) I don't care. Just don't care. I have a folder called Friends, and my favorites ever are in there (that's where your blog is), and I make sure I read everything in there. All the rest, things like lifehacks and writing news and crafts posts, eh. I mark 'em as read and I DON'T CARE. Liberating, really.

Know what I do care about? Besides knitting? (You wouldn't know it, would you, but I have been knitting, and made the CUTEST shrug from this pattern, just no pics yet -- I don't even like shrugs, but this is just like a cute short sweater.) I care about knittens! Crazy chasing knittens!

    Fluffy Willie, looking like a big cat

    Miss Idaho is still unsure about all this.

    Willie Smush Sleep.

    Oh, the curled up Waylon cuteness.

Enjoy your weekend, all, and if you're out and about  tonight, Saturday, please come by the Great American Music Hall for the BEST show -- the Whoreshoes are playing with Devil Makes Three. It's gonna kick ass. Yeehaw! 


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Oh Rachael.... I don't have a blog & thus feel no pressure to be posting all of the time, but I confess that the window that you have opened on your world is one that I really enjoy looking into (in my favorites folder!). I hope that you don't decide to abandon your site. I would miss you! : )

All is forgiven when you show us knittens. But do try and rest up so you can feel ALL better. That's totally more important than entertaining us. Sure we miss you, but we'd prefer to know you were getting well.

your listing of the crappy household chores is genius. Today I'll implement that approach, perhaps interspersed with 5-10 minutes of sock knitting between the really awful jobs, like folding laundry. I have five kids; you'd think I could pass that chore on to them, but I'm a picky control freak about how things look (especially towels). Hope you're feeling better. Cami

I have to tell you, I am really enjoying all the kitten pics. My current place, while cute and well-located, does not allow pets, which means this is the first time since I was 7 that I have not lived with a kitty....sadness! So at least I have your sweet kitties to admire vicariously. :-)

Black kittens. My favorite! The term blogennui is apt. Been there. Done that. Damn, no t-shirt?!

Thanks for introducing me to Mandy's blog. Her sweaters are awesome. And thanks for the knittens, though I think Miss Idaho is depressed not to be the smallest anymore. But she's still the cutest.

I enjoy reading about yours and Lala's lives, but everyone needs a break. Just keep posting the cute pet pictures! Love the ones that have both dog and kitty in them.

Boo hoo... I'd be out & about, but the Whoreshoes' gig is about 1000 miles away. Poo.

Rachael, thank you so much!! You're a doll. :)
Someday I will come to a Whoreshoes gig, someday...

bah.. I wish I had blogennui. It's hell week (the 7 days before finals) this week and finals week next week but I can't seem to STOP posting. Procrastination has reached a new low point called blogging and reading blogs.. while in contrast spending money on a university education is at its peak. SIGH.

That said, I really enjoy your posts, so please get well soon! (More procrastination fodder.. but in the best way possible!) :D

You're right - her sweater is gorgeous! And I love your kitties - but Miss Idaho has had me wrapped around her teeny little paw ever since she sat on my lap during the Dulaan knit-in.

We were in the city last night and I'd have loved to see the Whoreshoes, but alas, we had to go to an engagement party. Not that we didn't enjoy that, but I wish we could have fit both into the evening!

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