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Harry Potter Fans in the Bay Area June 22, 2007


Knitters converge!

You already know you're getting the book on the day it's released, July 20th. Of course.

But you know what's more fun than THAT? Can you IMAGINE?

Seeing my sister's band, Deadpan Alley, play their Harry Potter songs at Bookshop West Portal in San Francisco on the release day. That day, they will be known as Knockturn Alley, and I say we knitters converge in honor of Mrs. Weasley and watch the show. Leave her a comment to get on the evite list, or just show up. DETAILS HERE.

Dude. So cool.


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So are you knitting something in line with the theme?

And Hermione too! Representing the younger generation of knitters that we all need to keep this great thing going.

Wish I could be there.

That's so cool!

That is amazingly cool. Would love to make it, but we'll see.

What fun!

Hey Rach--thanks for the publicity! You totally rock!!!!

I'll be there. Oh wait, wrong coast. Damn it...

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