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OH MY GODJune 30, 2007

Okay, you people. PEOPLE!

I am overwhelmed. In one day (ONE DAY) you gave enough to cover Digit's vet bills already incurred and those that are planned for the near future. We don't have to put any of the bills on the charge card. NONE OF THEM.

How did you do it? The majority of you gave $10 and $20, and it just added up! A few people gave more, and made me literally gasp, looking at the screen.

And the thought occurred to me that I could just keep it going. You could keep pouring your hard-earned dollars into my paypal account, and Lala and I could eat sushi every night. I could get a bicycle! She could buy a windmill!

BUT. I believe you all took care of Digit because you are good, and kind, and sweet, and wonderful, and it would be wrong to take advantage of even one dollar that has been sent. Even though I really like to eat sushi. {Shoot.} 

So I was going to just shut down the whole drawing today and while jumping up and down and squealing like one of our kittens, tell you that WE HAVE THE MONEY OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! But Lala mentioned that some of you who have yet to read this site this week might still want to get in on the raffle action, so here's what I think.

If you still want to get in on the sweater drawing (see below for details), please do so. But from here on out, all monies raised will go to the Milo Foundation and Best Friends Animal Society. Harriet came from Milo, and I've been to Best Friends and I think it's one of the best places in the whole wide world. I'll do the drawing next week (probably next weekend, Saturday?), and I'll let you know then how much we'll be donating.


I've been at work the last few days, and my coworkers can't get over all this. First they couldn't believe the Digit-man story, and then, as I posted the drawing idea, they could NOT believe that you, my internet friends, were giving so sweetly, so generously, so quickly.  I could believe it, because I know the power of the knitters, but just barely, and I am still head-flappingly astounded.

So here, if you want in on the drawing, click here. $10/chance (so 5 chances for $50, etc.), as many chances as you'd like. You wonderful people, you.

Update: Digit came home today! Woot! He did very well during his small surgery (just to patch up his rear end), and is recovering well. We expect him to be strong enough for a second, bigger surgery in about two weeks. Sadly, I am at work, and I haven't seen him yet, but I know Lala tucked him up in the front room with his new kitty bed (I've been sleeping with the interior cushion for the last three nights, so it will smell like me), and by now he's seen the kittens (oh, how I wish I'd been there for that). He's in the front glassed-in porch while he recovers -- from there he'll be able to look into the house and keep an eye on us at all times, but he'll be safe from irritating dogs AND kittens. And he'll be able to keep an eye on the neighborhood, as well. Should work. I hope. I'm a little scared of the patented YOWL if he doesn't like it, but we'll find out tonight.

Oh, you blessed people.

Thank you. 


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That is awesome! I am so glad you can cover the expenses.. those can add up. Give Digit a kiss from us!

I am so happy to hear that your expenses are now covered. Perhaps you should just hold onto the funds for now to make sure there isn't any further care that Digit may need.

I can't tell you how often I thought about you and Digit that last few months - and to read the great news that he was home, just made me cry! Please don't enter me in the drawing, but know that I had been hoping against hope that MAYBE, just maybe, your Digit would come home.

Tons of love for your entire household!

Good. I'm glad you don't have money-worries on top of Digit-surgery worries.

Now, hurry up and get home so he can hold your paw.

Good comes to good people (and good cats). Leave me out of the raffle, much as I admire your work. Post-menopause and post-chemo, I am one hot mama (notice that is not spelled HOTT). A special kiss on the top of Digit's head from me...

Oh, the power of knitters! (and good-hearted people in general).

This kind of thing reaffirms my cockeyed optimism about humanity. And my faith that even with what little one person can do, when you add it up to the little everyone else can do, you can get a lot done.

Give Digit a kiss (or if he doesn't like that kind of thing, a scratch behind the ears) for me.

Holy Jebus. Clearly, we all rock. Good Knitterly Kharma all around!

:) This totally rocks.

You & Digit are so, so welcome! I was lucky enough to hear the Yarn Harlot speak in Victoria BC a few weeks ago, and she said something interesting about knitters as "super-responders" to fundraising efforts: While many people might feel helpless, as though their tiny contribution won't make a difference either way - knitters inherently understand that (I'm paraphrasing here) "One small action, repeated over and over, adds up to something significant." One need only knit a single sock to see that idea manifest!

I really think that the answer to the Big Scary Problems of the World is for us to take care of each other, one human bean to another, in whatever small ways we can. Thanks, Digit, for giving us a chance to put that into practice!

It most certainly is the Digit-al age...oh I'll stop.

Yeah The Dig is home and on the mend. Don't tell him about the next surgery yet though, he doesn't look like he's in the mood.

Woo-hoo all around! *happy Digit, Rachael, & Lala dance*

M'kay, the part where the knitters got yer back so quick? Doesn't surprise me in the least. Because we are knitters. Knitters who adore you and Lala and your menagerie over there. Knitters who adore you and Lala and your menagerie and love a happy ending so thank you for letting us contribute to the happy.

The part where your boy's gonna be home when you get home from work? THAT's still surprising me in a happy teary way.

The part where Lala wants a windmill? Um, really?

Of course we helped. Have you not heard of the Harlot's Knitters without Borders? Claudia's MS Ride? I am not surprised that we could (and would) help, however I am THRILLED that we helped so fast! Go Knitters! I love this community.

Hugs to Digit. :)K

I sent $10 'cause a) I want a sweater in the hopes it will make my rack look like yours (admit it, that's why we're all doing it -- I'm the only one brave enough to admit it) and b) I think Lala should get a windmill and c) I sold some wool and other stuff today and seeing I don't have my own kitties to take care of any more, I'd like to help take care of yours.


I've been reading your blog for ages, and have on several occasions resisted the urge to post a comment, because, well, you don't know me. But this, man, this has put me over the edge. I have to, have to, have to send my congratulations on the fact that your family is together again. And the outpouring of support evidenced here (gah! if I'd checked in sooner, I definitely would have donated to the Digit fund!)... just... wow. Today, your blog has made an internet stranger cry.

We all love you, dude, and your entire family.

You're a good person, a kind person, and a caring person, as evidenced by the fact that I think we all know you'd damn near bankrupt yourself if that's what it took to make sure Digit had a fighting chance.

So - y'know, thanks for giving us the opportunity to be good right back atcha.

And if you'd like to take a little of my donation and have some sushi? Rock on.


If a sweater can give me a rack like yours, sign me up! I'm glad to be part of it; glad to know that when People We Love need something, help arrives; glad to believe that this help is there to sustain any of us that needs it.

Welcome Home Digit!!!

I'm thrilled for you that Digit is doing well enough to come home. What a wonderful thing!

Wow. I went away for a couple of days and look at all the action! I'm so glad to hear that Digit is going to be well.

Still thinking good thoughts for Digit! So glad the expenses worked out for y'all!

Glad to hear he's on the mend! And I wanted you to know that the Digit updates have been my daughter's bedtime stories these recent nights....

Well I was going to donate to the digit cause when I get paid this coming week...but how cool is this that it went so fast! I wasn't really going to do it for the raffle but to help...I know how it is to have sick fur child and not be able to pay...so I will still donate towards your charities when my pay check comes in on friday...:-)

Thanks for keeping the donation button on! I, too, think you should hold off on the shelter donations (great idea, though) until you're sure Digit doesn't need anything else. Is a gold crown too much? A ride to to the moon? I am in love with his story.

Woo-hoo! So glad to hear that Digit made it home from the vet. Love him up a bunch for everyone. I know that I would be willing to give even MORE if I could, so just ride the wave of knitterly goodness and all hail the power of the internet! Yay Digit!

Yeah, my daughter is loving the Digit story too. I'm glad that you don't have to put charges on your card, because that really stinks. I agree though that you should make sure you don't need the money for Digit before you pass it on. I totally respect you for worrying about what it gets spend on though. That is probably the quality that makes us all feel really good about helping.

Mika (who came from TVAR) and Cary (who came from ARF) say two paws up, way up, for supporting Milo and Best Friends! (they also think you should treat yourself to some sushi too)

Please don't tell me that I can't donate to the Digit fund. Hello!!!!!! So WHAT if it means ya'll can go do sushi on me (or at least some of it)???!?!?!? I WANT to help! I'm so happy for you, and it's important to let us all help you--it's the next best thing to being there! So relax already and let the love wash over you, baby. We're ALL excited for you and your kitty. Meow!!!

Ah, shucks, a little bit of sushi would be fine. I mean, really, you do have to keep your strength up so that you can take proper care of Digit. Think of what Digit needs.

You guys are such a class act!

I'm SO happy that little Digit is taken care of financially for now. I'm even happier that he's at home recuperating!

It simply wouldn't make sense for you to get anything other than a resounding response. I expect there are so many who, like me, don't comment frequently but we are HERE...appreciating, enjoying, and sort of riding the wake of your energy, spirit and joy. I mean, I have 16 squares of nearly ready to pick veggies because of the little nudge I got from you! And as someone who lived in Monterey for 11 years and is now in appalachia....for god's sake, no for MY sake...please go have all the sushi you like!

Glad to help. We have 7 cats, 9 rabbits and a Cocker Spaniel. I know all too well about vet bills.

I'm so happy Digit is feeling better! Years ago, my mother's cat, Lyrka, got very sick, and we all thougt she was gonna die: she looked like a skeleton. When cured, she recovered so quickly we could see her becoming bigger and bigger!!! After that, she lived 10 years more! I hope it will be the same for Digit!

My, my, my. You stop reading for a few days and an incredible story of hope and joy unfurls itself. And I thought I owed you an email to say I ran into Lala in the Mission.

Kisses and cuddles to all family members. Sushi on me some day soon?

sooo glad you kept the donation button up! even if my particular money doesn't go directly to digit at least it will go to an animal that needs it. great idea! (although i'd also be in favour of you using it to eat sushi.)

I just found out about Digit from Wendy Black and I've read all of this with amazement and complete happiness. I donated in honor of all the barn kitties and house cats that I grew up with, as well as our new baby girl Roxy, who likes to dart out the door as fast as she can. (What she doesn't realize is that there are many, and I mean MANY, coyotes just waiting outside our door for a tiny little-bit like her.)

Buy the way, now that I live in Denver as of six months ago (born and raised in San Diego, CA) I NEED those bottom two sweaters. We had a hell-a winter this last one, and I expect the same for the next. Crossing my fingers here!

Once again, congrats.

Yay for one-to-one connections where we can help just a little and add up to a lot!

Helping the world, one blogger at a time . . .

Another lurker donating a tiny amount for a wonderfully huge cause. In honor of my own cat-of-my-heart, who didn't come into my life until the end of his life, but whom I'll never forget.
Thank you for being a compassionate friend of animals.

Hee - the power of the Intarwebs :)

When Steph spoke at Powell's earlier this month in PDX, she was talking about why knitters gave so much more often and freely for charitable causes. She said that, for some reason, knitters understood that their one small donation was still significant, and therefore they more likely to give. And we were all sitting there, holding our projects which were visual aids of this very idea. (Of course, she said this in a funnier way, but you get the point.)

Plus, we just kick ass :) I'm so glad you have the funds you need to take care of your baby.

Rachael and Lala, I made a donation for Digit in the name of my beloved cat, Dommy, that died on June 26th. I read later on that you had the money raised already but its still going to a good cause AND I am in the lovely drawing you're having! I am so happy Digit is home and healing. Hugs to all.

Holy. I go out of town for like 5 days and I miss all this. Firstly, I cannot believe Digit is back in your life. I've never met the cat, but love him dearly and cried with you when he didn't end up back home months ago. And the love online is just unbelievable. Kisses to all of you.

Dear Uber-human, Uber-knitter, I would love to see a cafepress Digit design - you are wonderful and clever - and I am sure that Digit is still Digit, and has a few more tricks up his paws yet! He needs a steady income!

Yay, go us! ;)

And go Milo Foundation and Best Friends! I might be a little weird, but I teared up at your choices, really couldn't pick better for a one local, one national. Best Friends is amazing and I remember a lot of goodness from the Milo foundation when I lived up in your parts. Er, the Bay Area, I mean.

I'm so glad Digit's doing well and I hope he adjusts to the kittens okay. :)

How old is the Didge Dude? I fourth or fifth the idea that don't send off any donation money UNTIL the dude is through his next surgery. They'll be happy to get it whenever they get it. Things can mount up, ya know? Love the comments about knitters hoping to get your rack if they win the sweater. If I didn't have your rack plus and extra 80 pounds I could maybe fit in the sweater, so I reiterate, don't be putting my name in that raffle! I'd have to reraffle everything. Get Lala a small pottery windmill on eBay as a token placeholder and then take her over to the little garden in Golden Gate Park under the working windmill closest to the beach and let her stroke it and do a little mojo. Don't scare anybody.

I'm sooooo very glad to hear that Digit has made his way back and is recovering so well. My thoughts are with all of you as he does the healthy thing!

This is the happiest story I have heard for ages! Love and healthy thoughts to your whole family x

aww yay! The story of Digit's return has been happy through and through. I'm so glad.

I live in Santa Barbara for most of the year, which is close to Solvang (which I personally think is kind of creepy for a little tourist Danish town). There are lots of windmills (big and little) there. I didn't get a chance to donate to the digit fund, so if your wife wants a little tiny windmill, I'll be happy to send one your way :)

Thrilled, I am, to be able to contribute to something pet-related in memory of our little wien. It has been so comforting to have read Digit's saga, in light of our recent loss.

DAMN. I can't believe he came back! And obviously, I should read your blog more regularly, 'cause I just found out. I'm so happy for you!!! I cried when you thought he died. Give him a little hug from me, too.

Awesome. I knew that would happen.

Oh, Rachael. I haven't read in a few days, and what a few days to miss. I cried when I read the story of him coming home.... I'm so glad for you both. Words are really quite inadequate right now. :)

Yep, I umpteenth it on holding onto some for future... Maybe half, if you feel uncomfortable about it? (Stop that. [g] You'd just be doing the responsible furmom thing, and we all obviously worried like hell about Digit and don't want you to have to worry about him in future.)

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to my bank *finally* reporting a deposit so I can donate. (I keep calling to check, LOL, even though it's early. Sometimes they come through a day ahead of sched.) And I, too, Would Not Fit, LOL - so just skip adding the name!

Dang! I am happy to donate even tho you've got the bills covered. I know from Vet bills. (I also crave that Philosopher's Stone Sweater -- it really IS all about me, afterall)

With the rest of the dough -- I trust your judgement to do what needs to be done -- even if it is a slush fund for other Vet related ER visits.

I am sooo happy to hear that this all turned out so wonderfully!!!
I too adopted an animals (my dog, Fanny) from Milo Foundation and I will happily donate money to support their cause. I'm so glad that Digit is finally home and cannot wait to hear about all the adventures that are yet to come!
congrats to you and Lala and all your furry kids! XOXO!!! :o)

I sent a small contribution, but please do not enter me in the raffle, not that I would ever in a million years win anything anyway, but those beautiful sweaters are just too warm for Atlanta!

Buy yarn, Rach. Then eat sushi.

I made a small donation, and there is no need to enter me in the drawing.
After close to a year I've accepted that my Spooky isn't coming back... so I contributed in sorrow for the losses, in joy for all happy reunions and in gratitude for the wonder that loving a pet is.

I was going to comment in a loving, warm-fuzzy, eloquent sort of way but I can't stop laughing about Rabbitch hoping for a rack like yours.

Lala, you want I should knit you a windmill? I've knit a spindle before...shouldn't be all *that* hard...

woot! Just in time for my donation to go to ... well, if not Digit, then the others are perfectly all right with me. Here I was awaiting the first of the month to do a donation [over the $2 bucks that is :)].

So pleased. So very pleased things seem to be working out. You are so lucky to have Lala. She deserves a big hug for finding him and getting you up.

Hugs and kisses and head scratches all around! I'll let you decide who gets what. :)


please allow me the pleasure of doing the "told you so dance." hee hee

i love it when i'm right!!!

Well, I'm still trying to get Paypal to remember me. I remember it, but not my password. Sheesh. Anywho, adding to deb's comment, knitters understand that one small contribution adds up because we knit one small stitch at a time. We know in our hands, in our muscles and in our bones that small things stack up into wonderful larger things quickly and easily. We're one-step-at-a-time kind of peoples! Thank you for letting us continue to contribute. I'll second/third/and fourth other commenters: keep it for now. There could be medication. There could be IV's. There could be aftercare. You could need sushi. Hey, anything could happen!

Yay! *clapping hands*!

So glad he's on the road to recovery!

I'm still moist-eyed, and so happy for you and all your family. I am donating on Digit's behalf, whether it goes to him or some other animal in need. But I would echo someone above -- hold onto it until he's all better. Make it a little Digit trust fund! Then anything left after he's truly himself again can go to others.

I have a similar story -- my parent's beloved cat, who tended to scale the fence but always come back at night, was missing for weeks. We all scoured the neighborhood, put up signs, followed up reports of stray orange cats, but after 3 plus weeks, gave up hope. Then he was found - stuck in a window well; somehow he had gotten in a covered window well and couldn't get out. The people in the house heard him meowing and kept looking outside, but couldn't see anything so thought it was the neighbor's cat. When found, he was severely dehydrated (though only the fact that it had rained on & off probably saved his life) and had gone from 17 to 8 lbs, but he pulled through and did great. Digit, even more so, is an unexpected miracle, a gift from Somebody, and we share in your joy from afar.

i agree, I think you should hang on to the money for at least 60 days if not 90. That way you can feel at ease about anything else that might need to be done. He needs you focused on him (WELL DUH, of course) and not worrying about money will help that! So, hang on to it at least for a while. C: Happy digit homecoming from my lot of 5 cats, 4 dogs and a parrot!!

Congratulations on Digit's return home! About the sushi...Digit may need some to keep up his strength. If you get some, I'm sure he'll share. :o)
I made a small donation, but please don't enter me in the raffle; the fact that Digit or the Milo Foundation would benefit is enough for me!(My cat Zoey is from Milo).

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