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Stole! June 11, 2007

I am a new woman today. I accidentally stayed up from 4:30am on Saturday until 8:30pm on Sunday, 40 hours or so, and by last night I was an irritating moron and didn't feel too well, either. I didn't plan it, just had to work a lot, but wouldn't let the opportunity of seeing Devil Makes Three playing WITH the Whoreshoes pass me by, so I went out Saturday night after work, knowing I had to get up at 4:30am to go back to work. I was tired! So I had coffee! Two cups! And then proceeded to stay WIDE AWAKE for the three hours I had available to sleep. Bah.

But the show was great, possibly the best show they've had, I think. And I met Lisa, who won for coming the farthest way to see the Whoreshoes -- all the way from Alaska. She lives there, and yes, PERHAPS she had other reasons for coming to San Francisco, but she made it to the show and she was great. You know how you meet a person and you're like, oh, yes, that's a nice person. And then you meet someone and you think, Yeah! Great person, so glad she's here! That was Lisa. Plus she gave me a bottle of wine, which was sweet and will not go unappreciated. And she's a nurse/midwife, which will remain one of my unfulfilled dreams, so that makes her even cooler. Thanks, Lisa. Come back soon.

Also, I wore my new stole (the pattern says it's a capelet, but it feels more like a stole in the wearing):


It used 2 skeins Lambs Pride bulky, I think I used size 13 needles to get gauge. Took about five minutes. I found the brooch in my jewelry box (I don't really have one of those -- I have a bunch of places where I keep costume jewelry, but I like to say that I do), and it worked out perfectly as closure:


And it went with my outfit for the show:


And a bonus shot, since the camera was set on sepia when I started shooting:



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oooo that's beautiful! and i love the pin. i have an entire collection of marvelous rhinestone pieces; most of which i received as payment for a skirt i sewed for someone once.

Hey! I stayed up til 4 am that night, myself. ;) Then, a 7.5 hour marathon brunch. We missed you and La.
That was THE BEST show. What good company, too. And your outfit? Gorgeous.
Rest up, sweetie! xo

You look great in that outfit! I'm not a shrug/capelet/whatever person but it looks fab with that dress and the brooch.
40 hours, yikes. I did 36+ once, just one time, and then slept for 24 after that.

Love the capelet!! You look marvelously retro in the sepia picture!!

Dude, that last picture is so 1940's. Nice!

You look fabulous! I wanted to say it looks very 40's, but Claudia beat me to it. I second her. Now get some sleeeeep!

The capelet looks great! The sepia pic is very retro pin-up.

You make that stole look so cute! It must be the hair and lipstick.

Ordinarily I see those things and think "bleh". But now I'm like "I've got a similar dress! It needs a stole! Do I have yarn? When can I start?" Never mind I never wear lipstick, prefer wild curls to slick ringlets and don't have your figure. My instinct says all I have to do is knit a stole to look like that.

Seriously, you've got some great mojo going on there.

You are so cute in those pictures that I can't stand it. Love the stole!

Girl, you should just walk around in sepia all the time! You look fantastic!

Wow! I love the way you rock the retro look!

That sepia pic is supercute. Nice shot! I really like the stole/capelet, too. Seems perfect for sundresses in air-conditioning this time of year.

That is the exact pattern I've been searching for, I've been searching for a capelet for months. I think I love it. Yours is beautiful. Mind if it's my next knitting project?

You are VERY photogenic by the way. I hope you're feeling better, you sound and look like you're much better.

Wow! I want a capelet know. Oh, wait. It would look TOTALLY DORKY with the ratty turtlenecks I wear all the time.
Plus, I can't carry off a 40-hour-awake cycle, either.
I'm starting to really dislike you!

You, m'lady, are a stunner.

That is HOT! How in the heck did Lala pull herself away from you long enough to go onstage and play??? Dang!

Totally HOT!!!

Pretty stole, pretty dress! The sepia tone is very 40's glamour girl-ish!

I'm not the only commenter with this thought, but I will add my voice to the chorus, anyway. You should always be photographed in sepia tones. The retro look really suits you. If your hair was still blonde, it would more sweetness than I could take :-).

You look very 1940's in the sepia shot. Very glam.

Love the sepia shot -it brings out the glamour girl in you!

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together. Everything looks so perfect! You look especially lovely in the sepia.

Dude. Way to rock the retro.

Another plaudit for the sepia photo.

You are a vision! I've gotta make that stole.

You wear it well! Also looks comfortable. Nice to have a bit of something for the bare arms.

I looove your stole! With the brooch, and the dress...cute! And you're cute too, your look and style remind me of those ladies painted on the sides of planes in WWII, hehe. ;)

I may be straight but damn, woman, you look HOT! :)

Damn. Knew I was forgetting something this week-- forgot entirely about the Whoreshoes show. AAARG!
Nice stole and you look super cute in that photo....

The stole looks fab. But I have to warn those of you about to start on one that it quite definitely does NOT take 5 minutes. And I should know because I am making it too. (Honey in the camisole class started the rage!) Ms Y -a-g-g is Ms Lightening fingers when it comes go knitting and get this---she doesn't even look at it!

You look just a movie star from the 20s in the sepia shot! Just gorgeous!

Ooh don't you look fabulous!!!

pretty stole and dress - they look like they were made to got together it is a perfect outfit. But I have to say I LOVE the hair this way - never change it ;) It is perfect, it is wonderful it is YOU!!!

have done those 40 hour things - blah....

There goes my theory that capes are never a good idea.... you look lovely in that capelet, stole, whichever! Just a complete success, and the pin and the outfit and the whole schmear. Applause!

~~ Terri in SF
(haven't left a comment in a while, but remain a faithful reader....)

long time lurker here: boop boop a doop!


How cute are you?? That stole really is the perfect complement to your sweet dress. The whole look is gorgeous! Sepia toned photo has such a glamorous, vintage vibe. Perfect!

Love the stole - especially the sepia glamour shot. The closure is the perfect addition to set it off - and you look amazing. Love the dress. Love the hair. Hope you had a great time. Get some rest.

Rachel, you look fabulicious! That capelet is so much cuter with the brooch instead of the buttons.

That brooch was the perfect thing for your capelet. You are so pretty!!

That stole looks great on you! And the brooch makes it even better! I have totally done the stay up all night without meaning to thing. Glad you finally got some sleep!

okay, that turned out wicked cute and it's way cuter than you described! Also, I hope that the camera accidentally starts out on sepia every time 'cause how HOT is that shot?!

So cute! I love the sepia picture because it looks like one of those "old" pictures. Not that you're old! :)

I bet you stole the show, darling.

Ah, that's cute, and you look so pretty.

What they said.

How cute!! You rock the sepia shot too...very chic and movie star-ish.

I have a very interesting family Connection to Devil Makes Three. The bass player is my husband's second cousin. How's that for stretching? Anyways, her mother was at my wedding at least. It's cool that you got to see them live, I'm all the way on the other coast. That stole is beautiful, btw.

Beautiful stole! Love it.

I love it! It's beautiful!

Look at how fabulous you look! Sepia instantly turned you into a 40s pinup girl with your perfect eyebrows and lush lips ;)

You make me question my straighness hehe~!

I am catching up on my bog reading- glad to hear that you are feeling better, but so sorry to hear that you have to have tonsils out. I expect that is no fun (just had a wisdom tooth pulled this week...)

The kitties are adorable! And the stole looks gorgeous on you, great color too.

you're so pretty! i love the sepia picture especially.

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