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We Are OverwhelmedJune 28, 2007

By your kindnesses, by your responses, by one darling Paypal donor who shall remain anonymous, by the huge amount of love you've sent our way. I have a theory that Digit can only be helped and boosted by what you're sending his way (if you're late joining us, yes, THAT Digit).

Because updates have been requested, I just talked to the doctor -- Digit's resting today, still on IV fluids and antibiotics. He ate a little bit, which is huge, and they're syringe feeding him, as well. He has bladder stones as big as peach pits which will have to be removed when he's strong enough for surgery, which he isn't yet, and he has something wrong with his stomach, perhaps a GI bleed, possibly from ulcers.

Add to that the massive wound in his tail end, it sounds like a lot, and sounds like very little, after having made his way home.

Mom has a theory that I like the best. It was early March when he disappeared -- it was cold then. Perhaps he was out one chilly evening, and jumped into the back of a moving truck, or a pickup, or an open window of a warm-looking sedan, and hitched an accidental ride to who-knows-where. That makes more sense than someone picking him up and dumping him far away..... Who knows where he went? I doubt he went over one of our bridges, but I think he went far. Very far.

But now I know where he is. And I get to see him when I get off work! Can't WAIT.

Also, Erika made me a lolcat. (And you should go see hers....)


HAAA! (This was taken when he was big and tough. Will take pics of him soon, and then we'll watch him get better together, shall we?)

You all are darlings, and I love you. Really.


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We love you (and Digit) too!

Oh, such a relief. (Poor guy, tail wound and tummy wound and hurting to pee!) I'm guessing they did finally hear his heart? Because I think it's as big as a room.

Thanks for the update! Poor little guy! He's tough cookie, that one is!

awww ((Digit)) feel better soon, OK? Your mom's have missed you bunches.

I'm so glad that things are looking up for you, and that people are supporting you and your family. :D I enjoy the update, keep them coming!

OMG. I didn't see your post yesterday. You have to update the blog as often as you can. My heart is splayed open for Digit and his recovery. I believed you when you said you were each other's only one. I really believe you now.

Oh my gosh, I cried like a baby when I read about you losing Digit, and I practically did so again yesterday when I read about you finding him (or rather, him finding you). What an amazing animal. What an amazing bond. I believe in both of you!!

Why do I get something in my eye every time I read one of your posts these days? Darned cottonwood ...

I'm a little late to the game...just read your last post. So much love to you and Digit.

I've been reading your blog for, like, 4 forevers now-- mostly lurking. I gotta tell you I was totally and completely speechless after reading that your One True Cat came back. Could barely read the screen through my tears. I am so, so elated for you and Digit. Really, this is the stuff movies are made of--or at least really great feel-good endings to the 5 o'clock news. I had my own one true cat for the first 20 years of my life. I grew up sleeping with her paw in my hand. I thought we were the only ones. OMG, tearing up again... gotta jet.

Please do keep us posted. This is one of those times when fact is stranger than fiction and may make a wonderful story some day.

Yay for Digit! He'll be fine, he's getting all the good mojo sent his way from blogland. My Chuckie, Gladys, Little Dude and Guy are all pulling for their cat-brother too!

I'm just tearing up all over again. I sent a link to your blog to my DH yesterday, and he also thought it was the most wonderful story. He's a big softie. He asked if this was a blog I read often, and I had to explain that you were one of my must-reads, and have been for a long time now!

Tell us all about Digit getting better. Can't wait until you can tell us that he' sleeping paw-in-hand with you again.

I cried when you first told us that Digit was gone and I just cried again when I read about his return...I am so thrilled that you are reunited and I will be sending my positive thoughts for a quick recovery! I'm going to go hug each of my cats now...

That lolcat is freakin' hilarious. Digit's got a lot of people out there sending him the good vibes, and I think they're gonna work.

We love you too!

Man, I totally missed that yesterday! I am so glad he found his way home! Will be sending good vibes his way and you and La's way, as well! Please do keep us posted!!!

Thanks for the update. Pulling for him from the East coast.

I had a cat who would jump into open car windows for a little nap, and he was not particular about *whose* car it was....I know he once woke up just as my neighbor across the street was pulling out an let out such a YOWL from the back seat that the poor man almost wrecked the car!

Thanks for the update! My personal theory is similar to that of your mom's. Except that mine involves a railroad boxcar, a tiny little bundle tied on a wee little stick, and a miniature, cat-sized harmonica.

OMG!!!!! That's such amazing news! I and the kitties here and the DH too are all sending Digit the warmest, get-better-soonest vibes we can.

You know, I started thinking about it. Assuming he was relocated at the beginning of the four-month period, and that he made 5 miles a day (that sounds pretty reasonable)... dude, that's 600 miles. Which makes me wonder if he got himself locked into the back of a long-haul trucker.

According to Google Maps, that would put him in Portland, San Diego, or Salt Lake City. Did he happen to return with a receipt from Powell's Books, Shamu's autograph, or a set of Mormon temple garments? Because that would clear this little mystery right up.

I'm just glad you got your kitty back. Any idea when he'll be well enough to come home?

That is one smart cat. I'm so glad he's back with people who love him so much! OK, I'm all verklempt..... sniff.... sending good kitty karma....

I had to de-lurk as well to tell you how happy I am that your boy is back - when I read your post that he was missing I went home and hugged mine extra tight, and I did the same after hearing that he came home, we're all pulling for him and can't wait for the updates!

Socrates and I are rooting for you!


I like Erika's theory the best! I'm just so very, very happy for you and for him.

That lolcat just kills me. Because WORD.

Oh poor mite. He's got so much in front of him, but it's so worth it, it really is.

SO happy for you both! What an astonishing reunion! Heal well, dear Digit! You have the purrrrfect middle name, Rachael!
Don and I are so happy for you both! Much love and rejoicing,

Ya know.....I was pretty sure it would happen. Usually when you get psychic vibes in advance of an event, it's all about bad things, so I tend to ignore them and pretend they mean nothing. But at the time I wanted to tell youse two not to give up yet. I have a friend locally whose boy disappeared for 8 months - she did everything humanly possible short of going to the white house and pasting a poster of Seamus on the front gate. One night at 2 a.m. she heard him crying to get in the slider door. Seamus is all-black and she has two other all-black cats so she had to check him over completely and count toes just like you to believe it was him. THEN the crying and the phone calls could start. Unlike Digit, he came back in perfect health and seems to have been snatched but treated well. As hard as it will be if Digit doesn't make it, you'll be able to spend time with him now and every minute will be precious. I'm so happy for you!

What exactly is wrong with his hind end? Did he get injured, or does he have an infection?

Also, would you consider a Donation button for Digit? I know I would donate $5-10 for him...no one is ever prepared for those damned vet bills.

OMG DIGIT! Sorry, behind a bit, but OMG HE'S BACK!


Oof. Good pet vibes all around! I got a gecko, you get Digit back...yeah, okay, so maybe your's is a little more awesome, but HE'S BACK! :D He'll hang in there. You all will.

Stepping out from the shadows of lurkerdom to tell you how happy I am for you. The bond between animals and their people is deeper than we can ever know or understand. Your story makes me appreciate my own dear pets and love them more. Blessings on your home and family.

This is just absolutely amazing and has me bawling. I just know he'll get better. If he is eating, he stands a chance. I used to be a vet tech, so I know that is a big deal. I will be praying for him. He's a miracle already :)

When I was very young, my cat went missing for three days. He turned up with a broken hip and no pads from dragging himself home. The vet bill was a whole month's food budget. I quite understand about Digit.

Hecate cat and I are so happy that Digit is back and we'll keep our fingers and paws crossed that he makes a good recovery
(normally a lurker)

OMG, we just got back into town and I just read the last 2 posts at the same time. I was bawling so much I could barely relate the news to Bex. I'm so glad he came home to you. He really really loves you, huh? Give him a hug for us when you see him next. We're thinking of him :)

Hi Rachel
I'm so glad to hear your Digit is back! It is sayed that cats have 7 lives and so I'm almost shure, that he will make it back to health. I really cross my fingers for you and your digit and as he walk so fare, you can be shur, that he really truly loves you!

Good to hear an update - yes, please, keep letting us know. You all have a lot of work ahead, we'll want to send the right kind of vibes and keep 'em coming.

And I'm so with a PayPal button. Every little bit will help. Kitty doctors cost as much as people doctors; after all, they need to know just as much, and for different species, too!

I am so glad to hear he's started eating a bit and is on the road to recovery.
:) You must be over the moon to have him back!
All the best wishes!
I can't wait to see his progress. :)

Can't decide whether to laugh or cry, so am doing both at the same time. A truly miraculous reunion, Digit coming home to his moms and his heart (you). So, so glad to hear such wonderful news! (And yes, updates and a Donations for Digit button, please!)

HEY - along with the microchip, maybe you should get him one of these so ya know where the hell he's been next time he goes off on some hero's journey?


Ever since hearing the news that your beloved Digit came home I've thought of you guys about a million times a day. We continue to send as many good kitty-vibes as we can!


You always have the BEST pet stories! Digit is one loved and lucky kitty. Good luck with his recovery.

Thanks for the update, Rachel. I checked as soon as I got to work because I was thinking about you guys this morning when my kittehs woke me up for breakfast.

Wow. What a great story. And what a happy twist. So happy for you guys!

We wish you a speedy recovery Digit!
Love and Best wishes from: Pavel, Valeri, Markus, Sakuu and Teemu, Tiger and Mango and Stumpy Big Toes!
Oh yeah the the humans, Katharine & Aarne and dogs too.

I landed at your blog through Carrie DogsStealYarn's link, and while I've never read before, I'm SO SO SO happy for you and your Digit. :) The same thing happened to me - my cat Barbeque ran away from my new house two days after we moved in. He finally turned up in a local shelter months later. I hope Digit gets well soon! :)

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