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You Do The WorkJune 4, 2007

Hello, y'all. Just a quick note -- I'm at the parents' house down south -- it's the little mama's birthday in a few days, and it was La's birthday on Saturday (good day, deYoung Museum and the Vivienne Westwood exhibit, the Japanese tea gardens, sushi for dinner, and she finally got her Wii (thanks to Celia's Eva, who helped me find one when I was about to lose hope)).

So I'm skipping out on you again today. But I had a quick question for you, and it'll be fun.

What's your favorite knitted item that you made yourself? And by favorite I don't mean which piece do you love the best, I mean which do you end up wearing the most, and feeling the best in? God knows I have sweaters that I think are great and NEVER EVER wear for one reason or another: they're not the right size, they shed, they're too warm, they're too short, they're just a little too long....

For me, it's my green School Products cashmere sweater with the buttons I bought in Venice. I wear it a lot, and I'm always proud of it. I'm proud that it's unique, that it's a sweater that actually looks handmade yet still kinda stylish, that it fits well, and that it's just the right size and weight for foggy days.

Here's the link for the picture of me wearing it.

Now your turn. Leave me a comment with a link of you wearing your favorite thing you've made. Please? Thanks!


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My favorite so far it my Rambling Rose...


...Cheers! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's favorite things.

Ahem. I don't qualify for this contest. I am not sure I've EVER made something that I could then wear. Favorite thing TO wear? Comfy jeans and a tank top. Alternately, pajama pants and a tank top. Yup. Call me fancy.

Have fun with your Mama!

I am proud to be the first to have been walloped and wacked with La's Wii. Tennis = dangerous.

that's my favorite one of yours, too. I also like the one that is pinky and white - the one you dyed using kool-aid. those are my two favorites.

I ain't got no favorites of my own cause of being limited to garter stitch scarves and the like. Kind of a limited repertoire, I have.

I actually wear a lot of the stuff I make. Here in Seattle, I get the most wear out of wool cardigans - the ribby cardi has been great, but I have a modified CP that I love.

nothing to show - mine is socks though --- but Happy Bday to Mom and belated Happy Bday to Lala

Mine was Monday and hubbies is on the tenth so in this house Gemini rules!!!

It's a toss-up for me. I've got a scarf in Silk Road Tweed that's my favorite scarf all winter. I also have a pair of socks in Koigu that are just slightly felted from a misplacement into the washer. They make great slipper socks now, fuzzy, snug. Another mishap and they might be TOO snug.

My favorite thing to wear so far is a vest. The yarn is oh so soft Alpaca with a Twist Baby Twist. It was not, however, my favorite thing to knit. I don't like weaving in ends. http://fiberly.blogspot.com/ has a photo of me wearing it.

Rachel and I were just in your hometown and were going to send you a postcard, but all the stores were closed on Memorial Day.
Here's a photo of me in my favorite sweater . . . on my new website.

Between living in Santa Barbara and living in Los Angeles, I'm not really sure I'd have the opportunity to knit, much less wear, something as fabulous and warm-looking as your sweater and all the other lovely ones in the comments.

I do have a blue scarf that I love to wear in the winter, though. Perfect for marine layer mornings on the coast :D

Fleece Artist mittens.

Plain vanilla mittens but the colours are gorgeous and they fit just so.

Fleece Artist mittens.

Plain vanilla mittens but the colours are gorgeous and they fit just so.

My Central Park Hoodie - which I first saw here. So thanks! ;-)

my clapotis! it's the color of ocean! and it reminds me of summer in the winter. it's made with malabrigo.

i have yet to knit something for the summer. something to do with hating to knit with cotton. :)

It used to be my ballet wrap from the Spring 2004 Interweave (http://www.danimiller.com/KSC/Apr2005/apr2005.htm - just down a little bit) because I get so many comments on it. But I *just* finished my Dream in Color Shrug and I think it might replace it (http://www.danimiller.com/ksc.htm). I think this was just one of those pieces that turned out "perfect" for me.

Belated happy birthday to La!

Um, my favorite things tend to be not things that I really wear as things I use. For example, I have a big felted tote bag that's gone to and from work every day with me for the past 7 years. I love the little fixation java jackets I made to keep my hands dry when drinking iced coffee drinks. I a great "necklace" from leftover sock yarn for my old school ipod shuffle.

I do have a sweater that I suspect will get a lot of use, but since I finished it in time for the weather to get warm... It's the refined raglan, knit from black cotton fleece - machine washable, soft, sturdy. Perfect.

My Central Park Hoodie. I love it so so so much:


My Habu Kasuri Cashmere Three Seas Cowl. Love love love it. Wear it all the time, so soft and perfect. Warm but not in the way. Did I mention that I love it? http://www.flickr.com/photos/8185790@N03/493708846/in/set-72157600197405408/

My most-used knitted item is the crappy blanket I knit from LionBrand HomeSpun on 17s, which was my fifth or sixth project and second rectangular project. After that, it's probably the seed-stitch scarf in Manos (prairie colorway) that I knit during classes in my first year of grad school. I don't have pictures of either of them, but I've been wearing my flower basket shawl a lot lately. (http://froglady.typepad.com/knit/2005/09/another_late_ni.html), but no modeled shot.)

That's supposed to be

By far, my favourite thing I've knitted for myself and wore every day of the bitterly cold winter since I made it, was my kittyville hat http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o242/Mathgirl85/108-0870_IMG-1.jpg
Not only did I feel very happy and fun wearing it, but I always had people asking about it and saying how it made them smile so there's definitely good knitting karma going on.

My favorite so far is the RetroPrep in Rowanspun DK from Interweave Knits that I made 4 years ago. During the winter, I wear it at least once a week.

Hands down my ribbi cardi! I wear it every chance I get, in colder months seriously like 4-5 times a week!! Just goes to show I need to finish another good sweater.

Happy birthday to Lala and Lil Mamma!

Did you see the big glass fruit in the De Young? I LOVE the big glass fruit...

I still have yet to knit a sweater for myself (although I have the yarn), and I love socks, but I think my favorite thing I've knit for myself is the Santa Cruz hat from Magknits. Here I am in it (tinyurl'ed so it'll fit):
I live in San Diego where there isn't all that much need for super warm sweaters or even thick scarves, but this hat is the perfect blend of wool and lace, and it was great for walking to school on cold mornings. "Cold" being relative, of course. :)

glad to hear that you are almost back to normal- although i had fun subbing for you i knew you were not having fun at all! great story about the doctor- but i mean what are the chances that your joke would end up not being funny at all and more his reality???? crazy i say- anyway i liked your response- quick and witty! happy bday lala, mine is coming up too!

Mittens modified from an Anna Zilboorg design (in Marvelous Mittens) knit in 3 colors of Koigu-- 2 KPM and one KKKPM. Knit in Brazil-- most of it done on the bus between Rio de Janiero and Salvador do Bahia. Favorite of all time!

My Sunrise Circle Jacket. No contest.

My most worn garments are hats: a Shedir and a simple handspun merino one. Funny, I haven't blogged the Shedir -- I guess it spends too much time on my head!

The handspun hat is here.

Not a sweater, but I love my Tote-Around felted bag, here. I get tons of compliments, from knitters and non-knitters alike, and I find it both practical and beautiful.

my favourite so far is the only thing i've knit for myself other than a scarf. socks! here's my first pair. pair number two is on the needles (well, sock number 3 is anyway) but they are for the other half...

pic of one of them is here. the pictures are dark - but i didn't care - i was too excited!

I've only knitted myself one sweater - a ribby cardi. I don't like the way the zipper went in, and it's a bit short, so I haven't been wearing it. I guess my most worn item is my jaywalker socks, but I haven't got a picture of them. (and it's not wool sock weather now) I also love to find any excuse to drag my Kiri along with me out of the house. It hasn't seen the light of day because it needs blocking. Do you spot a trend here? I do!
In the past few years I've done a lot of baby knitting and a good bit of gift knitting. Result = no sweaters for me. (But I've started my Cromarty! It's languishing in the w.i.p. basket.)

Happy Birthday, Lala!

Something I wear all year long, even in summer, is the Wave and Shell shawl I made in YOUR knitalong 'way back in 2003 (first shawl, first KAL!). This item has a permanent home in the living room for coolish evenings. A pic of me wearing it is on the following page (scroll down).

I think the ones I like the best haven't been blogged about! Strange. One is the first sweater I didn't use a pattern for. It's made in Jaeger matchmaker merino dk, in a maroon colour, and it's slightly fitted and smart and comfy. It's starting to get a little bobbly now, but I've worn it loads.

The other one is a hat I finished last winter. I had this blue in my stash from my mum. So I put it with some navy and a little oatmeal - no idea what any of them were, the ball bands were long lost. The stripes are random, it's just 2x rib, but it's Just Right. You know?

Happy birthday everyone!

so I read WII and stopped there because I am a nerd. You guys have to email us your Wii number so wii can be wii friends. I recommend Wario Ware. and Rayman.

oh boy video games! ahem.

my favorite thing thus far is the Central Park Hoodie that I gave to my sister. Here's a picture of my twin wearing it:


Hmm... Probably socks - the slightly too tight toe up short row heel (now I know those don't fit me well) purple and blue socks and the socks I started at a class with Nancy Bush which fit right and are very sturdy wool and then the very first adult size socks I made which work really well as slippers worked two at once on two circulars (not my favorite method, and mostly because I should work socks on size 00 and not so many circs in that size)(and that's why they're slippers).

My feet get cold during our wet winters, getting in and out of the car into puddles and dripping water from my raincoat onto my shoes - sometimes an office job sounds nice.

Fun to do your work! Happy Birthday to La and little mama!

Rogue, hands down. I wear it all the time (even more so when I lived in the Bay Area and didn't have to put it away for the summer). I almost always pack it when I'm traveling, and I take it along in the car/plane a lot as my extra layer. And more recently, my Green Gable (I'm wearing it right now!).

Hmmm. Well, since I have yet to finish any of the sweaters I've started for myself, my options are rather limited. But I think I like my Jaywalkers the best. Even though the are a bit hard to get on over my heels (due to the non-stretchiness of the chevron pattern), they are cheerful, feel great on my feet, got with lots of stuff, and always elicit admiration (yes, like it or not, I have an ego that enjoys being stroked sometimes). I also really like my Loopy shawl.

Oh, credit to that Bonne Marie, because it's a toss-up between my Ribby Cardi and my Sitcom Chic. The Twist would surely be in the running, too, but I haven't had the weather for wearing it . . . XXO

Happy Birthday to the little Mama!
My favorite sweater EVER is the Ribbie Cardie from Bonne Marie, but with my own mods & made from 220. I love it so much I've made it 3 more times since then.

Get well soon!

chevron scarf made from koigu kersti or charlotte's web. wear both a lot!

Oh, I know right away which one is my favorite--it's my Cozy.

I wear it all. the. time. It's soft and comfy and not too warm but warm enough. It looks like kitchen twine, but it really is 100% silk and I adore it.

I like this sweater best:
Verena Sweater
I even wear it to business meetings!

For me it is a cashmere shawl collar sweater with bell sleeves made from a pattern from a local yarn shop in NYC. The yarn is Classic Elite heather with two shades of brown and black. I wear it constantly and always am happy to say I made it. Second is a Noro heavy wool pullover and of course clapotis!

definitely, by far, the short sleeved cardigan from fitted knits (by stefanie glampyre japel... pretty much all my fave finished objects are her designs) in cascade eco wool. i love love love the lacy raglan increases. and it fits perfectly and it only took a week to knit. what more could you want?

Hey darlin', I'm glad you're feeling better! I think my favourite knit has to be my Goblin sweater:
...though I'm learning that ANYTHING I make in Rowanspun DK has unearthly powers of comfort and pleasure. Therefore, I am amassing an obscene stash of this perfect yarn. It's the only logical thing to do.


Here comes a picture of me and Sir Hood (which I love)


Have a nice day!


Without a doubt, my favorite item I've knit for me is a pair of mittens. When my husband was in grad school at Stanford, he gave me a spinning class for my birthday and I spun up a bunch of bulky 2-ply natural brown and cream wool. We moved to NY and it sat around for a few years til we moved to KS and I got the book "Sunny's Mittens" by Robin Hansen to teach my girls to knit. (Got the book at Yarn Barn of KS in Lawrence when we went to pick up the wheel my husband bought for another b-day). We moved to Alaska that summer and I needed warm mittens and realized that the bulky handspun would be perfect for the simple Lovikka pattern from my daughters' book. That was in '93, we've since moved back to NY and now to CO and I've worn those mittens every winter since (and from fall into spring here in CO). They are fraternal rather than identical, which adds to their charm, are very warm even when wet and snowy, and wear like iron. If necessary, I'm prepared to rip the matching tiny mitts I made for one of my kids (they no longer fit any of them) to use if darning or repairs should become necessary. If only I could make a sweater I love as much.

so, you know how there's that girl that shows up so late to the party that it's almost over and she know's she's late and everyone else knows she's late but they feel bad for her tardiness so one or two people who were jonesing to leave stay around and even the hostess doesn't mind out loud, but is sorta muttering under her breath because for pete's sake she just wants to do the dishes and go to bed already?

hi! i'm the late girl. here's my ribbed corset by annie modesitt.

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