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And The Winners AreJuly 7, 2007

All right. Here we go.

I'm so nervous!

I put all you darlings who donated into a spreadsheet. Every ten bucks got you a chance. I'm running a random number sequencer to figure out that.....

[drum roll]

Scout of Scout's Swag won the Rowan Bomber!

Becca F. from Berkeley won the Artfibers Alpaca!

Sara A. from Grand Rapids won the Philosopher's Wool Kilim Jacket!

You all made such a difference. Digit thanks you (although he's not feeling so well today, poor little dude), and I thank you, will all my heart.


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Congrats! Digit, chin up, little buckaroo.

I hope Digit is just having a down day on Recovery Road and that nothing major is going on! Snog him for me.

More photos of grumpycat, please! Do you think he's feeling worse than yesterday, or is the rate of his improvement just leveling off?

Blast! I wanted that alpaca! It was worth it, though. Love to Digit in his convalescence.

I can't believe I won! As I said in the email, you really, truly don't have to send it to me. I was happy to help your baby. Fo reals yo!

Congrats to all of the winners!

Keep hanging in there, Digit.

Whew! It's kind of a good thing I didn't win anything, because shipping a heavy sweater overseas might not have been such a great idea.

Hope Digit starts feeling better soon.

Poor little chicken. I hope today is better.

hurrah to the winners.. hope your little guy is having a better day today!

I've been out of touch with Blogland for a while so imagine my surprise when I read on Mia's blog that Digit was back. I cried when his disappeared and I'm crying now that he's home. I hope he recovers fully. I'm so, so happy for you!

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