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BonyAssJuly 19, 2007

Did I mention that fateful night when Digit came home, I thought he had a major head injury before I realized it was just the bone formation in his head? He was soooo skinny......


Lala has noted that even his ass is somewhat less bony now!



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Poor Digit - Mom's putting your shaved butt all over the internets!!

Don't worry - I'm sure you'll think of a suitable method of feline revenge....

You did answer the question I've always had... about whether the stripes were the hair or the skin.

oh, he's looking good.

that's the cutest naked cat butt and pissed off cat face ever!!

Go Digit Go!!

Oh, poor little Digit's striped naked butt...

The tales that cat could tell!

god the humiliation!

man is he pissed.

Such an Undignified photo.

He looks so good!

OMG. Freakin' adorable, that is! I bet he's got the good fuzz for petting on the rump and nether regions. Go go, trooper cat!!

He makes me smile. =)

Oh, and I bet the boy is DIGGING that fancy new Iphone. I am wicked jealous.

He looks PO'd! Look out Handknits, Digit's feelin good and on the warpath!

What a kewt ass ;)

So glad he is getting better and eating and all that.

My Bouncer dog has a condition* that caused his jaw muscles to atrophy. When you pet his head, you can feel all the bones in his skull. You don't realize how much muscle there really is on an animal's head until it's not there. :(

*masseter muscle myositis, I think it's called.

oh boy he does not look happy to have his pic taken lol...or it could be the fact that he is a "cone head kitty" right now lol

poor baby...but he looks so well...alert.

Someone put some catpants on that cat!

Oh, you are SO in trouble for posting these pictures. "Vengeance is mine," sayeth the Digit...

Oh, you are SO in trouble for posting these pictures. "Vengeance is mine," sayeth the Digit...

Holy crap - Digit is the reincarnation of my old mean alley cat bitch, Yumyums. (We were children when we named her that, after she adopted us, and it brought about a sort of Boy Named Sue toughness that she may not have had otherwise.)
Despite the foofy name, she could kick some serious ass, God rest her furry black soul.

ooooo, those are some blackmailin' pictures for sure! He's wearing kitty-cat chaps! (um, a$$less ones at that!)

Oh the indignity of having your nekkid butt and e-collar on the Internet. Digit is looking good though!

Perhaps you should look into getting him a new fur su-it. How humiliating!

He is lookin' good; he's such a cute little guy. I'll be he can't wait till he doesn't have to wear that collar.

must be feeling much better if he can summon such indignation at his current state - go didge!!!

I'm so glad he's looking better. When does he get to lose the collar? I bet he's looking forward to THAT.

Indignant and somewhat horrified, too... Oh yeah. You're gonna pay.

Keep chowing down, Digit, and just try to feel the lurve! (I'm thinkin' it's also good he's got good drugs. [g])

handsome digit!

If I were you, I wouldn't turn my back on him once that collar is off, or you might be the ones with stripes on her back. Man he looks some ticked off.

Oh, poor little baboon butt! Well, it'll grow back. He looks really good otherwise! Go Digit, Go Digit...

Oh my. ~that~ is one annoyed cat.

Guess what? Kitty butt!! (Yeah. I'm twelve.)

Just catching up on blog reading today and I am AMAZED by the saga of Digit. I am so, so happy for you. Once again, I was moved to tears. A good cat story will do it every time!

He's got that look, like, when this is all over and he's got his strength back, he's going to get you for this. And good.

You know that look he's giving you? Oooooo are you gonna get it. Oh yeah, right when you least expect it. "I am cat! Hear me roar!"

That picture is precious. I'd love to see a close up of the cast.

I cry every time you give us an update. He may be a little annoyed that he's got a cone collar and a shaved butt, but I think, even if he doesn't really how it, he's happy because he knows he's home.

Just wondering, how does he sleep with that collar on him?

He looks good, shaved butt and all.

This is the greatest picture ever. Please send giant framed copy.

Digit is wearing assless chaps!!!

I just read your "the cat came back" story.. and I am so very very happy for both you and Digit. :-)

How truly wonderful! As a person who lost a loved kitty recently, my heart is just filled with joy at the return of your Digit, and his regaining health!

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