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Catch That Tail! July 29, 2007

Digit eating, growling softly to keep Willie at bay.

And from another angle, the table looks like this:


But oh my god, if you get up and personal at the tail level, this is what's going on:


WAYLON HELD DOWN DIGIT'S TAIL for like four minutes. Digit still twitches the end of the tail when he's pissed off, so I know he has use of it, but is the feeling diminished? It must be! To allow THAT! And why did Waylon just sit there for so long? Not playing with it, like he does ALL other tails, just companionably holding it.


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Damn it wrote a great comment and then closed before I de-spammed it.

Great picture...Our house is a home of 3 dogs - 1 13 week old Toy Fox Terrier, 1 4 yo TFT and 1 2 yo yellow lab. Trust me eating time is quite the event.

Glad that Digit is here to ease your healing time.

SO glad that nasty surgery is behind you, yea! AND that you've got your Digit to snuggle up with. That's got to be good therapy for both of you.

Take it easy!!

If Digit tilts his head just a tad more forward he could lock the others completely out of the food bowl with his cone- I mean his cuteness amplifier!

Holy mackerel, that tail wound is horrifying! Poor Digit!

Waylon is a spunky one...

That cone is the perfect food protector. :) Maybe Waylon wants to offer some comfort. I'm glad you and Digit have some healing time together.

Aw, his poor nekkid bumbum!

I think Waylon is administering Reiki. Maybe, he is a Reiki master and helping the chi to move.

I love cat relationship dynamics. They say most communications occur at tones we can't hear.

Maybe Waylon got as far as holding it but froze when the growling began? Or maybe the tail was whapping Waylon in the face? It's cute, either way! But I like Monica's suggestion best about Waylon and his Reiki Master training. That HAS to be it.

Oh, Waylon! Such a brave kitty. Cute pictures! I'm glad it sounds like you're doing pretty well after surgery. I hope I can be as peppy after my surgery in October!

Brave, brave Waylon. And Willie is just tooooooo cute!

Ohhh.. I just read your last 3 updates. Your kitties are so cute. And I hope you are almost done sleeping upright, because really.. I hate that. And I love how funny the codeine makes you and I'm happy that you have your baby back to snuggle.

Oh, such cute kitties - even Digit and his naked backside! And I think Waylon and Digit are bonding.

NAKED CAT BUTT!!!! Oh, the indignity. But he looks great. Poor you with the tonsilectomy & all, but how lucky for you codeine gives you the love. It just gives me the itch.

Just back from our anniversary weekend in Napa and I'm so glad to pop on the internet and see you're recovering well! I've been thinking about you.

Those are some great kitty pictures - too funny!


My guess is that Waylon was too scared to let go!

I want more kitties.

Cats are weird, that's all there is to it. I thought our cats hated each other until one day I caught Ivy licking Ben's head--and him letting her!

So glad you are recovering so well, and surrounded by so many loving creatures. Must be nice for Lala too, what with you telling her how gorgeous she is every 2 minutes. :-)

I think Waylon is enjoying dominance over Digit's tail while Digit is too busy eating to care!

So glad that you are mending. Love the picture of the cats. I used to have one that liked to lay on the top of the fridge and when you opened the door he would stick out his paw in a high-five motion. Miss him still.
I love your pj's but I expected that you would be surrounded by yarn projects. That's my recuperation plan. I bought about 30 skeins of yarn and 4 new books. I am certainly optomistic about my knitting production for 2 weeks!!!
Warm regards to your little family.

This just made me laugh out loud, very loud. Hope your recovery is going well! [and digit's too!]

Oh wow, too-cute kitties! Sweet, brave Waylon - I think just being supportive. :) My doggies love on each other when they think no one's looking and spoon on the couch together. Glad to read that you're doing better, too. Sleeping upright sucks - had to do it for a year. Get all the way better soon. Digit too.

I'm loving these cats-on-the-table shots. There's just so much going on! Sending lots of healing love to all of you, human and feline alike.

Could it be that Waylon has a wee li'l man crush on Digit? Either way, all three of your guys are adorable, and it's nice to know ours aren't the only cats who frequent the table...

Too, too cute. So glad both of you are getting better!

You look good! I hope kitties help speed your recovery.

Willie is so adorable. Waylon is hugging Digit by his tail, maybe? You and Digit take good care of each other.

HAHAHA. I loved the post, very much so, and am very, very glad you're recovering, but I have to say that the comments are really adorable as well. The Reiki comment and the Waylon man-crush on Digit comment literally made me laugh out loud and brightened my finals week.

Hope you're feeling even better! And Willie is just so fluffy I can't help but want to put him in my pocket. hehe.

Wonderful news! So glad you came through surgery with flying colors. It's so nice having Digit snuggling with you and all the comfort things around you. Helps make the recovery tolerable. Seriously, though. Shouldn't that be a "girlfriend" pillow?

Cute pics of the kitties together. I'm surprised Digit is so forbearing. He must not be up to speed yet. Did I miss something? I haven't seen Adah around or mentioned lately? Glad you and Digit are recovering together and you love the codeine. It just makes me throw up.

Ha, I think he held down Digit's tail because he could. Some cats are like that.

HP7 is heavy, but I read mine mostly while it was in a bookholder (so I could knit MS3).

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