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Catching UpJuly 12, 2007

Meanwhile, as Digit goes in for surgery (thumpety-thump goes my heart), I will catch you up on all the things I've MEANT to tell you about but haven't, for one reason or another.

First, my girl Kira, manager of ArtFibers, has opened her own line. Go, check, it's good stuff. She has true talent, and she can cook Indian food like no one else.

Second, if you're still feeling altruistic, I encourage you to support Jen in her 3-Day Walk -- she was having trouble reaching her goal, and I know it was hard for me when I did it five or six years ago, but it was one of the BEST things I've ever done. You can pledge for her HERE and you can read No-Blog Rachel's description of her walk, just this last weekend, here and here, if you're not sure what it's like.

Third, proof that I knit.


It's going to be a lace sweater. If it fits. Let's hope. I'm making it up as I go along, and I'm not the best for that, really. Short sleeves, based on Babs Walker's Horseshoe pattern, using gold old cotton (Peaches'n'Cream, I think).

Fourth, I think that's all. I hope you have a lovely day. Yep.


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Thinking good thoughts for Digit today.

And good luck with your sweater!

Thinkin' of digit - putting in an agnostic prayer with whatevah - Wow digit - he's a fighter obviously. He'll make it i think.

We still have bedbugs (did I tell you we've had bedbugs and mites and all manner of creepy crawlies and black mold in our rent-stabilized shithole in Greenpoint?) but we are moving! Hopefully to a new beautiful (but expensive place) in Parkslope. Wish us luck (me and my sis). Then we'll sue the shit out of our old landlords.

Love to you and La. One of these days (when my life is not covered in insects and my clothes and books are not living inside of ziplock bags) I will call to catch up. Hey - I purchased some Whoreshoes tunes on itunes yesterday! Very swingin'!

Love and good cat thoughts,

Sending good healthy recovering thoughts to Digit and you.

Hey, Knitter. I am thinking hard on your boy today. He's a trooper. He definitely has the will. No doubt, the surgeon will do their job gently, smoothly, just right, so your boy will be alert and healthy in no time. I love you! Loves to the whole house, okay? Muah.

Crossing all digits (fingers and toes) for your Digit (super kitty).

good thoughts for mr digit

Wishing Digit successful surgery and a speedy recovery. I am so obsessed with Digit's progress I check your blog every hour! Really cuts into my knitting time. Anyway best wishes to you all.

Hoping for a successful surgery and speedy recovery for Digit!

Thanks again for posting about my fundrasing dilemma! Knitters rock!

Sending lots of love your way. Digit will be fine as will you.

Sending a golden aura to Digit to keep him warm and safe.

Keep us posted, 'K?

Lots of warm thoughts for Digit. I think about you often and am happy to hear Digit is healthy enough for surgery!

Good luck to Digit. He can't do anything but get better with the blogosphere rooting for him. And you too. Mwah!

Goooooooooood luck, little Digit! Keeping my fingers crossed!

OMG, I am soooo happy that your digit is back and doing better!! Best wishes for his speedy recovery! Keep all of us knitsters posted :)

...across the border and a way up north (where it's stinking hot today by the way!)we're thinking of little Digity-doo and sending him lots of love!

Hopin' and prayin' that Digit's surgery goes flawlessly.

Pretty lace sweater! I'll try that fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants thing someday...

With so many good thoughts supporting Digit through surgery, my good thoughts are going to you, Rachael. Hang in there--I can only imagine the anxiety you're experiencing. Everything will be okay.

By now, Digit should be out of surgery and resting comfortably, and Mom is heaving huge sighs of relief. Am I right? :-D

I have to tell you that I was thinking about Digit today. I couldn't wait to get home to see how his surgery went. He is in my thoughts. I hope everything is going well. I'm so glad he made it back home to you.

Just read in the MS3 list that your Digit is having surgery today.
I am thinking of you and him....sending lots of healing energy as soon as I start burning a bunch of insence for you all and then I will recite the Medicine Buddha Mantra until I fall asleep....
May you both recover quickly to strong health and total happiness..

Mexico City

"Babs Walker", LOL!!!!

Head scritches from afar to Digit!

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