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Digit Eats! July 15, 2007

Digit is doing so well! He's only been home a day, but he's eating! And this time I hope he'll keep eating. He has a pain patch on his leg, which I think is really helping, although he's such a little junkie with it on. Last night I went in to sit with him, and he kind of wobbled his over onto my lap and then gave me a nose kiss. The funny part of that is that DIGIT DOES NOT KISS. You can grab his mug and force his nose to touch yours, and he will growl. It was the equivalent of being at the bar with your curmudgeonly jerkface friend who never opens up about anything, ever, but then he gets drunks and puts his arms around you and slurs, "I lorve you, baybee, I never tell youse, I know, but yer the best thing EVAR and I LOVE you, you know that, man?"

So we like the pain patch.

And here, Lala took this for me (and you!) while I was at work yesterday.



He iz riz. xo

I'm so happy for you!!

A big sloppy kiss (from a safe distance!) for Digit. Eat, son, eat!

Looks like Digit was enjoying that food - YIPPEE -- Pain... Patch ... good.....

Yay!!! :D
Hooray for happy-drunk vs. mean-drunk. ;)

yay!! it warms my heart to see Digit munching away and to hear he's giving you nose kisses.

We lurve you too, man!!

Awwwwwww!!!! I'm verklempt. Yay Digit! And LOL on the pain patch/nose kiss bit. Bless Lala for the vid, that was wonderful! ::happy sniffles::

A good appetite is a good thing. :)

I'm so glad to see him eating! I have a ferret that hasn't wanted to drink anything for days, but today he started drinking some pop. Yeah, I know, but he wasn't drinking ANYTHING, we tried everything, so are totally happy he will drink root beer. So I know how happy this has made you. Best wishes for Digit!

Eating! Yeah!

*sniff* So happy for all of you!

Oh Racheal, I'm soooo glad. Good tears. Good tears. Go, go, Digit Eater!

Go Digit, go!

yeah super digit :-)

I suppose he's allowed to give one solemn kiss of gratitude and love in his life, eh? That part made me laugh. He looks much better--I am SO happy for you!

Oh man. Lala rocks the house, she does. Thank you for the video! I'm sitting here at work eating home-made lemon muffins (my mother, not me, don't be insane) and playing the video over and over ...

And grinning like a loon.

Oh yay! He's eating! That's so cool. And it can't be easy with that cone on his little head.

Yay! I love happy drunks!

He's looking good! Must be all the love. ;-)

Nose kisses :) That is so cute. Nice to see the Digit man eating. Hope you're feeling better, too. And major props to Lala for the video!

Wow he looks so much better!!! Way to go Digit! :)

Maybe Digit's four months on the road have left him a changed and snuggly mancat.

That was an awesome comparison with the drunk friend. Maybe some of the friendliness will stick, even once he's weaned from the pain meds?

What a relief for all of you - congrats!

Yay! He looks good :) Yay!

Hooray Digit! Chow down kid!

Oh it is so good to see Digit eating. He is enjoying it too, licking his lips like that! How is his bladder? Does he experience any discomfort when visiting the kitty loo?

Yay Digit! And thanks to Lala - that video is too sweet, and made my day!

I loved the video of Digit. He looks so BRIGHT.

Hi. I've been following the Digit story with great interest. Those black and (fill in the blank) gray, brown, whatever, tabbies are unique in the cat world, I think. I had one who died last November when he was 17 years old. For the first, oh, 11 years of his life he was skittish. You couldn't get near him to pet him. He ran away from everything. He was not affectionate at all. Then he discovered the brush. You could start coaxing him close with the brush and he just loved it. Then BAM. He turned loving. Out of the clear blue sky. He started sleeping on the bed, coming over for pets, sitting in my lap. It's like he had more than one personality in this lifetime. And despite kidney failure at the end, he was so happy by the time he got old, that his strong little spirit just did not want to leave this world. So, it COULD be that Digit is a happy drunk--or maybe he's going to start on a new personality! I wouldn't put anything past him!

Oh, he's so cute! Nice little kitty! I'm glad he's eating! Nose kisses, too--can't beat those!

Yay for the Digit! He is so tough. He looks really strong and on his way to recovery, too.

I stumbled across your blog looking for stories of cats who wandered off and came home, and am so inspired by your story. Well not really your story but Digit's story. I can absolutely empathize with loving a furrball that much. Jethro the Jungle Kitty wandered away from home 7 days ago, and I'm waiting for his return. Ironically he looks just like Digit did, in his better days. He's a 17 lbs brown (or grey) tabby, and while he's not a polydactal, I SWEAR he has opposable thumbs b/c he opens EVERYTHING. He also has had bladder issues, so in his 4 years I've spent a bloddy fortune in vet bills, but would spend it twice over if he'd just come home. He sleeps with me everything, and has never done this before. I've done everyting one is supposed to do, so now I wait and worry.

your (and digit's) story warms my heart and gives me hope.

Ahahaha, I love the glare he shoots Lala when she tells him to say hi.

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