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DigitagogoJuly 11, 2007

We went to see him yesterday afternoon -- oh, what a difference an IV makes. He looked SOOOO different from just hours before. Plus, he was getting good pain meds, so he felt well enough to yell at us (hooray!) but his voice sounded funny. Like if a stoner gets mad at you, "Heyyy!...Huh? What?" He was hydrated again, and he had been eating, and they took his e-collar off and removed his stitches, so he was grooming himself.

I think that's a great sign, meself. I'll visit him later today and tell him you all are still rooting for him.....

*Just heard from the doc -- Digit's doing even better now, still eating, and they're going to do the big surgery tomorrow. Yay! Scary, but yay!

Today I'm not feeling so well myself, sore throat is back, called in sick for a training day, and I think I'm just going to sit on the couch and drink tea. One of the first symptoms of the tonsillitis (which I'm going to beat, btw -- I'm supposed to have my tonsils out again in two weeks, but I'm really trying to fix myself holistically so I can avoid it) is exhaustion, which is weird, since it's just my throat. But I will heed this and go lie down some more. Me and Digit, beating the crud. Yep.

And kittens help.



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OK, I got my Digit update, now I can work for awhile.

You are both in my thoughts and prayers for your swift recoveries. (Tonsils SUCK!!!)

With all the stress of late, it's no wonder you're feeling cruddy! So glad to hear Digit's doing better.


Yay for Digit!!! Now YOU get better, ya' hear???

Hmmm...I'm only familiar with kittens as a cause of (not an antidote for) exhaustion!

Kitty therapy is amazingly curative. Didn't I read somewhere about how cats' purring *DOES* actually have healing powers?

Yay Digit! I bet getting that e-collar off helps a lot too.

I had tonsilitis as a kid. It was no fun. I'll be keeping you and Digit in my thoughts. Take care of yourself.

Yay, Digit! And yay, kittens! Did Digit notice there were kittens?

Thanks for the update! You and Digit keep getting better.

Hugs and good thoughts from Phoenix

Yayy Digit.

I have some sort of crud, so I've spent today on the couch with a Nurse Kitten too. It was nice.

Ohhh - I hadn't checked in for a while, and now I see DIGIT IS ALIVE! That's amazing. That makes me so happy. Go Digit!

Keeping vigil over here (for both of you)...

Oh, wonderful news about Digit! And good healing vibes for both of you. Hang in there!

Wonderful news! We're crossing our fingers and paws for you both.

Good to hear that the man is doing well... wish you were, too! If you haven't already, and are OK with a sad but beautiful story (especially considering your recent loss/recovery of the beloved little guy), go over to Crazy Aunt Purl and read about Roy. Be sure to bring tissues. I'm going to hug my 4 guys right now!

I'm so glad to hear Digit is doing better. I'm a long-time reader who really enjoys the enthusiasm that pours out of your posts.

I cried when you wrote about Digit's disappearance, and I cried when I read about his return.

Even though we've never met, I've kept your family in my thoughts since then and am so glad that Digit is improving.

Please give him a pat from me and tell him to keep up the good work.

Sending healing thoughts Digit's way. I think you should go ahead and have the Magic Regrowing Tonsils out and then you and the Mancat can recover together.

Thanks for posting. I worry.

BTW, has Digit SEEN the kittens?

Oh, hooray! I hoped it would be so. Look at Willie showing the camera his tummy! And Waylon has a long, mournful face...

(I'm curious to know what bladder stones like peach pits look like.)

Best of luck to Digit, I hope the surgery is wonderfully successful. And best of luck to you, too. I'm sorry about the exhaustion.

It's not 'just your throat', it's a systemic infection. Of course you feel horrible. Bacterial infections don't just affect the small partof your body where they declare themselves - they bring you down all over. Go easy on yourself.

Yay, Digit! Sorry to hear those darn tonsils are giving you a rough time again... Kittens ALWAYS help.

an odd way to look at it, but maybe you are fated to recuperate at home together so you can get lots of lying on the couch time with Digit. And that can't be so bad. Best to human and cat and kittens and puppies and wives!

LOL, don't you love life's little journeys sometimes? You went from one cat, to no cats, to two cats, to three cats! :-D Socrates and I will be sending warm thoughts and rubber bands your way. (The rubber bands are from Socrates.. uhm.. yeah. He has a thing for rubber bands. Ahem.)

Digitagogo, the book. What a lovely tale it would make for young children.

Oh, poor lovies, both of you. You with the crappy tonsils and him with the crappy stones. Yuck.

Lots of love to you both. And if I get kittens this year, I'm totally blaming you.

If you are tired, it's your body telling you that rest is needed. So the request should be heeded! Yay for Digit! YAYYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

It's AMAZING what a difference hydration makes. Cats won't eat or groom or anything if they're dehydrated. Which makes them less likely to drink, which makes them more dehydrated, etc... When I was nursing my sick boy, I used to take one of those syringes they gave me for his meds and squirt water down his throat to make him drink. It did help.

Take good care of you, too! (Tonsils are Bad. Hate 'em. Don't know what I'd do if I found out mine had grown back...)

Yay for Digit! Will be praying to Bast tomorrow, and virtually lighting incense. Virtually, 'cause we've had 2 days of 100+ temps up here in what everyone thinks of as the cool, rainy, perpetually gloomy PNW. Hah!

Tonsils suck majorly and can make you feel rotten all over and open to infections and are evil little buggers; almost as bad as appendixes. I had mine out in first grade and thank ghu, they've never grown back. If you can gird yourself to it, get 'em out, out, out. (This from the person who needs dentures at 52 'cause Medicare doesn't cover dental, and is looking like the worst stereotype from the boonies 'cause she's terrified at the very thought. *sigh* So good luck either way. [g])

Oh man, those poor knittens don't have a clue how they're going to get slapped down once Digit gets his mojo back. And, like, his fluids. And claws.

Um, they may be big enough to deal with it by then, and there ~are~ two of them. And they're so unbearably cute maybe he'll just go "awww" and moosh their ears a bit.

Before biting them off.

Still thinking good thoughts for Digit, and for you too!

Yay for Digit! Glad to hear he's doing better. I'm sure you'll be feeling better, too, soon.

The kittens are getting big, and handsome!

Ohhh, that stoner kitty yelling voice breaks my heart. I hope you both are feeling better soon.

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